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Needed It so Bad

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My girlfriend dumped me in February and I was in no mood for anything until about March. By April, I was starting to go crazy. Sarah used to masturbate my cock at least twice a day-she did it because she said she'd read it was healthier (seriously)-and she would take my meat in her soft, little hands and stroke and twist and tickle my balls until I shot all over both of us. We became pretty serious about jacking off together and sex started to drop out of the picture, which was fine, because my body was so attuned to her touch that I almost couldn't cum when I was inside her.

I also wasn't able to replicate the feeling of just losing control while her breasts bounced and her fist pumped and my cum squirted. All I could do was think about her all day long, but when I jacked off, I only dribbled out instead of spurting.

I was hornier than ever, but somehow so much less virile.

I figured I needed exercise and I started going back to the gym. Almost immediately, the opposite problem took over. All the girls seemed SO sexy that I was hard almost all the time. My cock isn't that long-only about 5'-but it's really thick and you can clearly see my big shaft and cut head through my shorts when I'm excited. As much as I enjoyed the occasional glance I got from girls, it wasn't like any of them stopped their workouts to get my number or anything, and it just left me needed to cum more and more.

It took about a week before I started masturbating myself in the shower after my workouts. Suddenly, my spurting was back. My balls would drain completely as I shot jets of my cum against the shower wall and I would sometimes have to hold myself up as I got dizzy with the steam.

I didn't realize how easily a person could see around the curtain until one day, I looked up and the guy in the stall across the way was staring straight in at me, licking his lips and trembling as he stroked a very long, also very thick cock.

He was a built guy-I would later learn he was 250 pounds at 8% bodyfat-and I didn't mean to keep looking when I saw him watching me and stroking, but he looked like he belonged on the cover of a fitness mag, and something about the sight of his veiny cock bulging and straining in his muscular arms got me going. I watched him and he watched me and we pretty much jizzed at almost exactly the same time, except his was like a fountain of thick, gunky cum.

I quickly turned around and soaped up, sort of turned on still by the sight of that monster cock spewing so much, sort of horrified and feeling a little inferior. My cock shrank quickly back to its soft state, which isn't that big, and I found myself feeling suddenly sort of pathetic and sorry for myself. A guy who could cum like that, I figured, probably had no trouble getting laid with all the girls at the gym.

But why had he been looking at me?

We did it again two weeks later and this time, when he came, he grunted and squinted his eyes and he blew a giant jet of goo straight up into the air all in one pulse. I saw him smiling at me as I lost control at the sight of his orgasm.

I had never seen a guy cum for real before-only in porn movies-and the effect of him doing himself in front of me was starting to make me feel things I hadn't felt before. I watched his chiseled body retreat as he got out of the shower and I looked down and saw I was hard again.

It took three more times doing this before I finally got up the courage to gesture for him to join me in my stall. Suddenly, there was a big, tan, blond guy with a huge cock standing only a few inches away from me, pulsing out a dribble of precum with every throb. I had been masturbating, thinking about touching his cock for weeks now-I wasn't sure whether I was gay or bi, or whatever, but I didn't even really notice girls so much as I rushed home after work to jack myself off thinking about that horse cock-and here it was, just inches away.

I wasn't sure what he was going to do, whether he was going to try to kiss me, or what, and for a moment I got scared that this huge guy might start to take advantage of me and there wouldn't be much I could do.

Instead, all he said was: 'May I?'

And he proceeded to start rubbing me in a way I hadn't been rubbed in months. Better than Sarah, actually. Much better, even though his hands were coarse and callused. I didn't last more than about ten strokes before I jetted out four watery spurts and fell against the shower wall, panting.

He never broke eye contact, just licked his fingers to taste me, then stroked himself exactly twice-one pump, then another pump-and he soaked my stomach and the area of my abdomen right above the base of my shaft. I could feel his stickiness hitting me-it was so much thicker than anything I'd ever seen come out of my cock-and as soon as it hit me, I started to get turned on again.

Since then, we've become quite close-he is definitely gay, and I am still not quite sure what's going on-but we meet up after workouts for hours of play time together that involve a lot more than what I can discuss here. I still can't believe how much this man can cum. Trust me-bigger is better.



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