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Neighbor's youngest son

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My hot encounter with the dad next door got nixed for some reason, but here's what happened with the youngest son, Chris


The college boy initiated an ongoing jackoff affair this past summer, and a couple months later, with the two boys Chris and Steve away at their cousins, their smokin' hot dad got me naked in the hot tub, which evolved into a makeout session and soapy stroking in the shower, then more in the bedroom.

You'd think that would be enough for one family, but I was wrong. Chris and I had birthdays 12 days apart this fall, me hitting 20 and him turning 18. One weekend when my sister went to a slumber party and parents went to a play, Chris and I celebrated together with a couple quarts of soda and renting the Porky's movie to watch in my basement 'entertainment complex.'

We were both in sweatpants and t-shirts. As the flick got us hornier and hornier, our conversation loosened up a bit, and Chris got the courage to ask how often I jacked off, did I use computer porn or magazines, etc I, of course, didn't volunteer that I'd been using his older brother and dad as my personal partners for about five months.

Curious about Chris, I said I usually did it once a day, sometimes twice, and used various stimuli. He then asked, surprisingly, if I'd ever jacked off with anyone else. 'I've had some experiences,' I teased. 'No way!' he marveled. 'With who?!' 'Can't kiss and tell, my friend.' 'Girl or guy, or both?' he wondered, excitedly. 'Both.'

Pausing, he stammered that he's never done anything with anyone, and I said, 'Well, you've just turned 18.' 'How did it feel, better than when you're alone?' he asked, as I re-adjusted my swelling bulge. 'Well, I can't imagine sex being any better,' I replied. 'It's like every nerve in my body goes nuts, like I'm losing control, then I always shoot gobs.' 'It's incredible just to feel another person's body up against yours.'

Then, out of the blue, he said quietly, 'Mitch, I'm horny as heck. Would you want to trade handjobs for our birthdays? I'll even do you first, if you want.' My heart was now racing. I'm thinking is it me, or is this whole family just bi-curious or always horny? 'Dude, I never turn down an offer like that,' I said.

We both stood up and pushed off our sweatpants, leaving us standing in our briefs. I lifted his shirt over his head, taking care to softly graze his sides as I lifted. He returned the shirt favor, and we faced each other, with huge logs pulsing in our pants. 'Are you sure it's okay?' he inquired, wanting reassurance. I responded by playfully wrestling him onto the couch, laughing 'We've come this far, dude!'

I pulled his briefs off, revealing a nice sized cut cock surrounded by a great patch of hair. Then I slid my briefs off and stood above him for a few seconds, so he could admire a hard one. I laid down right next to him lengthways on the couch and ran my hand along his body from neck to thighs, while he began breathing heavily.

He touched my side and we kind of pressed our bodies closer together with our faces only inches apart. I made the first move to place my lips on his; it was so soft and tender. We kept at it for a few minutes, varying our kissing styles. Without warning, Chris suddenly gasped and started convulsing semen, and groaned with each spurt. It was so hot. I made sure it was landing on me, not the couch. 'Whew!,' he finally said when the shooting subsided. 'Uh, yeah, I'm drenched, man,' I laughed. 'Now it's my turn to soak you.'

I knelt on my knees next to him on the couch and began stroking. I wasn't expecting it, but Chris started egging me on with stuff like 'Do it! Come on, you horny mother. Stroke that dick, cover me!!' I'd never had anyone talk kinky while I jacked, and it was stimulating. It took about 30 seconds before I reached the point of no return. With a loud 'Uahhhh!,' I began releasing cum all over Chris, aiming for his dick, but it went everywhere.' He had hold of my thigh and butt with his right hand during this and kept squeezing, like he was forcing the cum out of me.

We both smiled, and I said 'See what I mean?' We were both dripping in sex juice and walked carefully to the shower. 'Mitch, can you keep this between just me and you?' Chris asked quietly. 'Who am I gonna tell?' I assured him. I know how to keep secrets; I just hoped the 3 guys living next door didn't slip and reveal they were all fooling around with the same neighbor boy.

'Happy birthday,' I joked, as we washed each other. That's when we both started groping and kissing one more time, which soon led to the soapy mutual handjobs we'd earlier planned. We both were then totally spent. Chris comes over a lot more these days since our first 'experiment' together. I've had so much dick exposure from those 3 guys next door, I rarely have to masturbate by myself. I ain't complainin', either.



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