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Neighbor Watches Part 2

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Part two since part one was long...


Well, today rolls around, I have this on my mind and cannot wait for Susan to leave. As soon as she clears the garage I am naked and sitting at the computer, scanning stories to get myself worked up into a good hard on. Twenty minutes, thirty minutes then forty-five minutes go by and I am thinking that Patti has gotten cold feet about this whole thing. So I'm getting into stroking myself with the intent of cumming in the next twenty minutes or so.

'Ding Dong.' It scared me so bad that I almost jumped out of my skin. I peeked out the window and there stood Patti. Without thinking I put on my robe and answered the door. She frowned and asked what happened to being naked? I told her that I put it on to add to the suspense and invited her into my office and she sat in the large chair across the room. I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said water would be fine. I get a bottle of water from the kitchen and returned to my office. She has taken her coat off but is still in the big chair across the room. We sit and chat for a minute and she asks if I have already done myself. I answer no and she asks if I intend to do it. I told her that I had given up on her and was in the process of doing so when she rang the bell. She asks if I am going to continue and I reach under my robe and begin to gently rub myself and said,'of course.' She says that she can't see if I have the robe on and do I intend to take it off? At which point I undo the tie and open it to let her see my cock. She smiles and comments on the size and that I look really hard and firm. She is staring intently at my dick and watches me slide my hand up and down very slowly. She is mesmerized and is only looking at my crotch. I get into my 'normal' stroke and begin jacking in earnest while squeezing my balls. She is transfixed on my actions so I have the chance to look at her face, her boobs and her crotch as well. She says that she has never seen anything like this and is very turned on by watching.

Not wanting this to end too quickly I asked her how much time she had and she says she has all morning and for me to take my time if I want. I think to myself, would eight hours be too long? She then asked how long I normally do it before I 'shoot'. I told her that it depended on how long I had, we laughed and I told her that it was sometimes twenty minutes, sometimes an hour or longer. She seemed surprised that I could jack myself for that long without cumming. I took the opportunity to explain 'edging' and she was blown away by this concept. All the while I'm stroking myself and squeezing my balls and she is staring at me.

As she watches me jacking I am rubbing the pre cum all over the head and the shaft and now have a good lube going over my entire cock. I ask if she is enjoying the show and she replies that she really is and that she didn't think I would really do it for her. We swore each other to secrecy, all while I'm sitting here stroking myself off.

After another thirty minutes or so I felt as if I would blow my balls off if I didn't cum so I asked her where she would like for me to shoot it(I was hoping for her tits). She says it doesn't matter as long as she can see it while it's shooting out. I wanted to see her face while I was cumming so I told her that I would shoot it on my stomach and chest. She seemed to like this idea. I then stood up and took off my robe and sat back down with my legs as wide as I could get them to allow her the best view. I was watching her face as I stroked and in a few minutes I felt the familiar tingle in my legs and told her that I was getting really close to shooting. She gets up from the chair and sits on the floor at my feet, just a foot or so away from my cock. That was all it took, I groaned and pumped and started shooting cum all over myself. This was a larger than usual load since I hadn't cum at all on Sunday and had been jacking myself for almost two hours now. When the first shot came out her mouth dropped and her eyes widened and she moaned also. I kept stroking until I stopped squirting and then just softly rubbed myself. She looked at all of the cum on me and commented that it must have felt wonderful. I assured her that it did and that I needed to clean up a little. She jumps up and runs down the hallway and returns with some paper towels and hands them to me then sits back in the chair. She watches me clean up and I asked her if it was everything she had hoped for. She said that it was more that she had imagined. I asked her if this was a one time thing or if she would like to watch again some time. She emphatically said that she would love to see it again. I put on my robe and walked her to the door and told her that I was on the road for the rest of the week but I would call her when I am going to be home, then we bid our goodbye's and she walked across the street.

As soon as I regained my composure I began typing this and will get off again in a minute as telling this has gotten me hard again. If it happens again I'll post the experience as soon as I can...



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