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My two neighbors next door were a brother and sister, Jeff and Maggie. Maggie was a year older than me and Jeff was a year younger than me and they spent most of their time with their mom, who lived in a different state. They stayed the whole summer, however, and that always made me happy because my sister was six years older and I was essentially an only child.

I was probably thirteen when Maggie and Jeff and I were playing Nintendo in their basement. Jeff kept trying to wrestle me for the controller so he could play and, as he was doing it, he inadvertently grabbed my running shorts and pulled them down to reveal my naked cock. I dropped the controller immediately and, embarrassed, I hastily pulled up my shorts. I was red knowing that both of them saw that I was a little hard. That was a problem I always had when I sat next to Maggie who wore her own really short shorts. I went home and we didn't hang out again for a few days.

When I went by again, it was just Maggie at the house and she was wearing shorts so short I could see her curvy teenage ass beneath the bottom of the hem. She wanted to talk about what she saw, and I was pretty attracted to her, so I didn't avoid her questions like I usually would.

'Did you have a boner that day?' she asked.

'A little bit of one,' I told her. 'I get them a lot.'

'What made you get the boner?' she asked.

I told her about how wearing thin nylon shorts without undies was kind of stimulating and she seemed really interested. 'Jeff does that too,' she told me, 'and I've seen him playing with it.'

Somehow, the thought of her brother and my friend exposing himself to my not-so-very-veiled love interest made me jealous and confused.

'All the way?' I asked.

Maggie giggled nervously. 'What do you mean?'

'You know what I mean,' I told her.

She was crossing her legs and wiggling her ankles. I didn't know what that meant then, but I do now. For my part, I was frustrated and anxious but so hard now that my cockhead was stretching my waistband.

I didn't see Jeff coming out behind me until it was too late-he grabbed the bottom hem of my shorts and yanked them down, making my cock bounce out and up.

'Dude!' I shouted, reaching for my little shorts as quickly as I could. 'Not cool!' I couldn't help noticing his thick bone in his green Umbros. He wasn't even wearing underwear with unlined shorts! I couldn't believe how big he was even though he was younger than me. He must have been 7' long and I could clearly see his circumcised mushroom head. I was barely able to get myself back into my own shorts, and they, too, were drawn so tight they were nearly see-through.

Maggie was flushed and avoided my gaze.

'Did you guys plan this?' I demanded. I wasn't really angry. I was noticing that Jeff and Maggie were standing so close together that his cock was practically rubbing against her ass.

'Do you want to see me?' Maggie asked.

Oh, my god, did I want to. She wiggled out of her own shorts and stood there in her white cotton panties. Nothing sexy but smaller than they should have been-tight enough that I could see her pussy lips through them and the tight seam that cut up into her round, soft ass cheeks. I didn't want to, but I started touching myself.

So did Jeff. We were both groping ourselves through our shorts looking at Maggie and she was tickling herself looking at us. I decided to grab at Jeff's shorts seam-out popped his huge cock and I grabbed at it without thinking, just eager to get my hands on something and not sure whether I should touch Maggie or not. Jeff grimaced when I grabbed him and started to throb-I can't believe how easy it was for us to go off when we were that young-and squirted a jet of cum out all over. I couldn't handle it any more and needed to jerk myself off. Maggie stood there in her panties, some of her brother's cum on her mid-thigh, and watched me stroke. I lasted about five seconds before I grunted and shot straight up into the air. I didn't even realize Maggie was cupping my ass cheeks as I finished.

Maggie was worried about getting pregnant and I started feeling really guilty, so I went home that day. We did a lot more later in the summer though, Maggie and also Maggie with Jeff. I will tell more if you want more.



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