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Nephew Adventures

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This story is about my nephew and I. A story I read here the other day reminded me of this. The wierd thing is that my nephew and I are the same age, to the day. I was the last of four kids and there is over 20 years between my brother (my nephew's father)and me. My brother got married young and lived with my parents in an upstairs apartment until I was five years old. Then they moved to a house three doors down. My brother's son and I were very close since we were the same age. in fact we resembled each other and many people thought we were fraternal twins. When I was 16, my father got transferred from New York state to Arizona. My parents were thrilled as that is where they want to retire. They knew I wanted to finsh high school here so my brother took me in.

My nephew, more like a brother than my brother, and I saw each other naked in school showers. We even jerked off to porn together though never touched. We went off to the same college and roomed together. We got friendly with another pair of girls in our dorm complex and they became friends with benefits. All in all, we appeared as straight as could be to each other.

Last year, we finished out exams and we were to leave for home the next day (I still live with them). My nephew decides to show off his athletic skills (we are both runners and swimmers) and decides to jump off a roof. After we were done at the Emergency Room, it turned out he shattered his left wrist and severely fractured several bones in his right hand/wrist. Two hands in hard casts. He asked me not to call my sister-in-law until we were cleared to leave the hospital, that way she wouldn't come.

Anyway, we called afterwards, she was pissed and we got home. He asked me if I could care for him as he was mortified at the idea of his mother holding his cock to pee, bathing him, etc. I said I would agree to all of that (the part about wiping his ass really disgusted me but I figured I could do it). She agreed. We agreed to sleep in the same bed so that if at night he had to take a leak, it would be easier to get me up.

Over the first couple of weeks, it was wierd. Occasionally, when I gave his cock a shake when he was done peeing, he would give a little shudder. At night and in the morning, we'd joke about his morning wood. When I showered him and washed his cock and balls, he'd almost always get a semi.

One day his parents went out for the weekend. It came to shower time and I was doing my usual bathing, got to his cock and balls and this time, he got fully erect. He looked at me and said, 'I can't take it, I need to bust a nut'. I told him I understood and would help out (deep down, I kind of always wanted to do this). I started stroking and he asked me to get naked (I usually bathed him in shorts) and make body contact. I dropped my pants, got in the shower and got behind him. By now I was hard. I pressed up against his back, reached forward and stroked. It didn't take long and he blew one hell of a load. I took his cum, used it as a lubricant and jacked myself off just after this.

That night, it was very hot and the air conditioning couldn't cope. He was laying there uncovered in his boxers with a huge tent. I decided, what the hell. I took his cock and started slowly stroking. He eventually woke up and started moaning. I got on top (I was already naked, I sleep naked all the time) and rubbed our cocks together and then went back to stroking his. Soon he came. I used his cum as a lube again and in what seemed like seconds, I shot a couple of huge strings of cum on his chest. I licked it all up.

At first I think this last action bothered him. He said to me, dude, we're gay? (he said it in a questioning manner). I said no, we both just needed some relief and if there wasn't any female relief, what better than 'brothers' to provide it.

We're back in school now and for the most part relieve ourselves with female friends (same two...they are cool with the friends with benefits relationship) but every now and then, we help each other out.



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