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Never Did That Before

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First off, let me say that I NEVER thought I'd be submitting a story to SOLO. I have gotten off many times to this site and keep the stories coming...all of you!
A friend and I have decided that for Halloween I will be a school girl and he will be a priest with an inflatable boner under his costume. But to add to the fun, he went out and bought me a remote controlled vibrator. I was shocked but intrigued at the same time. We're going to go to a part of our city where everyone gathers for Halloween and he suggested that for Halloween I have this vibrator in my underwear and he could turn it on whenever he wants like whenever I'm talking to someone. The whole idea got us both very excited.
He wanted to test it out before the big night so he suggested we go to lunch together and walk around downtown with this vibrator in my thong. As we're driving to the restaurant he turns it on and OH MY GOD!!! I was going nuts. People were staring at us in their cars and wondering what the hell I was doing with my back arched, hips thrusting, and moaning at the top of my lungs. We're driving along and this is feeling so good. He's turning it on and off and teasing me and pussy feels like it's going to EXPLODE. He starts talking nasty to me telling me that he wants to touch my tits and that my pussy looks so good he just wants to taste it. This is just putting me over the edge. Finally, he keeps it going and, involuntarily, I started pushing the vibrator hard against my clit and I start cumming and cumming. It felt soooo good.
We finally park and go inside the restaurant. Mind you, I still have the vibe in my thong against my clit. We decide to eat at an Indian place and sit down. I'm about to order and HE TURNS IT ON. Now I'm really getting off in public. The waiter comes over and he's a geeky looking guy, doesn't speak too much English, and can't understand why I look like I'm in pain and almost laughing at the same time. I'm trying to order our food, but it's really difficult. I finally get through the ordering process and having to repeat myself a few times and as I'm about to cum, he turns it off. I'm being tortured, but that's half the fun! He turns it on again when we're eating and I nearly choke. It feels sooo good. My pussy is sopping wet and my clit is throbbing like nothing I have ever felt before. My legs start twitching a little bit, my nails are digging into the sides of the table and my eyes are closed. I'm trying to appear as normal as possible, but it's starting to get really difficult. The lady who deals with the cash register is looking at me funny, but I don't care. I cum so hard. Needless to say, I was starving. I gobbled up all my food (and my friend's) and we head up to a place to look at Halloween costumes.
We're inside and he turns it on again and this time keeps it on the entire time. I have to hide behind some shelving because I cannot take this anymore. At this point, I don't even care who sees me or who knows what's going on. This orgasm though is going to be different than the others. We walk close to each other and he keeps rubbing my pussy through my panties. It feels sooo good and I want it to last as long as possible, but we are in public after all. This is so nasty! I'm loving it and being in public makes my orgasms even better. We finally just stand in one spot for a while and he keeps pushing hard on my clit and rubbing a little back and forth while the vibrator is going at full speed. I cum AGAIN for the third time and I think I'm spent. But the best part is certainly saved for last.
We walk back to the car and I ask him if I can borrow it. He says yes but only if I let him work the vibe on me and he makes me cum that way. We have never done anything physical before, but I want to take this little toy home with me so bad so I agree.
We're driving up and down the streets and he slowly moves his hand over to my pussy and turns the toy on. I won't let him touch my bare pussy but he doesn't seem to mind. He starts rubbing really slowly and even though I thought I wouldn't be able to cum again, now I'm not so sure. He starts rubbing faster as my hips start rolling around and around without even thinking about it. I lean my seat back and just enjoy this experience. He starts rubbing harder and faster as my pussy starts dripping more and more. I'm starting to moan and even though everyone who bothers to look in the car can see us, I don't care. It feels sooooo good! I start cumming and this is certainly my best one yet. My hips buckle, I start pulling at my hair, and I let out a very loud sigh, and it's over. I'm instantly completely relaxed. He tells me how soft my pussy is and he can't wait for Halloween. Neither can I!
Thinking about this whole incident has got me so hot, I have to go relieve myself.



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