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Naughty Girl

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love is just around the corner...


This happened when I was living in Stockholm about 15 years ago. I was studying and made friends with an alternative style girl called Heidi. She happened to be very much in my taste, although she probably wasn't generally regarded as particularly beautiful. She did have a bit of a tomboy thing going on, a little babyfat, fit, of a fair complexion, medium length hair that she liked to tie up, freckles. As it turned out, she was quite a troubled young woman. We were about 25 at the time.

Although I loved women I wasn't very experienced sexually, but Heidi was. I was very much into porn, both reading and watching. She professed to be bi-curious, actually prefering women, and had been experimenting a bit, but had 'never had an orgasm with another woman', as she put it in her sing-song voice. She had this way of speaking that really turned me on, it was disturbing because it reminded me of the way kids talk, the melody of it. I suppose it gave what she said an air of innocence. In fact her accent was a southern one, and her voice was just plain sexy too. Our parents had immigrated from the same country, so I think that contributed to our clicking like we did. We spoke in Swedish, so the conversation in this story is a straight translation.

She was staying with a relative but made herself impossible and was thrown out, and, naïve as I was, I invited her to stay at my place though I hardly knew her. I had a tiny bedsit and was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so I offered her to sleep there with me. I honestly did not have any ulterior motives, I just wanted to be nice to her.

We spent the day together and at some point, she lay down on the mattress, and I lay down next to her. I was still a virgin and during our conversation I had declared that I intended to try to remain so until I married. (This to do with my religious convictions.) One may wonder if that somehow inspired her to see what she could get me to do? Laying there together, she confessed to feeling quite antsy. I eventually said, I didn't mind if she took care of herself. At this, she stared straight ahead with a naughty smile on her face, and crept under the duvet. She then started moving about under the duvet with her hand down there. I was just watching her face. She closed her eyes and, seemingly odd to me, started to kind of hum. But it wasn't happening for her quickly enough, and she suddenly stopped and said, 'I have to concentrate', and under the duvet, pulled her pants down. She said, 'talk to me'. Oh, I wish I'd had the skills then that I do now!, but I had no idea, and just said, 'I don't know what to say....' She kept working away, lying on her back, me on the side next to her, her eyes closed. Eventually, I lifted the duvet for a peek, and I told her 'I can see your hand'. It was moving up and down as she was fingering herself. I was loving every minute of this. She was clearly getting close, and asked me, 'Do you want to feel me?' 'May I?' 'DO YOU WANT TO?' 'Yes.' That was a big deal for me to say.... And with that, she orgasmed, and then she took my hand and put in between her legs. That was the first time I was touching a pussy. I was completely lost, and said, 'I need some guidence'. She smiled and took my hand and manouvered my fingertips inside her. She was very smooth and slippery. She said, 'Did you feel that?' I hadn't felt anything particular. I thought maybe her pussy was contracting, but she didn't explain. She kept saying, 'There. Did you feel it?' And she seemed disappointed that I didn't. I didn't finger her, I just left my finger there as it was... Then she put her fingers to my nose and said, 'Smell it.' I took a sniff, and, well I didn't like it. I went 'Blah' (yukk in swedish). She looked straight ahead and said 'Well said.' Hilarious!, but we weren't laughing.

Later on, when it was bedtime, I made myself ready, and then lay down on the bed with clothes on, which was how I planned to sleep. When Heidi emerged from the bathroom, she was only wearing these gold lame knickers and and tee. She looked a little hesitant. I sat up and looked at her, flabbergasted, and said, 'Are you not going to wear any clothes!'-how manly - but she just lied down like that next to me.

And then we were lying there, talking, she on her back and I on my side facing her, propping my head up with my arm/hand. Eventually she turned her back to me and moved in a little. I guess I put my hand on her hip as we kept talking. And I was just stroking her very gently like that, not thinking much about it. Eventually she put her hand on mine and stopped me. So I stopped. But she didn't move my hand away and I left it there, and before I knew it, I was caressing her again. She put her hand on mine again and said, quite matter-of-factly, 'Stop it..... I get horny'.

I didn't stop, and she kept moving my hand away, until, in the middle of my saying something, she took my hand, slid it inside her panties and, well I was more than willing and was more experienced now, my fingers went straight inside her slit. She was very wet. I was seriously happy with this. I was just messing around, getting used to doing what I'd only ever seen on pictures or films before, and I asked her why she was so wet. She said 'Is that a stupid question or what?' And after a pause: 'It's so I can receive a man.' I left it at that, but what I wanted to know was what made her so aroused.

She started giving me instructions on how she liked to be fingered. She never introduced me to her clit. She loved being rubbed on the tip of the bone in there, whatever it's called. Actually is it a bone? I'm 40 now and it just sounds so funny to say that there's a 'bone' inside the pussy... In my memory, she's shaved, but I don't actually recall if she was. She can't have been very hairy in any case.

Eventually I was doing it right and she said, 'Guess who I'm fantasizing that you are', as she pulled her feet in and lifted her butt off the mattress as I kept fingering her, and she hummed as she came. I assumed she was thinking of this girl she told me she fancied. She didn't say. After her coming down from her orgasm, and us talking some more, we breached the subject of spanking. Since I'd never done it, she volunteered to show me. She took my hand and put it on her ass, on her panties, we were both lying on our side, me behind her, and she told me to begin. So I smacked her once. She said, 'Again. Keep going. A little faster. A little harder.' I got into it very quickly, when suddenly, after maybe 10 seconds, she grabbed my wrist and stopped me mid-air. 'Don't get excited now.' My jaw dropped at the whole thing, because to my own great surprise, I was getting so aroused it was ridiculous, I loved it. And she knew it.

I told her there was a great lesbian film on late night TV a couple of days later - it was one of Andrew Blake's, and I'd seen it before and thought she might enjoy it. So we watched it. The TV was on a table by the foot of the mattress, and I'd been jacking off to a fair few porn flicks there. She made clear she didn't think she'd enjoy porn. But it really got to her!, and in the middle of a long sex scene, she exclaimed with a happy voice, 'The girls are playing house all night long!' (They weren't actually playing house, of course, it was adult lesbian games.) Then, critically, 'They must be on drugs, to be able to take such big toys.' But as the film carried on, she was obviously getting really turned on by all these sexy girls having fun, and she said 'ARGH! THIS IS TORTURE!', during a really hot scene. Suddenly, she flipped around onto her back with her head by the telly and shoved her hands inside her knickers, and said 'Now I'm going to do it', and closed her eyes. Her legs spread and pulled up, I was sitting on my knees, looking at her, and I couldn't stop myself. I got my cock out and started stroking it, gently. I was seriously hard. It was amazing and I was enjoying it very much, she was so sexy, but I didn't cum. I did feel that she was being disrespectful and, no pun intended, a bit in my face, some sort of 'look what you can't have' attitude. And when Heidi came, I didn't want to put her off or anything; she'd never made an attempt to see me or touch me, so I just put my cock away. And she never knew. I was well aware of her emotional scars, she had once been raped by a man.

It transpired later that it aroused her to be abused. I couldn't do that, even in a game, not at the time anyway (apart from some spanking, I guess!). After her seriously pushing it, I had to throw her out, and it broke my heart. But I'll never forget these moments we had, they were awesome. Nowadays, I might fantasize about those memories, and change them to my liking, how I would perhaps do it a little different this time.



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