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Naughty Aunty

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When I was 18 and we were living up north, my aunt came to stay. We didn't see her much but we all had great times when we did. She was in an unhappy marriage and as far as I could tell from what my mum said, didn't have sex with her husband. This was very odd as she was a pretty lady with large tits and a great body. She was a farmer's wife and had helped on the farm... she was quite Amazonian really.

She stayed for the weekend and was given the fourth bedroom... my bedroom, as I had several older siblings and everyone was home for the weekend. So I was given the living room floor to sleep on with a few cushions underneath. After dinner the grown-ups had a few drinks and went to bed. I was left in the lounge and settled down to sleep in my sleeping bag. It was about 3am when I heard a noise from upstairs, but I didn't think any more of it and I didn't hear it again. I couldn't get back to sleep so, being an extremely horny teenager, I decided to have a wank. I got a hard on and slowly started to wank my cock. I am pleased with my member as it's 7.5' x 6' round. I pulled it out and started to wank steadily. I slapped it against my thing, which was very nice. It was getting a bit hot in the sleeping bag, so I unzipped it to be more comfortable. So there I was, mid-wank and really enjoying myself, when I heard someone whisper 'do you want a cup of tea'? I quickly covered myself, but it was my aunt, and she caught me red-handed. I blushed and said yes I would like one.

Five minutes later she came in and sat down on the sofa beside me, with me still on the floor in my sleeping bag. She had a pretty nightie on, which showed the curve of her breasts really nicely. She whispered that she couldn't sleep so came down to make some tea. I didn't know what to say, as she'd caught me red-handed and I was tongue-tied. She said 'look, I know you were playing with yourself, but I won't tell anyone.' I said 'thanks', but was still lost for words. She said 'I'd like to see it. Can I see it?' I said yes but we'd better be quiet and please don't tell anyone otherwise I'll be in trouble. She reassured me and said don't worry. So I pulled my cock out, not knowing what the hell was going to happen. She said that she hadn't had sex for a long time and was quite randy all the time and played with herself a lot. She said 'would you like to see my tits'? I said yes. She said that she had noticed me looking at her tits all the time since she'd arrived. I said that I really liked them. She got her tits out and I immediately saw how long and hard the nipples were. Obviously, she'd been thinking about sex as well! I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't help myself so under her nightie, I touched her right nipple and started to play with it. She was really enjoying it so I started to play with her left tit and nipple.

As you'd expect, I had a massive hard-on by now. She said it was a lovely cock and wanted to touch it. I said please do. She slowly started to play with the end of my cock and tickled the underside of it with her forefinger. This shot an electric bolt through me and the feeling was incredible. I was busily feeling her nipples and tits and she was wanking me. I said I wanted to see her pussy but she said we'd have to be really quiet. I said ok. So she pulled off her nightie, which freed those wonderful tits from their confines. I could see her pussy, which was very hairy. She had some knickers on and started to pull them off, but I noticed how damp they were. This was getting very exciting now. With her other hand, she started to play with her pussy and slowly slipped her 2 fingers into it. I could see when they came out how wet they were. She continued to play with my cock and built up a steady but slowish pace and was pulling my foreskin back and forth and back and forth. This was just wonderful and I could feel the spunk building up. I thrust my cock to meet the inside of her hand and I kept pulling her nipples and rubbing the areola. It was incredible. I couldn't believe my luck that I was having a handjob by my lovely aunt. She kept wanking me and I kept feeling her tits, and her fingers kept going into her pussy. I could tell she was getting close and so was I. I couldn't hold back any longer and I whispered 'I'm coming' and shot my spunk all over her wonderful tits. I kept pumping and spunking and couldn't believe how much spunk I had spent. She said 'lovely' and I could hear her moaning and gasping, then she whispered 'I'm coming'. She furiously dug her fingers into her pussy, which by now, sounded very squelchy. She shuddered and then stopped.

She cleaned up with a few tissues and so did I. She said how lovely it was and gave me a lingering kiss. For the rest of the weekend, I couldn't help looking at her tits and thinking how fantastic it had been that night. We didn't have another chance to do it again. I am now 51 and she is 78, but I fondly remember that night.



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