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Nephew's Buddy

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My 21 Year old nephew lives with me here in the central Florida area.

One afternoon, while Kerry was at work his buddy Hayden stopped by. Now, Hayden is 19, about 6' tall, dark brown eyes, and has an olive complexion. He also is built and has a fantastic six pack on him ...

Anyway; I invite him in and we sit down. He notices that I'm in my boxers and carrying a towel, so he ask what I'm doing or getting ready to do. I explain that I'm going to get into the hot tub for awhile, and he asks if he can get in also. Well, no problem, so we go to the rear porch where the hot tub is.

Now, it gets kind of weird as I usually get in the tub in the nude BUT was going to wear my boxers to be proper with Hayden here. Before I could even say anything, he had stripped down to his birthday suit and was climbing into the tub, showing off about a nice five inch circumsized penis and a couple of nice size testicles that were high up .. so I stripped off the boxers and climbed in after him.

We sat there on opposite sides for awhile, when Hayden stood up facing me and sporting a fairly decent erection as he stood there lightly stroking it and smiling. He sat back down but stretched his leg out so that his foot was between my legs massaging my private area as he looked right at me grinning; but I wasn't going to move or even say anything as it felt very good.

After our time was up in the hot tub I got Hayden a towel and noticed that he came in with me to my room to dry off and change back into regular clothing. However, he laid down on my bed after drying off and asked for a massage as he knew I did massage therapy.

So I got out some oil and began working on his neck, back, hips, buttocks .. and there he asks for an internal prostate massage .. soooo I know he's over 18 and I complied. He was moaning ever so loud but I continued on down his legs and as I did so my hand brushed against his testicles and a now raging hard penis .. BUT I somehow kept my professionalism.

He turned over and there he lay in all of his glory. My hands went back up his dark legs, until I reached the groin. Once there I went and began doing his sides, arms'n hands, chest, and moving my hands slowly on down his stomach to the abdominal area making sure to use plenty of the strawberry massage oil.

By now he was moaning and almost crying with joy. His penis was jumping and twitching and I could see he'd began releasing pre cum in quite a large quantity as it was dripping down the sides of his penis already, he lay there almost spazming.

As I worked on the abdomen, I moved his penis to the side and finished up all around the groin. Finally, Hayden could take it no longer. He begged with me to give him the 'Happy Ending' and I asked if he was SURE and He WAS 'Sure'.

I took his throbbing penis in my hands as I added massage oil all up and down the hard shaft and head ... Then, I stroked the shaft up 'n down making sure to do the twist at the top and the bottem each time ... I stopped for a second to pull on his foreskin and lightly rub a finger around the inside of it two or three times. I then took his nice firm testicles and squeezed and massaged them as he about jumped off the bed ... I went back to his rock hard penis and began stroking slowly, slowly ..then tightening my grip ..sped up as he began to convulse and cry out that he was cumming ... Then Hayden shot out a rope that whizzed by my head and then two more as he fell back calmly onto the bed.

He reached over and grabbed my own penis and well he stroked me until I got off also ... not that good; but he was more than good enough.

Now he comes over every chance he gets when my nephew isn't home. We get into the hot tub and then to my room for some erotic full body massages that are second to none.

Yeah, there is a little more now .. BUT I'm not talking about That.



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