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Neighborhood Barbeque

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There's always a first time for everything...


One of my 'crazy' friends showed me this site once when she told me what she liked to do online. I never thought this theme would exist but I am quite pleased it does. She said I should share the story I had a few weeks ago... so I will:

First off, a little about me. I am not going to say I am the typical suburb mom, but I am a little. Two kids, a wonderful husband and a nice house off Denver. I still have a good sex life and I like to think I retain my pretty body of a younger girl.

Back to the story, this was a neighbourhood BBQ we generally have once a year when Spring is finally in and warm weather has settled down. Most people we knew were there, and we said hi and thank you to our hosts, Brenda and her husband. Everything was well, good weather, happy kids playing and chatting people all over the backyard. I went to the food table to take another serving of hamburger and chips. That's when someone bumped into me and made me spray ketchup on my white fleece vest. Brenda just saw what happened and invited me to go inside and clean the stain before it gets into the fabrics.

She entered the house by the bay door in the back and I followed her steps. We ended up in a small bathroom at the end of the hallway. Brenda then took some stain remover solution on a soft towel and started to rub it off over my vest. I have known Brenda for a few years now and I know she has a more open mind about many things, sex being one... I bring that up for what is happening next...

I could see the stain was starting to fade but Brenda continued to rub. Her circular motion started to slow down and move closer to my right breast. She also applied pressure as well, like she wanted to make her motion being felt down to my nipple. I didn't know if I was making up things and imagining she was trying a move on me. I felt the need to stop her and go back outside. Maybe a sense of guilt toward my husband. But I did nothing, letting her go on. My face must have been bright red because Brenda was looking at me with a little smile. She simply put the towel down and proceeded to cup my breasts. Despite still wearing my fleece, a blouse and bra, I could feel the pressure on my nipples. They sure started to get hard and sensitive under her touch.

She went on to unzip my fleece and parted it open. Her touch felt a lot more intense now and she was able to pinch my hard nipples through my clothing. I could not hold back a small moan and was not trying to hold it back at this point. Brenda was wearing a knee-high pencil skirt and a lovely blouse flattering her body. Never touched a woman before, I didn't want to ruin the moment. So I simply wrapped my arms around her neck, letting myself open to her endeavouring hands.

She didn't waste my invitation and let one of her hands drop lower on my body. She started to slowly rub my inner thighs. That day, I was wearing yoga style pants, so they were quite clingy to my legs and hips. This was making her touch feel so good over my legs. By now, I am pretty sure my panties were soaked with my inner juice. Brenda then brought her hands to my crotch, rubbing with some pressure to overcome the fabric of my clothes. She must have known how drenched I was by the squishing sound coming from my crotch. By now, I was pressed against her and letting out moaning sounds into her ears.

Her fingers were making little but firm circles over my now throbbing clit. I could feel a big one coming... that's when she simply decided to stop, leaving me hanging in this state of near orgasm. She simply kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I could not do anything else but bring my hand into my pants and undies and pick up where she left off. My other hand was squeezing my breasts and hard nipples. It only took a couple of minutes to achieve an unbelievable orgasm. After recovering from the numbness of it, freshening myself up and closing my vest, I went back outside to my husband's side.

The event came to an end and we said our goodbyes to everyone. I went toward Brenda and whispered into her ear while hugging her 'this is not over yet...' and gave her a wink.

Let me tell you, this gave me inspiration for many masturbation sessions since while home alone... I am still thinking how to get back to Brenda.



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