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Neighbor's Wife Exposed

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This is the first time I have ever posted a story, so please bear with me. This [I hope] should be a first of many experiences.

I'll start by telling you my wife and I live in a great community that has many activities. Our homes are small and really close to each other, maybe ten feet side to side, they run north to south and ours has a small walkway between them.

The backyard is large, but to access it you must enter through the gate that seperates our homes, my north side neighbors home is the same, with both our gates between our houses.

I suppose I should describe my neighbors, the south house has a lovely senior couple, they are quiet and keep to themselves, the best kind. On the north is a very young couple, and at the time they moved in were newlyweds of a few months. Mark is a gentle man/boy with great looks and a shy demeanour, but will talk with me about our yards and other interests we share, his wife is just the opposite. Mark is 27 and his wife Dawn is 24, equally attractive, has long straight black hair that hangs down to her full firm ass.

Dawn is the center of my desire, she has the most beautiful face, short but shapely frame and the most perfect tits I have yet to ever see on a woman her size, but she has a small flaw, her mouth never shuts up.

Yard work is always on Saturdays for me and Marks is usually the same time, this one Saturday was not, for when I finished with mine, I was taking all my stuff to the backyard when I noticed their window blinds up and half way open. Gates are not the only thing on the same sides of our homes, our master bedroom windows are as well, facing each other. Reaching over a six foot tall gate to unlock it, made me turn my head towards their house/window, it was then that my intrest in my neighbor began.

There he [Mark] was in his butt naked glory, changing clothes I suppose, and that was all it took to start a daily then yearly event of voyeurism. I never had ever thought of these kids that way before, but if he was ok with being nude in his room with the blinds open then I was pretty sure Dawn would be just as daring. It wasn't long after that day that I proved myself right. I opened the curtains in my bedroom just enough to have sight into their room at night and sure there blinds were up and open, but they weren't closed tight, I'm sure most of you know what I mean.

My wife stays up late watching tv, which gives me lots of time alone in the bedroom, and for what seemed to be forever Dawn came into view. Heart pounding, and my dick screaming at me for attention, I watched her mill around a little in the room and around her bed. The view wasn't always great till she turned on a small lamp by her bed and turned the overhead light off, she may as well have had no blinds. Red was the color of her t-shirt that was grabbed at the bottom and pulled slowly over her head, then long black hair fell out of the neck opening exposing a thin white bra as she stood sideways facing her blinds.

Oh man, I have only read of this before and it's happening right in front of my window. My briefs were binding and there coming off just as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra and slid it down her body and off her arms. Dawn had my total attention now, but the wife walking in was on the back of my mind, I was a rubber necking fool looking back an forth from Dawn in my window to looking for shadows coming from the living room.

There they were, in all there glory, just as I had imagined, those perfectly formed breasts with long pointy brown nipples when she seemed to look my way, I froze, my hand didn't stop but my eyes darted as to not be looking. That's when I realized, I can't be seen and moved closer to the window opening for a better view. I was now at the point if anything was going to happen it was now and nothing could stop this feeling I had in my groin.

I was pumping away and real close when her thumbs entered the sides of her grey shorts and pushed downwards towards the floor, and with a little wiggle, I got the most amazing visual of the most desirable ass in our city, or should I say, in my world. Dawn stood up and reached upwards to stretch and I stretched my dick outwards and it hit, I cummed all over the place, ribbons of cum, eveywhere, and as I got the last bit out, I looked out to see that all lights were out, and a sound in the living room meant I would soon have company.

That was the best cum I had ever slept in, cause I just jumped right into bed as the wife came walking in to go to bed. That was the first of three years of watching and I'll share more later, and just last week we had a chat on the computer and I told her that a fantasy of mine was to watch a woman undress, and that's another story if she doesn't tell it here before I can post again.



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