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Nephew and the Lawn Kid

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Never would've believed it could happen...and go so far


Earlier this summer, my nephew, Adam, came to stay with me for a couple of weeks of vacation, shortly after his HS graduation. He and I have always been close and shared pretty much everything. Last year he quietly intimated that he thought he was bi-sexual, though he'd never done anything with a guy. I never betrayed his secret. He's a nice looking kid, just a bit shy socially sometimes.

Anyway, a couple days after he arrived, the neighbor kid Chris, from a couple of streets over was mowing my lawn. He's also 18 and extremely hot and outgoing. This day, he was wearing some cutoff shorts and not much else, which really showed off his sexy body and nice tan.

Adam happened to look out the window and nearly freaked: 'Who is THAT?' I laughed a bit, as he continued, 'He's HOT!' No kidding! I suggested that Adam take him a can of Pepsi, and after thinking about it for two seconds, he was off to the fridge. I watched thru the blinds as Adam and Chris talked and laughed for a few minutes.

When Adam came back inside, he mouthed to me, 'Wow!' and went downstairs to the makeshift bedroom I'd assembled for him. Being a playful instigator, my wheels started turning. When Chris came to get his pay, I told him my nephew thought he was really hot. He didn't freak, and even smiled and said 'really?' I decided to go for it and casually said there was a very big bonus if he'd ask Adam for a mutual wank. Remember, I knew Chris was one of those 'anything goes' type personalities, and I wasn't entirely surprised when he laughed and said 'sure.'

Chris went on downstairs, I heard him knock and the boys started talking. After about 15 minutes, I crept down for a quick peek thru a crack I knew about. And what I saw took my breath away. Both boys were completely naked and twisted in each other's arms on the bed, making out like crazy!

Their hands were exploring each other, squeezing their soft butts, and their legs were straddling the other, it was freakin' hot! I never expected this scene, from either Chris OR Adam...but they were both so into it; the moans and sighs were almost constant.

It seemed like hours, but it was probably only minutes later, they got a little louder and were really grinding their dicks against each other, to the point I assume they both dumped a load of cum between them almost simultaneously. They looked down, laughed, then went back into their deep kissing. I figured I'd better sneak back upstairs at this point.

When Chris came up about a half-hour later, he told me to forget the bonus, but smiled big and said thanks a lot, adding 'anytime' with a wink. Later, Adam came up shaking his head with a huge smile on his face and playfully punched my arm before giving me a hug. What are uncles for, I thought?

I'm not sure what all happened the rest of the two weeks, but I came home to find Chris and Adam there a LOT...and the house always had a cum smell to it.

And yeah, the story definitely continued after Adam went home to my sister's. Chris felt more comfortable hanging out at my place, I guess, and it wasn't long before he suggested we do a little wanking ourselves. I knew my nephew was bi, and I'm now wondering if it runs in the family or if this lawn kid is just so hot, I really don't care that he's a guy. My head just spins when we're naked and stroking each other. And dudes, he is the best kisser I've ever known.



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