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Needing a Man

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It was a Saturday night and I was without a boyfriend at the time. Still, the urge is still there. I was really feeling it.


This happened last Summer. My boyfriend Ron and I had gone our seperate ways over a dispute we'd had. It had been three weeks since we broke up. Good old mother nature was sure doing its thing on me. It was Saturday night and I got to really hurting for the feel of a man! I sure you know what I mean.

I got all dressed up wearing my shortest and tightest fitting mini skirt and lowest cut blouse and away I went to town. I'm 5'8' tall and weigh between 110 and 115 pounds. I knew with this body of mine dressed like this that I'd get some attention. And I was right!

I went to a night club and sat down and ordered a drink. I looked around and there was lots of eyes on me, I noticed. It didn't take long and I got 'hit on' by this man that was a lot older than me but very nice looking. He was mid thirties, I'd guess. He asked if he could join me and I said 'yes, please'. He sat across from me.

We sat and talked for awhile and before long our subject turned to sex. He told me 'damn, you look good'. I told him 'you look pretty good yourself'. He asked 'what brought you into here'? I told him 'I'm just feeling a little lonely this evening'. This was a nice way of saying I need a man bad, I felt. Soon after this he got up to get us another drink and when he returned, he sat next to me. It felt good being next to a man's body. We shared a couple more drinks and talked. I loosened up quite a bit then and I put my hand on his leg as we talked. I then started to slowly run it higher up his thigh. I could tell this was exciting him. After a few minutes, I felt it. He was erect and it felt so nice and big as well as hard. I ran my hand over it and rubbed it. He let out a moan as I did and closed his eyes. It felt so good to feel a man's cock again.

He then put his hand on my thigh and slowly lowered it to the bottom of my skirt. His hand then went down to the inside of my thigh. He whispered to me 'ahh, that feels good' as he squeezed. He then whispered 'let's get out of here. My car is in the parking garage and my windows are tinted'. I said 'sounds good to me' and we got up and left.

We got to his car and got in the back seat. As tinted as his windows were we might as well bad been in a room. It was very private. We came together kissing and our hands went to roaming. I ended up holding his cock and he ended up rubbing my boobs and feeling my legs. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and he took off his pants and shorts. Oh, he had a nice big cock. I then took off my panties. His hand went to feeling my inner thighs and ended up on my pussy. His fingers felt like heaven on and in my pussy. I started thrusting my hips and my body went to shaking as I had a fantastic orgasm. His hand was covered with my sex juices. I then concentrated on his cock as he continued to play with my pussy and feel my thighs. He then went to rising his hips and thrusting and yelling 'oh, I'm going to cum. Oh, here I cum. Ohhh' and the first rope of cum shot from his cock. I held my other hand over the end to catch the cum. Oh, it felt so good to see a man cum and to once again feel the wonderful stuff again.

After he came down from his climax he again started with his wonderful fingers in my wet pussy. I didn't take long before I again had another much needed orgasm given to me by a man. His car smelled strong of sex. We slowly cleaned ourselves off with tissues and got dressed. We talked telling each other how good it was and we exchanged phone numbers.

In the coming months, we met again several times including at a motel. I then learned from him while laying together after we'd had sex that he was married. I was quite pissed about this and our little fling ended that night. I sure wanted and needed a man but not one of these. I've since got me another boyfriend. But, this 30+ year old man sure helped getting me through that 'drought'.



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