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Neighbor Lady Caught Me in her Bed

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Neighbor lady caught me in her bed
A couple of years ago, I was asked by my very sexy divorced neighbor, Lisa, if I would watch her house and feed her dogs while she went out of town for a week or so? I said sure, I would love to! I had this obsession with her anyway, and just looking at her gave me a stiff dick. She was a couple of years younger than me, and had a nice body. Her tits especially excited me. They were a small D size, and hung low and sort of torpedo shaped. I had caught a glimpse at them once while helping her adjust the wheel height of her lawn mower. She wore a tight workout top like a tank top, but tighter. She wore no bra under it, and everytime she would bend over, she would expose those lucious tits to me. Probably on purpose! but I dont know for sure? I was getting so horny looking them. I faked not being able to adjust one wheel so she would bend over in my face and try to do it herself, so I could get another look at her sexy tits.
After that last look, I got an enormous hard on, and my hard cock stuck out of my gym shorts at the leg opening. I wanted her to get a good look at it,which she did. She said, I see you brought your own tool! I looked down, and just grinned, and said, do you know how to use one of those? She said that she did, but wouldn't mind some more lessons. This was so cool! I might get her in bed after all!
Back to my story, She left town, and I developed my own schedule that I followed everyday. I would go over to her house every evening about six. Feed the dogs. and let them run out in the yard for a while. On the second day, I noticed what must be her bedroom. I went down the hall,following the lingering odor of her perfume coming from the room. I entered, and immediatly got very horny. I started fantasizing about her, and her bed was right there. I went into her private bathroom, and saw a pile of her dirty panties on the floor. I could'nt resist picking them up, and smelling the crotch. I could faintly smell the odor of her pussy,and I licked the pubic hair that stuck to them, off of the crotch. Swallowing all of it. I was getting pretty excited, and started getting a hard on. I went to her bed, and took off all my clothes and underwear and crawled up on her bed with her smelly panties. I laid back, and put her panties on my face where I could smell her pussy odor, and started jerking off. I rolled all over the bed fantasizing about fucking her and sucking her tit's. I masturbated for about ten minutes finally shooting my wad on her panties.
I threw them back in the bathroom, and straightened her bed, got dressed, and left after putting the dogs away. I continued this just about everyday, sometimes walking around her house naked with a hard on, and masturbating on her leather couch, on the kitchen counter, I even had one of her dogs lick my dick while I jerked off looking at a picture I found of her, and it licked the cum off my dick as I came. This was a fantasy I had for a while.
Toward the end of the week, I was getting pretty confident that I was getting away with all this! I had become very comfortable acting out my fantasies in her house. I had no way of knowing that she was coming home sooner than I expected!
On that day, I went over, and got my usual hard on, and got naked, and rummaged around in her nightstand being nosy. it suprised the shit out of me when I found Lisa's huge battery powered (dick) dildo in her nightstand. I wanted to feel it in my ass, so I lubed my ass with spit, turned it on, and pushed it in my butt. It felt so good, buzzing away in my stretched asshole. The thought of her using it, after it had been in my ass, really turned me on.
I laid back, and starting jerking my hard cock. Imagining her using it on herself. I had my eyes closed, and was lost in the pleasure of feeling that thing in me. I had no idea that I was being watched. I heard no one come in, but was totally taken by suprise when I opened my eyes. Lisa was standing there, with this amazed look on her face. She never said anything! She apparently was turned on by what she saw. I did'nt know what to do or say? She just looked at my dick, and the dildo in my ass. She pulled her top off, and undid her bra, and she just let those beautiful tit's drop down and hang there in front of me. I still had the dildo in my ass, and she took control of it by reaching down, and pulling my hand away. She pushed it in my ass further and began really pumping my ass with it. You like this huh? was all she said. I said Yes! very much! She proceeded to get naked, by pulling her skirt and and panties off, she crawled on top of me, and lowered her cunt down onto my dick. I pumped her pussy hard for about 10 minutes with my hard dick. Lisa was still fucking my ass with her dildo, and told me to eat her pussy. We changed positions while she continued to fuck my ass with her latex friend. Besides eating her pussy, I reamed her asshole with my tongue, tasting the end of a turd in her rectum with every swipe of my tongue. She pulled up and off of me, turned, and swallowed my cocks entire length into her mouth. Sucking me hard. I ate her for a short while, and told her that I really wanted to suck her tit's and I wanted to cum on them. She said OK, and turned around, and let them hang down over my face. They were so big and soft and fucking warm! I had dreamed of this so many times. Now it was reality. I sucked them, biting and sqeezing her huge nipples. I stroked my dick hard and when i was ready to cum, I told her, and she immediatly lowered her chest down to my dick and let me shoot all over them. Lisa wiped my cum all over her tit's and licked her fingers and hand afterword. And then raised up and kissed me very soft on the mouth. Pulled the shit covered dildo out of my ass without a word, and thanked me for watching the house. She said that If she had known about my sexual desires, she would have invited me over long ago. She stated that she liked to get kinky! and said she was really turned on by fucking me with her dildo. And said that she was'nt mad at me for snooping. She said she was glad I did! She moved away shortly after this, and I continue to masturbate thinking about my housesitting experience at Lisa's house to this day. -Anon



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