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Nature Pee

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My Dutch girlfriend introduced me to Dutch in a really interesting way...


January here in New Zealand is still summer: I needed money so I applied for a part-time job through my university to tide me over the holidays. That's how I found myself with a group of other students helping our Conservation Department survey the damage caused by introduced pests in an area of native forest in the South Island (look it up on Google Earth). Groups of us were based in a reasonably good cabin and were expected to be in the bush for two weeks, after which we could choose to take a few days off after which we could go back for another stint. I was pretty pleased because a: I love tramping and enjoy the great outdoors; b: there were some hot babes in the group, which included some overseas students: I found myself teamed up with a Dutch girl named Janneke.

Janneke is a gorgeous little 22 yo package, about 1.6 metres (5 ft 3in to non-metric plebs) tall, around 45 Kg (99 lbs ono), with long, straight black hair, green eyes, cute, rounded breasts (about 35b) a lovely, athletic wee body and long legs. At first she seemed to be one of those earnest, kind of frosty types but after a couple of days she started to thaw out and showed that she actually had a SOH. The task of each 'team' was to fan out into the bush and evaluate and take photos of any damage we could find from deer, possums, wasps etc. We were given cameras, notebooks etc and to avoid getting lost we had a GPS and backup compass and map. The work wasn't too hard and took about six or seven hours. Once finished we were free for the rest of the day.

Yeah, yeah, I'm taking too long to get to the story. Okay, about a week after we arrived Janneke and I were walking along a dry creekbed. The afternoon was kind of hot and muggy but fortunately we were well shaded by overhanging trees. Still we were both taking in some water. We must have walked about 4K when Janneke stopped and looked at me. 'Ummm, I need to ummm, you know, take a pee, ik moet plassen?' 'Oh, yeah, sure' I said 'I'll wait.' 'Thank you.'

I expected her to go into the bush for some privacy. Nope. Instead she walked a few meters to the low bank at the side of the creekbed, faced me and lowered her shorts and panties. Whooo! I just gaped as she sat down on the bank, knees splayed. Although she had a full bush it was trimmed fairly short and I could easily see her pink pussy lips. My cock got stiff in a hurry. Janneke suddenly laughed and pointed at my bulging trackpants. 'You like watching girls pee?' I hadn't seen a girl pee in person but I was looking forward to it! I lowered my pants, letting my 16.5 cm (6.5in) cock spring to life. My bluish-red bulb had peeled back my foreskin. Janneke blushed again and splayed her legs wider. Then with her left hand she teased her pussy lips apart. I just gulped and my knees trembled. 'You can get closer.' I moved in and knelt 'Can you see my pee slit, mijn plassen spleet, now?' Shit, this was a fucking amazing way of learning some Dutch phrases!

As I watched Janneke's beautiful puffy pink urethra (urineleider) made some tiny muscle movements and her pee slit opened wider. She sighed as a stream of silver water arced from her cunt (kut). This was too much. I wrapped my hand around my cock. Janneke just smiled as I started wanking. She moved her finger slightly to reveal her tiny bright red kittelaar (clitoris). Finally, the water squirting from Janneke's pee slit slowed to a trickle and stopped. She strained a little and a few more drops emerged. I stood up and continued to jerk off as Janneke wiped her cunt and thighs. Then she lifted her shirt and bra and leaned back, smiling and gently fingering her cunt. Her deep red nipples quickly grew longer and stiffer. Then she slowly slid a couple of fingers into her vagina, and gave me a taste of her natural lubricant. Oh yeah! It tasted so good! The familiar exquisite pain built up in my groin and tingled up and down my spine. I grunted and gasped as my cock jerked and shot hot streams of come which splattered all over Janneke's stomach and tits. She laughed and dabbled a finger in my bubbly white semen. That's when I remembered the camera...and the spare memory card. As for the rest of our stay? Janneke taught me a lot more Dutch words and phrases!



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