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Neighbor Slave

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This is a fantasy come true, and I couldn't love it more!


Ok. I wrote a story on here last year, but I forget which story I told.

I have been with six guys in my life, and two women.

The women have been more recent, and one woman, I'm with at least once a week, still.

I probably wrote about my first ever time with a woman, my friend, with who my husband and I had started having threesomes, foursomes, and swapping with for a while.

That was a few years ago.

I don't see her much anymore, and since then, my husband and I happened upon our sex addict neighbor. (she's not really a sex addict....she just likes it...a LOT!)

It all started with texting while we were partying together. When our other guests left, and I went to the bathroom, I noticed my cell phone in my pocket, so I got this nasty, funny idea, to text the neighbor chick my boobs. (she was sitting outside with my husband.)

I heard them both laugh, and then a text came back. It was her boobs.

So I upped the anty, with a picture of my pussy.

I heard their remarks outside, but nothing came back.

I finished in the bathroom and went outside. We laughed about the texts.

She then went to get another drink.

Then came a text.

It was her pussy, with her fingers in view, opening up her lips, so I could see her clit!

I showed my husband, and we laughed, and she came back outside.

A while later, I went to get a drink inside.

I went straight to the bathroom, and made a quick video on my cell phone.

It was just my pussy in view, with my fingers running up and down my slit, and my middle finger going in. You could hear the sloshing sounds in the video. Perfect. Heh heh!

I was nervous, but I sent it.

From outside, I heard 'Oh no she DIDN'T!!!' and a bunch of laughter.

I came outside and said 'your turn!'.

She went right in and made a video of herself touching her pussy, and sent it to me.

My husband was LOVING this...so was I!

We knew then, that we had found another 'playmate' for ourselves.

After us making several videos, each one more nasty and hardcore than the other, we decided to go up to the bedroom and watch some porn. (My husband convinced us of that, somehow!)

Long story short, (cause it would be a long story!) we ended up having a threesome. But she didn't feel right about fucking my husband, so we did everything but that.

Since then, we have had threesomes several times. We even went to an adult store together one day, when the kids were all at a birthday party.

We got back, tore our clothes off, and put in the new video she bought, and tore the new toys we bought out of the bag.

Her and I layed on the couch and let my husband have his way with us in many ways...use your imagination....

We do it every chance we can get away from the kids. (hers and mine.)

(She was recently divorced, so she needed something!)

Now for the real story.

The neighbor chick always seems to cum when it's ME touching her, during our threesomes.

One day when I was at her house, and the kids were outside playing, I got frisky and funny, and sent her a nasty video of myself when I went to her bathroom. I heard her laugh in her kitchen. I came out and acted like nothing was abnormal.

She said she's been horny all day, but my husband had plans out that night.

I said, 'who needs HIM!?'

She said, 'yeah, really!'

I got friskier, and asked where MY video was from her today, so she said hold on, and went into her room instead of the bathroom. She sent me one of her with her favorite dildo. She didn't beat around the bush or build up this time...she just went straight for it, much to my happiness!

When she came out, I asked to see her dildo, making the excuse that it seemed really big, so I wanted to see if the video made it seem bigger.

So there we were in her room, looking at her dildo. It was still moist, and I could smell her pussy juices on it.

I finally broke down and said 'I can't take it. I'm horny. Gimme an O before the kids come in!'

I was half joking, just to avoid any awkward rejection.

Right away she said 'Only if you give ME one too!'

With that, she lifted my shirt, and started sucking my tits, with her hands undoing my capris.

She pulled them down my thighs, tongue still on my tits, and pushed me gently down on the bed.

We left my pants around my ankles, in case we could hear the kids come in the house.

She was sort of on top of me, licking my nipples and caressing my pussy.

I unbuttoned her shorts and stuck my hand in her panties, found her slit, and started rubbing gently up and down. She sighed and moaned.

She reached over and grabbed her dildo, licked it like she was licking a cock, and put it at the entrance of my pussy. I spread my legs (with pants still at my feet), put my hands back and held the bottom of her headboard, and let her do her best.

She twisted the dildo slowly, while pushing it just a little bit, in and out of my pussy ever so slightly. I layed there, writhing and bucking my hips in a circle on her bed.

She teased me so good, I was ready to cum with her barely touching me.

