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Never Imagined

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What a trip!


Recently, I had to go on a business trip to the west coast. I've never been and was really looking forward to seeing a part of the country that was new and exciting. Little did I know that the fun would start before I ever left the airport at home!

I arrived the customary one and a half hours early and made it through security in record time. It appeared to me as I arrived at my departure gate that this flight would be relatively empty. After killing a few minutes reading and looking around, I found myself very bored with terminal life. I thought a jaunt to the bathroom may provide at least a glimpse or two of excitement, as they usually did.

I found the nearest bathroom, and there was no one there. I stood at the urinal for a bit and then decided to move on and see what the next one held. I walked in and around the privacy wall, and there was a guy a little younger than me at the urinal-and it appeared he was looking at me pretty intently. I smiled and nodded and he responded. I settled in at a urinal a couple down from him so as to be polite. he looked a little disappointed, but I took out my cock-about 6.5 hard-and he smiled again. We continued making eye contact until he whispered 'come on over here'-which I gladly did. I stepped quietly over toward him and looked down. In his hands was one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. Not huge, but extremely well shaped and firm-no curves, no blemishes-a perfect cock.

My eyes could not betray me-I was fascinated by this beautiful cock and wanted more than anything to reach out and touch it. I looked up and his eyes were fastened on my throbbing cock as well. We exchanged a smile and I was about to get up the nerve to reach out and grab that perfect dick when I heard noises coming into the bathroom. We both sort of tensed up and headed for the sink.

As we left the bathroom, he said 'too bad we didn't have time to jack each other off-you have a really nice cock.' I agreed and we parted company.

I scoured the shops and looked at a few things then headed to the gate where I would be boarding. To my great surprise (and pleasure) my bathroom buddy was sitting there awaiting the same flight. When he noticed me, he smiled knowingly and motioned for me to come over and sit, which I gladly did. We talked and had a great conversation, then the flight began to board. It was, as I suspected, a very light flight, with very few passengers.

After finding our assigned seats, the attendant came by and said we could sit anywhere we wanted. My new friend quickly asked if he could join me and of course I was thrilled to say yes. The flight itself was to be about three hours. We settled in and had more small talk and etc. The attendants served drinks and a snack and then left the area for the back of the plane. My friend asked as the attendant walked by if he could have a blanket, which she gladly gave him. I thought nothing of it, until-- -

He spread the blanket over himself, and then asked if I would like to share. My eyes got huge with anticipation and I said 'sure.' As he spread the blanket over the two of us, I felt his hand brush over my zipper-just making certain I was well covered I'm sure! in a moment, the cabin lights went off and I thought 'how perfect!' Almost immediately, each of our hands moved to the other's crotch. It was as if we wre about to explode to feel the other cock seated next to us and we were immediately gratified by what we found. He was skillful-more so than I-at unzipping my pants with one hand. Before I knew it, my cock at full attention was in his hand, which was soft and warm and quite skilled. After a moment, he helped me unzip his pants and then his beautiful cock sprang free. It felt as wonderful as it looked. I was in utter amazement and lost in my own lust as we stroked each other off at 20,000 feet or so. My heart was pounding. I had never done anything like this and was so nervous. After a few minutes, I felt that familiar welling up and the pressure to burst was becoming intense. I told my friend he had better stop or there would be a mess to clean up. He smiled and said that was his goal. I could feel him tensing too, but he was not as close as I. Suddenly, I shuddered and thrust my hips forward and came in huge globs under those covers. I was nearly horrified that someone would know what was happening and then the thought of not being able to hide it on my clothing hit me. I was about to panic when my friend whispered 'shhhh, it's alright-I caught it all.' Almost reading my mind, I felt more at ease, but still a bit nervous. He pulled his hand out from the covers and put it into the air sickness bag from the seat back. When his hand emerged from the bag, I could still smell the faint scent of cum, but his hand was pretty clean. I continued-almost instinctively-to massage his beautiful cock. It was incredible to have this man in my own hand in a plane with several people around me. The thrill was phenominal and his dick was hard and long and I was in my own little utopia. Finally, I felt him tense and thrust, and I tried to catch his cum in my hand as well. I did catch most of it, but not all of it. I repeated his trick of putting it into the bag, and he laughed and said it was ok, he had a plan to take care of it as well. After re-dressing, he picked up both bags and tucked them into his jacket and headed for the restroom. When he returned, he was smiling and said he had had the best time in a very long time and wondered where my final destination was to be. When I told him, he smiled again and affirmed that he to was to be there for several days. He asked if I was interested in sharing a hotel room, which I declined, but we agreed to visit. We met for supper that same evening. I can promise you, those stories will never be posted here! What a business trip! I hope to do that one again soon!



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