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Neighbor Had No Idea

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I have done this at least 5 times.


When I started masturbating, I used to never want to get caught. But recently, within the last couple years, I have found that the thrill of the possibility of getting caught jerking off turns me on more than about anything else.

I live in an apartment complex, and there are 2 floors in each building. I live on the top floor. the way the buildings are laid out, my neighbor has a door right across from mine. She has to come up a set of stairs to get to her door. So here' s whatI do.

I prop my door open about 2 feet or so and sit and usually stroke to porn online or to this website and get really close to cumming. I hold it in until I see Kate's car pull up. This is when I get really excited...I stand up and turn the porn down, but leave it playing for motivation. I stand right by my door, with it open so all she would have to do is glance my way when she walks by and she could see me jerking off...

I hear her car door shut, man my cock just jumped...I can hear her walking up the stairs...I am jerking off almost ready to cum and she is no more than 10 feet from me right now..

Then boom, she comes to her door and she walks by and is standing 3-4 feet from me as I stroke my cock with the door open... I can't hold it anymore... My orgasm starts to build in my balls and I can feel the cum start to ooze down my cock, burning and then it happened...

I felt the first shot of cum squirt out of my cock and land almost a foot from her shoe. The second shot is where I had a problem...it was very forceful and shot across the deck thing and part of the squirt landed on her pant leg! I could not believe it, I was frozen..but she didn't seem to notice!! I shot 2 or 3 more shots of cum but they just made it about half way between me and her...

Just as she opened her door and turned around to shut it I slid behind my door so she couldn't see me.

I could not believe what I had just done, and the thought that some of my cum was on her leg made me stroke and cum again..

This is the only time it has happened, like that, usually I just cum and it doesn't make it that far, but I hadn't jerked in a few days so I guess it was built up...

Man what a hot jerk session..

Happy Jackin' and jillin'!



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