She finally worked it in slowly, and bent over me and took a few gentle sucks of my nipples.

This sent me over the edge, and I came hard.

My hips bucked up so high, my ass and back were off the bed. It was a LONNNNNNNNNNG orgasm, too.

Aftershocks galore. She gently fucked me with her dildo till the last throb was over.

We laughed a little, then she said NOW it's my turn!

We took a quick check out the window, to see the kids all playing with other neighborhood kids, so we knew we were safe.

Her pants were already unbuttoned, so she slid them down herself, and layed on the bed next to me, waiting.

I was immediately turned on again. (sometimes I get that 'after O' feeling of shame or awkwardness after sex...but that didn't happen.)

Pants still at my ankles, I struggled up upon my knees and placed my self between her spread legs, trapped by her pants at her ankles.

I leaned down to her pussy and rubbed at her clit that was peeking through her swollen lips.

Then I stroked her pussy a few times, before jamming my middle finger right into her pussy, hard. She moaned and gasped very loudly, and smiled. I looked her in the eyes, as my finger explored her cunt and my other hand rubbed her clit softly. She had told me before, that the lighter someone touches her, the more she wants it, and that's what makes her cum easy.

I inserted my pointy into her pussy with my middle finger, and twisted, slid in and out, and teased her clit. She moaned so loudly the whole time, I thought the kids would hear.

She finally came, practically screaming. Her pussy got soooo tight around my fingers, I couldn't take it anymore. With my free hand, I reached down and started rubbing myself while she was convulsing with her orgasm.

I rubbed hard and fast, knowing she'd be spent, and I'd still be horny again when she was done.

I didn't wanna be the only one into it!

She opened her eyes and saw me masturbating myself and it seemed like her spasms got harder and her moaning got louder and her pussy got tighter around my two fingers.

I could tell when she was done, and got sensitive, so I took my fingers out of her cunt, and put them right in mine. I told her 'sorry...you got me again..I can't hold out...that was sooo HOT!'

So she layed there, tired and recovering, while I stood on my knees on her bed, between her spread legs and recovering pussy, and I rubbed my clit up and down like a school girl would. Quick, hard, and frantic.

Finally the orgasm came over me, and I bucked my hips back and forth like a man fucking a woman from behind. My head flung back, and I let out a gutteral moan. In the middle of my O, I felt her fingers quickly find the entrance of my pussy and tease it around the hole. This made my orgasm stronger and longer.

I rocked and bucked and just 'stood' there on my knees, still, hand cupping my pussy, as each aftershock made me spasm.

She told me she was turned on again, and if we kept going like this, it'd be an endless cycle, and we'd NEVER come out of the bedroom!

We pulled up our pants and shorts, got ourselves together, hid her dildo, and went to the kitchen to wash our hands.

We giggled all the way.

We both agreed that we'd have to do that a lot more often.

My husband nearly came in his pants when I told him the story the next day.

So now, if she happens to be off from work during the day (I'm a stay at home mom), she'll text me a picture of her pussy or something nasty, and I'll come over, or she'll just show up.

If time is limited, or there's other people around, we'll sneak off to the bathroom together, or whatever room we can hide in, and stick our hands down each other's pants and rub each other off quickly, till we've both come, then we'll one by one, sneak back into the party or check on the kids, and wash our hands like nothing happened.

We've masturbated each other in her car on the side of the road, in the local mall bathroom stall with other women in there, (we're quiet, but we love the thought that others might know what we're doing.), in a pool at night, after the bus came for the kids one morning she quickly walked back to my house with me, and I finger fucked her right inside my door before she had to rush off to work, once she reached over and wiggled my clit while she was driving, as I reclined the passenger seat and put my pants halfway down....

We basically masturbate each other whenever we need to masturbate! If it's that time of the month for one of us, we'll finger the other, so at least she can have pleasure while waiting for the week to pass.

Sometimes my husband catches us or watches. Sometimes he jerks off watching us. Sometimes he joins in further.

It's like we are each other's fingers, or dildos now. It's so past the point of awkward, it's like brushing our teeth.

I've always wanted something like this, and let me tell you how GOOD it feels to have my own human woman as a masturbation toy! (and to BE one, too!)

Man, I got myself all horned up, writing this, and she's at work! Maybe I'll do it myself and send her the video. Heh heh!



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