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Neighborhood Strip Poker

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I have masturbated since I was in 6th grade. I love it! For years my family lived next to my Aunt and Uncle who had several girls. Anyway, my cousin Beth and I had a circle of friends and by the time we were both twelve we were all interested in taking a look at each other.
One day, Beth gathered three of her girl friends and they kind of cornered me in the garage and told me they wanted to play strip poker. Heck, we didn't know how to play poker but they suggested we get a deck of cards and simply draw a card from the deck. The lowest card had to remove a piece of clothing. I said sure because I had been masturbating in my bedroom nightly just thinking about seeing Beth.
I grabbed a deck of cards from my parents game closet and we went out behind Andrea's garage. The four of us sat in a circle and proceeded to draw cards. Things were pretty even and everyone was down to their underwear. The girls were wearing sleeveless undershirt and I could see their pert nipples sticking through the thin material. Needless to say, my dick was sticking straight up and created quite a commotion amongst the girls.
When the two other girls told me to just take off my underpants, Beth came to my defense and said that they had to win. The next hand one of the girls lost and had to remove either her panties or her t-shirt. I was surprised that she chose to remove her undies and I almost came in my pants when I saw her pussy lips spread as she sat Indian style. Beth lost the next two hands and was completely naked. She tossed her undies at me and I could see they were completely wet. I remember touching the wetness and thinking how slick they were.
Over the next few hands the girls all lost their clothes and I still had on my underwear. I had to squeeze my dick to stop from cumming several times but after Andrea lost her last article of clothing, they all started in on me. They wanted to see my dick even though I had won.
Beth came around from behind me and I could feel her little breasts poking at my back and she whispered that she wanted to see me too and asked me if I would take off my underpants. I said I would if they would all let me see them touching themselves. I don't think the girls really understood anything about masturbation but I could see they were all wet and touching themselves. Beth again leaned over and asked me to just do it so they could see.
With that I said OK and pulled my underpants off. They all let out a gasp as my dick was already totally wet and the precum was running down the sides of my dick. Beth said, 'can we each touch it?' Like what was I supposed to say, NO! I said OK. Andrea was the first. She crawled over to me and touched the tip of my dick and tasted my juices. Then I said, if you each get to touch me then I get to touch you. They agreed. Each one touched me and Beth was the last. I wish I could say that I masturbated for them but when Beth grabbed my dick, I shot all over the place. The girls were laughing hysterically and they started to gather up their clothes but I told them they couldn't leave until I had touched each of them.
Beth said a deal was a deal and so I got to touch each of them. They were all wet and I got hard again as I started to finger each one of them. Andrea was the craziest and she held my hand on her pussy until I made her cum. she shivered and groaned so loud that each of the girls wanted to get 'touched' in the same way. We all started feeling each other one at a time until each of us had cum.
Finally, the girls told me they wanted to see me cum again so I took my time and jacked off. Funny thing, we never did that again. I never even saw Beth naked again.
The week before she got married though, we were together at a party and we had an alone moment. I gave her a big kiss and told her she was my everlasting fantasy. She looked around sheepishly and when she perceived no one was looking, grabbed my crotch and whispered, 'I masturbate all the time over you!'



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