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Neighbor Girl - Tracy

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Back then Tracy would be considered a slut. The reality is she was my secret lover.


When I was fourteen I moved in next door to my best friend Jimmy and his sister Tracy. Tracy was fifteen with small breasts and a very nice ass. She was a big flirt and a very horny girl. Often, when I was over visiting Jimmy, Tracy would corner me alone and kiss me while rubbing my crotch, just to see if she could give me a hard-on. It was a form of control she had over me. It worked.

One day I went over to see if Jimmy could play, and I decided to wear overalls with no shirt or underwear just in case Tracy wanted to flirt with me (I wanted to give her a good feel). Tracy opened the door and told me Jimmy wasn't home but I could come in if I wanted. She wanted to play pool and needed a partner so I grabbed a cue and we played a few games. Our conversation became very sex- orientated and somehow I mentioned that I wasn't wearing any underwear. She asked me to show her so I unbuttoned the side of my overalls revealing my bare hip and being somewhat shy I was very careful to not expose anything else. At that age I had a six inch un-cut soft cock that grew to about nine inches when it was hard. It was large compared to most other guys and Tracy knew it.

She flirted a little bit more, talking about playing pocket pool and penis sizes, etc. Then she asked me how big mine was and I told her I don't know but I think it's pretty big. 'Show me' she said, but I was too embarrassed. 'I'll take off my halter top if you show it to me' she said, but I was still too shy. Tracy walked toward me removing her top and exposing her cute little titties. She pressed her body into mine and kissed me as she reached in the side of my overalls to get a feel. She cupped my balls in her hand and began squeezing the length of my semi-erect cock as I gently massaged her tits. After several minutes of heavy petting she grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She had me stand in the middle of her room with my eyes closed as she removed the rest of her clothing and she proceeded to remove mine.

With my eyes closed she reached up, unclasped my overalls, and they fell to the floor, sliding over my full nine inch erection, sending it dancing back and forth until it gained it's composure and stood at complete attention. When I opened my eyes, Tracy was standing in front of me stark naked with a ruler in her hand, she grabbed my cock and began measuring it. She pulled back my foreskin and measured from the base to the tip and it measured slightly less than nine inches. She asked me if I would like her to play with my cock and I nodded my head in agreement. She picked up her panties in one hand, pressed her body up against mine, wrapped her soft hand around my cock and began rapidly yanking my meat (she was good). Within minutes I could feel my cock welling up and I warned her that I was about to blow. She read my breathing and uncontrolled movements and held her panties near the tip of my cock as I released wave after wave of hot cum into the crotch of her pink panties. I was completely exhausted so I sat down on her bed. We sat there on her satin sheets and talked for a while. We kissed and she spread her legs so I could play with her pussy (I didn't know that girls had orgasms too). I explored for a while and eventually I got dressed and went home.

I talked with Tracy the next day and she confessed, that the night after our experiment, she masturbated to the smell of my cum in her pink panties. Tracy and I were secret lovers all the way through high school even though we were in other relationships. Once a week or so we would sneak out and fool around in her car or anywhere else that we wouldn't get caught. We learned a lot from each other, and eventually, we gave our virginity to each other. I have many adventures with Tracy that I will share at another time.



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