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Never in a Million Years

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I was on a cruise with my family on this 75 foot sail boat, along with three other families. One of the sons of another family came up to me the first day and introduced himself to me. Let's call him Corey. I am straight, but the second I saw him I couldn't believe what happened. He was honestly the most attractive guy I have ever met. He has short brown hair, bright green eyes and perfectly tan skin and freckles on his face. About my height and amazingly toned slender body I could see his abs through his t shirt. I was stunned at how attracted I was to him. I was not sure what to make of it as I had never been attracted to any guy before.

We were the only two teenagers on the boat, everyone else were adults. After dinner the first night there was not a lot of wind so we had to motor to our next destination which was St. John in the Virgin Islands. I could not sleep very well the first night because I was not used to sleeping on a boat. I decided to go on deck and sit under the stars as the boat swayed up and down.

To my surprise Corey was sitting on the deck as well with his legs hanging over the side over the water. He looked sad so I decided to go talk to him. 'hey man wats up, why aren't you sleeping?' I said. 'I dunno, I wanted to chill out up here' As I got closer I noticed he did not have his shirt on, which made sense since it was really a warm night. From the second I got a glance at his chest and abs I was done! I had to sit down becuase I was getting hard. I was so shocked at how attracted I was to him. I sat down really quickly and then noticed I was really unnecessarily close to him. He didn't seem to mind so I didn't move. 'hhaah wow, that was quick' he said referring to how fast I sat down. 'what's the name of the place we are going to?' Corey said 'the Virgin Islands' I answered. 'virgin haha that's funny' he siad. 'I bet you are a virgin' he said while looking at me straight in my eyes. 'NO!' I answered even though I totally was. 'I get so much ass, you don't even know me why would you say that!'

'wow, looks like you are getting defensive, I was just kidding man'

'so why are you up here?' he said 'why are YOU up here so late' I repeated.

'well.. haha honestly, cus I'm too horny to sleep, but I don't have any way of fixing that on this boat.' he said 'so why did you come up on deck then? how is that going to do anything?' I asked 'well I was going to try and do it myself while sitting here, but then you came.' he said

I was getting really hard, just at the thought of him jacking off. I looked at his shorts and noticed he was getting hard, it was not very hard to see. 'what are ya looking at!' he said 'well, dude, your dick is hard as a rock, it just caught my eye'

'well so is yours!' I looked down at my shorts and my cock was so hard that it was poking through the leg of my basket ball shorts! I was so infatuated by him that I didn't even notice my cock was out in the wind. At this point I had no idea what to say. I looked over at him and the moon lit up his upper body which was INCREDIBLY PERFECT. His pecks were toned like a swimmer and I had never seen a nicer set of abs. I kept looking up his body until I reached his eyes and it was apparent that I had been looking at his body for about 20 seconds. The thing that got me was he was staring right back at me. Our eyes met looking at each-other and for a good 15 seconds I think I forgot how to breathe, it was as if the clouds had broken over the night sky and silenced the seas. I came back to reality and saw him scooting closer to me. I put my hand down behind me to brace myself from falling over. WE both sat on the edge of the boat with our feet dangling over the water. I moved an inch closer to him. As I put my hand down behind me I accidentally touched his hand. Corey put his hand under mine and lifted it up and put it around his neck and proceeded to put his hand on my lower back. 'what are you doing man' I said 'I duno, haha, no ones up here, why not?' he responded. 'why not what?' I said 'I duno you wana mess around' he said.

I WAS ASTONISHED! two minutes before I never thought this would be happening. Now his hand is rubbing my lower back and I am nearly about to jizz my pants. 'have you ever done anything with a guy!?!?' I asked him. 'well no, but I kinda want to, and I know you do I saw you staring at me all morning aha dont even try and lie about it, and you have a boner that can poke an eye out right now, so all signs lead to YES' he said. We locked eyes for what seemed like a year, and as much as I wanted to pretend I didn't want to straddle him, right then I said 'o for fucks sake' and I leaned in kissed him and put my other hand round his waist. I WAS FLIPPING OUT IN SIDE. One day ago I had never even thought about ever touching a guy and now I have my tongue down some guys throat with my hand rubbing his abs and slipping under his shorts.

He was a better kisser then any girl I had ever met. His tongue was like satin, caressing mine like a god. We started to kiss very intensely. Luckily we were on a part of the boat where no one could see us, which is why he chose that spot to jack off. Just when I thought things cold not be any better he straddled me and started taking off my shirt. Not to brag or anything, but we both have really toned bodies and are both 17 years old. I had never felt such lust and energy in my body. This was truly heaven, he and I both moaned through our kisses as we jerked each-other off in our shorts. I picked him up off of me and put him on the deck under the moonlight. He was laying down staring up at me with his incredible green eyes and I could not bare to look at him with out kissing him. I reached my arms around his neck and his back and kissed him as if he were the last human on earth. We kept kissing and touching each-other for about an hour and we decided to just lay together on the bow of the boat under the stars. He fell asleep with his head on my chest. I could barely sleep a wink because I wanted to remember every moment I had with this guy.

As fairy tale as this seems, it is all true. I was literally stunned for days after this happened about a month ago during my spring break.

That was only the first night of a week long cruise and was only the beginning our relationship. The rest is a secret that we will most likely never tell. But who knows, what will happen. It turns out we are both going to the same college.. what are the odds?

Life is wonderful



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