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This happened some years ago. I will always remember her fondly. Maybe she knows about this website and the story will bring back memories.


The lovemaking was strong, passionate, and wonderful. The candlelight slowly was burning, our shadows flickering on the wall, how erotic this was.

My girlfriend was going away the next day to be with her parents for the next couple of weeks during a three week vacation. The first seven days of it she spent with me. I was going to miss her and that night we showed one another how deep our love was.

The next day I helped her pack, there were tears, hugs, kisses, laughter. Yes she would be away for two weeks but those fourteen very long days will feel like an eternity to me. We kissed as she got ready to leave; I wished her a safe trip. I went back to my house, to the kitchen. I filled a glass with ice, poured myself an orange juice and felt very alone in the quietness.

The ringing of my phone startled me; I had fallen asleep and thought what a rude awakening, till I heard her voice on the other end. 'John, I miss you so much, I've been away only over an hour and I just keep thinking of you, me, how much we love each other, and especially how powerful we were last night'. 'Oh baby, god it's so nice to hear your voice' I responded.

'John, I want to tell you something, you know the place you took my car to for a wash?' 'Yes, what happened, did you get stuck in a rainstorm?' I asked. 'Baby no, I was so incredibly horny from the way you loved me last night that I needed to take care of myself' I chuckled and asked 'At a carwash'? 'Honey, I took the car in to be washed, but I really needed to go to a bathroom and get myself off'

'You did? Tell me exactly how you did it.'

She told me that she asked the attendant for the restroom key. She went in; made sure the door was locked and undid her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties. She unbuttoned her blouse, leaving it on and started to squeeze her tits. (She almost always is braless) She toyed with her pink nipples licked a fingertip and made small circles around them. She playfully pulled and pinched them. She told me that when they got hard, they looked just like pink pencil erasers.

As she told me all this, my cock was stiffening and I was rubbing it through my jeans.

She said she stepped out of her jeans and panties and she was running her hands and fingernails gently over her legs. Standing, she put a leg on the rim of the toilet bowl and caressed her long legs as she thought about them being around my body last night. Her hands went to her pussy as she spread open the lips with her left hand and played with her clit with the right fingers.

I heard her say 'Honey, as I was fingering my pussy I pretended my probing fingers were your hard fingers pushing into me, fucking me long and hard, just as you did last night. I was standing and saw in a mirror how much I was shaking. Feeling my pussy juices on my fingers, I teased my clit and suddenly I cummed. It was Heaven. Thank you for last night and I'll see you soon'

My cock was rock hard as she described all this. I could feel the precum lubing the head as my hand massaged it through the jeans. We chatted a bit more before hanging up. I had a need to see this restroom, to relive what she had done, so I went to my car and made the drive to the carwash. I went toward the cashier's office and saw the door marked 'RESTROOM' I immediately smiled and thought of her need.

I went to the door and turned the knob. I went in and locked it. I saw the toilet. Just a few hours earlier she was in here getting herself off. I unzipped and took out my stiffening cock. I wrapped my hand on it and began to masturbate over the toilet. Before me was the small mirror, I thought of my love seeing her beautiful angel like face as she masturbated, I hand fucked my cock harder and harder.

I quickly brought that hand to my mouth, licked it and put it back on the inflamed cock sliding the hand over it. I was imagining that my spit were her secretions as I fucked her hot pussy, then again I imagined her in here, in a public toilet, caressing her legs, making love to herself. I was breathing deeper my hand moving swiftly over my hardness. I thought of her aroused pussy, the ways my cock fucked it last night and her fingers fucking it earlier today.

I placed my leg on the rim of the toilet, just as she did earlier. I felt my cum building: my cock was twitching in my hand. I quickly licked the hand again, and wrapped the fingers around it, this time pretending the saliva laced hand was her hand jacking me off. I was pumping it harder and faster. I looked down; I looked at the cock that she loved so much.

I stroked it a bit more and suddenly the massive cock spewed white hot cum into the toilet. My body shook as it shot load after load and splashed into the water, some of it trickled onto my fingers. I never did this before, but now I tasted my own cum, I needed to know what I tasted like to her.

I squeezed my cock to get every last drop of cum out. I was done. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Looking at the mirror I was surprised to see the sweat on my face. This was intense.

I couldn't wait to tell her.



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