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Neighbor Watched (Almost) Everything

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Being watched by a female neighbor in Brooklyn.


My previous submission was 'Me and My Boss,' way back in July 2006. Anyway, time for another one.

This occurred when I was younger and living alone. I lived in a brownstone neighborhood of Brooklyn, where buildings' rear windows were separated by about 50 feet of yards and gardens. (Think 'Rear Window.')

Anyway, my bathroom faced the back, and had a tall window. One day, I was standing at the sink in just my boxers, brushing my teeth, etc. Out of the corner of my eye, in the building across the back, I saw a woman standing in her window, talking on the phone.

There must have been ample daylight coming in, because I could see her lurch forward and stare right at me as she was on the phone. She kept staring, as I went on brushing. I kept turning my head slightly and glancing her way but otherwise pretending not to see her...I could tell she was in a tank top and looked rather attractive.

She kept viewing me, and the feel of her voyeurism started turning me on. After rinsing with mouthwash, I stood completely still for a moment, and got involuntarily hard within my boxers.

Frozen, I thought about what to do next. I acted slowly. First, I brought my hand across my chest, then down to my stomach. I tilted my head back a little and closed my eyes, in a relaxing pose.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her, she was still staring. I put my hands down my boxers. Still, she stared. Without exposing myself, I started making movements that were unmistakeable. She kept watching.

Here's where I started thinking, what if she were to call the cops? What if she has kids? On the other hand, why didn't she draw the curtains? If she didn't want to watch, her first move should be to walk away.

I was nervous, and massively hard within my boxers. I wanted so badly to give her a full show. What she was seeing was me, touching myself, but still unexposed. What to do?

I couldn't take it anymore. I was so nervous, and I needed release. But I didn't want her to think that I knew. I turned my back to the window and turned the shower on. I waited a few seconds for the water to warm, still gently touching myself.

Once the shower was ready, this was what I did. My backside still faced the window, I could now only assume she was still watching. This of course turned me on even more. I dropped my shorts. Now, I stay in decent shape and have what I'm told is a nice body and a good, round ass...and that was what she now saw. Again, in a bit of a pose, I tilted back my head and touched myself, back facing window. I stood there for a moment...then, nervous as hell, climbed into the shower.

Once in there, I grabbed a handful of lotion and finished the job, exploding everywhere. She didn't see that part. I don't know, maybe she would have like that, too...but in a way, the 'tease' was almost better without the big payoff (for me anyway).

This was around eight or nine years ago. I often wonder who that woman was, if I ever saw her on the street. I can't remember her standing at the window after that, but I didn't live there very long.

What do you think?



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