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Neighbour's Panties

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Resent because my earlier story wasn't posted.


I live on the 8th floor (top floor) of an apartment building. My bathroom has a small window looking out onto the small rooftop yard of the neighbouring apartment where 3 young women lived. There are several clothes lines in this roof yard and the one nearest my window is where they hung out their lingerie: panties and bras.

I would get a hard on whenever I spotted the sexier lingerie, like lacy panties, and after looking at their panties for many days, decided one night to snitch a pair of washed panties from the nearest clothes line to masturbate with.

This nearest clothes line is still about 2 metres away from my bathroom window, so it is necessary to use a long pole with a hook to grab a pair of panties. The panties are all hung out via clothes hangers.

Before the action, I carefully observed that the apartment's lights are all off, a sign that no one is in. I have observed the women's coming home timing and they come back about 2115-2130 each night. It was 2030 and I decided it was time for action.

I took a pole with a hook to the bathroom and using a flashlight, saw the panties on the line and picked one. Switching off the flashlight, I gingerly extended the pole out the small window towards the target panty; without the flashlight the panties are all dark shadows and I had to remember the position of the target panties. The hook made contact with the clothes hanger which the panties are hanging from. Dexterously, I manipulated the pole to unhook the clothes hanger from the line and retracted the pole. My heart was pounding madly and my ears were all alert to the slightest noise in case the women should come back early.

Finally, the panties were in my hands! It was a small cute one with some dots, 2 small ribbons and a little lace along the sides. Sexy!!

My erection is very hard by now but I wanted to experience the panties further. I sniffed the panties, it smelt of fresh laundry. They were washed clean with no stains and made of cotton. I wrapped them around my penis and started wanking off while imagining having sex with 1 of the women next door. Then I cummed onto the crotch area, waves of ecstasy coming over me. I then cleaned up myself and also wipe off some sperm from the panties; too much sperm on it would leave a noticeable stain when dried.

Having satisfied myself, I hung the panties back on the clothes hanger and used the pole to put back the hangar on the clothes line. And just in time, too, for a few minutes later I heard female voices; the women were back!

Fortunately, they did not go onto the roof yard. I stayed in my apartment, quiet as a mouse, listening to their movements and chatter. The laundry (and the panties) were not collected from the clothes line that night and I got an erection again thinking about how my sperm will dry on the panties overnight and finally when it is worned by the owner, her pussy will be in contact with my dried semen. I jacked off on my own this time.

I have masturbated with 3 pairs of panties belonging to my neighbours' so far and it was an exhilarating experience each time.



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