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Neighbor's Panties

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this took place about a month ago


It was a lazy summer afternoon and I went outside for a while. I noticed my 15-year-old neighbor, who I'll call Meg, was washing her clothes in the apartment washers. I had known her since fourth grade but we hadn't spoken much ever since sixth grade, now we were both in going to 10th grade. She had moved in no more than a year ago and she lives two doors down. She is short and slim, with about b sized breasts. She is brunette and has beautiful brown eyes. Truth be told I have a crush on her, but now that we are older and haven't talked for so long, I don't have the guts to talk to her. I went back inside to my room played my wii for a while. It was about 7:00pm and I'm the kind of guy that is more energetic during the night, so I got my dirty clothes bin and headed toward the wash room. I had just finished stuffing my last pair of jeans down the washer when suddenly something in the trash bin caught my eye. It was a bright pink piece of cloth. I looked closer and found that I was looking at a fresh pair of used panties. I was excited because that's when I remembered that meg had washed her clothes not so long ago. I reached in and took them out, they were a pink pair of Victoria Secret 'pink' panties. They smelled sweet, and I wondered why meg would throw away panties so precious. The panties were small and judging by the size, they had to be hers. I folded them up and put them in my pocket as I closed the door and headed back inside the house.

Fortunatly, I was the only one home at the time because my family had gone to Borders. I went into my room and layed down on my bed. I started to unbutton my jeans and unzip my zipper. I took out the precious pair of panties and unfolded them, then I got them and held them over my head as I tried to imagine megs slender curves filling them up. I put them on my face and reached down to take off my jeans and pull down my boxer shorts. I hadn't been circumsized as a baby and I have a lot of foreskin. I pulled out my already erect penis and started to pump it. I wanted to keep the panties pure so I never let them touch my dick, instead I gently licked the inside where her pussy had been. I started to pump harder and lick faster as I got more and more excited. I could believe what I was doing, this was so great, I was lucky to have come across the panties, I was the luckiest guy on earth. I was on the brink of orgasm, so I stopped pumping and pulled my skin as far as it would go before I thought it might tear. I shot my load into the air. I shot about four times and then stopped, then I started to milk my prick and watched as the last couple drops of cum oozed out of my pee-hole. I was exhausted, I looked at the clock and realized that I had just spent about ten minutes jacking-off. My family would be back soon so I jumped off the bed butt naked and headed towards the bathroom to take a leak. I came to my room and saw megs panties on my bed. I inspected them, they were a little moist where I had licked them but other than that, they still held her pure essence. I folded them up and placed them inside one of my swimming trucks were I thought my mom would never find them. It's been a little more than a month now and even though I've jacked-off to megs panties about a dozen more times, they still remain in mint condition, still safe inside the pocket of my swimming trunks.



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