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Never Thought I'd Love It

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I have this friend and his name is Jamal. We have been friends since elementary school. He is African American, 5'6, very strong, with corn rolls. And, not to mention one of the most popular guys in our school. As for me I'm 5'7, also muscular, African American with short hair. Me and him have been good friends and are considered inseperable to everyone else in school. We are the jocks, the studs and the lady's man. Little do they know that we are gay.

It all started when me and him found ourselves in the same gym class at the beginning of the year. In the locker rooms we would all run around naked and make fun of each other like most teenage kids do. The best part was taking the showers because you could see everyone else. I for one love taking showers with the rest of the guys because of the 'myth' everyone hears about black guys having bigger dick's then white guys which from what I can tell is true. Jamal always stared at my cock in the showers it would get me a little hard, but I never knew why.

One Friday night after going out with some girls Jamal slept over my house. For a while we just watched T.V and talked about what we did that night. As usual we were just hanging around in our boxers. We were just messing around throwing pillows at each other and stuff until we started to wrestle. With both of us being on our school wrestling team he was a pretty tough match. Somehow we got into a weird position and the next thing I know he is rubbing my cock through my boxers. At first I freaked out and got off of him.

'Woah what was that?'

'I'm sorry man, I had the perfect opportunity and I just couldn't help myself.'

'Uhh, it's O.K I guess. It felt kinda good though.'

'Well if you want I can keep going.'

'Only if you want me to do you.'

With a smile he got up and sat right next to me on my bed. 'I see you in the showers and at night I jerk off thinking about you, your dick must be so big.'

'Wanna see?'

With that he pulled my boxers to my knees and began rubbing my dick all over. I got so hard and I couldn't take it. I started to moan. He spit on his hand and started jerking me again. I loved it.

After about four minutes I was breathing really heavy and we both knew what was going to happen next. He spit on his hand again and started rubbing faster, I couldn't take it and said, 'Heeree itt comesss.' I never shot so much in my life. It was amazing.

After I was done he stood up and I nervously pulled down his boxers. He was the exact same size as me...HUGE with 7-inches of cut cock and thick. I started pumping away on my best friend. Never in my life did I think I would be doing this. I took the cum that was still on my dick and started rubbing it all over Jamal's cock. He loved at and within minutes I had even more cum all over my body. We sat there for about five minutes just rubbing the cum all over each other and then decided it was time to go in the shower...but that's another story



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