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Neighbors Brother

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This is sorta long but it is all worth it just bare with me, I had another great orgasm writing it all down


First of all, I'm not gay, and I don't think I am bi, I just like these stories and decided to tell my experience...

I am 16 now, but I was 14 when this all happened. My best friend (one year older than me, lets call him Will) and I would spend the night at each others house, and jack each other off. No big deal, until one day his brother walked in on us. His brother (lets call him Jake)is a good looking person, he has muscle, but not nasty Hulk-like muscle...anyways... He walked in, and looked at us and didn't say anything, he just gave us this 'go on, I don't care' look.

But he obviously liked it, cuz the next time I invited Will to sleep over, Jake came with him...

Jake looked a little stunned. He must think that me and Will jacked each other off non stop. But all we were doing was playing video games. Jake kinda tapped his foot and acted like he was ready to take off his pants and start...

Around about 2 A.M. we were watching An American Haunting, and Jake just reaches over to my 'area' and starts feeling around... I looked at him with this mean glare and he stopped, but half way in the movie I was thinking about jacking off and I got an extreme boner...

Jake looked over at me to see what I was doing under my blanket, and he took it off of me...

Jake stared at my 6 and 1/2 in. uncut cock, and his hand immediately went to the bulge in the crotch of his pants. Will who was on the computer, while watching the movie, came over to see us, and he sat down on the couch we were on and grabbed my cock. I took Will's 7 in uncut in my left hand, and Jakes freakin 8 in uncut in my right hand, and went at it.... It felt so good to jack someone else off (besides Will) Jake's dick was big and veiny and really thick, and he just sat there with his head thrown back, moaning.

I shot first. It felt so good, and I shot 7 ropes all over myself. The fourth one landed on my cheek (that's what Will said, it was too good of an orgasm to notice) Then Will shot, he didn't shoot as much as me but it got all the way in his hair.

Now jake stopped moaning, he lifted his whole bottom half of his body up and you could see his abs tighten up as 8 ropes of pure white cum shot out.....

We were all exausted from the task, so we decided to go to sleep. We made out the two sofa beds and Jake and Will slept on one and I slept on the other.

About 4:30 jake woke me up and sat in bed with me. We talked about sports and some chicks we'd like to do.... then the subject came upon what had happened that night...

Jake asked me if Will and me always did this, and I said 'Since we were younger, everytime he has slept over'

Then he asked me if me and will have done any other stuff... like sucking, or just laying naked.... I said 'no, jacking off is normal, but for two straight guys to be sucking and fooling around isn't'

Jake got really hard when I said this. He pulled down his basketball shorts and pulled out that massive peice of equipment, and asked me if I would jack him off again. I reached over to it, but he held my hand, and led me into the bathroom where there was lotion. I got the lotion and he told me to sit on the toilet and he would sit on my leg as I jacked him off. In spite of what I said to him earlier, I let him sit on me cuz I was curious. Both of us only wore shirts, but then he took his off so he could cum and not get the shirt stained... I told him this would be more comfortable on the bed, and he agreed.

On the bed, before we got started again he took off his shirt, and he told me there's nothing wrong with it, and that he has to be naked in front of guys all the time for showers after football. He took my dick and I took his and we started stroking slowly to savour every minute of this joyride. He told me to stop, and then he sat on my legs between my knee and my balls. Jake told me to stroke him until he said stop so I did.

'Stop!' he screamed in a sexy voice.

And then he cummed all over my bare chest and stomach.... then white, warm liquid was rubbed all over me cuz Jake rubbed my torso with his hands. The excess cum dripped off the sides of me, and going against everything I have said, he layed there, naked. And the smell of the cum reaching our noses, we took a shower.

This was a once in a life time opportunity, and nothing like it has ever happened since, but I do invite Jake over more than Will.



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