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Nerdy Roommate

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A couple of years ago I moved out of the dorms, and into a townhouse with three guys that I had met in freshman dorms. Two of them were more jockish, one was on the University basketball team, and the other was a wrestler. The third was a chem major, who was sort of in shape, with a little bit of a gut, and really handsome in the face. He wore small framed glasses, and kept his hair moderately short, and had almost no facial hair, except for a small mustache and slight goatee under his chin.

One weekend we had a house party, before it got too cold. There was a large porch off the back of the townhouse, so there were a lot of people outside hanging out, and a bar set up in the kitchen. People were hanging out in the living room, and downstairs, which had a large game room, where we had beer pong set up.

After a few hours people started leaving, and my buzz was almost gone. I went up to my room and closed the door, enjoying the moment of silence. There are three bathrooms in the townhouse, but only one upstairs where the bedrooms are, at the end of the hall. I stripped off my clothes, and pulled on some shorts and a tank, and walked in to the bathroom, to find the Nerd half naked, with his dick hanging out, leaning against the wall by the toilet. He laughed and put his hand over his dick, but I had already seen everything. I asked if he was alright, and he shook his head and laughed. I pulled him in a standing position, and turned him so he was facing the toilet. He started peeing everywhere, so instinctively I grabbed his dick and pointed it to the water. He laughed again, and opened his drunk eyes, which were crazed, and out of focus. He started to get hard beneath my grasp, but slowly stopped peeing, until it was dripping, which I gave him a shake and put his soft but getting fuller dick back into his boxers. I walked him around the corner to his room, and dropped him on the bed, taking his hoodie off, revealing a fairly smooth body. He must've worked out, because he had a strong chest with defined pecs. His stomach wasn't large, but full, and he had a thin line of hair that led to his dick, but he obviously trimmed everthing, and it was a fairly clean look. He was mumbling to himself, as I took his glasses off, and put them on his dresser. I asked if he needed anything before I shut the lights out, and all he did was mumble, hand in his boxers.

I left his room and went back in the bathroom to pee. I brushed my teeth and walked out to go in my room when I heard giggling. I walked to the Nerd's room, and saw the light on, and there were a couple girls standing in his doorway. I asked what was going on, and they said nothing, and walked down the hair to go downstairs. I walked in and saw the Nerd jacking off, with his eyes closed and mouth open. He actually had a nice sized dick, that was dark red, and throbbing. His balls seemed small against his shaft, and as I went to close his door, I heard him start to moan. I watched as he started to shoot cum all over the place. It was literally spraying everywhere. He kept moaning, and I checked the hall to make sure no one was coming, and kept watching him. It was probably about 40 seconds of orgasm, and he let out a long sigh as he slowed his motion and let his dick flop against his cum covered stomach. I wasn't sure if I should clean him up, but I shut his lights off again and closed his door.

I quickly went back to my room, as I was starting to get hard myself. I locked my door, and had a quick jack before falling asleep. The next morning I knocked on the Nerd's door, and didn't hear anything, so I quietly opened the door, to see him in the same sprawled out position on his bed. His dick was soft and off to one side, and there was dried cum all over the place, and you could smell it heavy in the air. I quietly closed the door, and went in the bathroom to shower. He never asked about that night, or even mentioned anything, and neither have I. He moved out that next semester to live with a girl he met, and was dating. I have so many stories from this townhouse, but that one is forever in my memory.



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