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Natural Beach, Natural Masturbation

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The free and natural spaces of a nude beach allowed me to 'break the ice' to masturbate with my friend.


As the paradise of Circle Beach shows, it often feels perfectly natural to masturbate (discretely) at nude beaches. In college, I would disappear from my dorm and go off to a nude beach, where I could enjoy masturbating with and for other men without worry. In my enthusiasm, I began to plot to bring my best friend from school there, not just to enjoy the beach au naturel, but also in hopes of introducing him to what was then my greatest thrill.

So one day I suggested, as casually as possible, that we go kick back at the beach for the day. He agreed, and then, as we were in the car headed toward beaches, I said, 'Hey, have you ever been to a nude beach?' He said he hadn't, and, after a little joking and coaxing, he agreed it would be cool to check it out. I could tell for the rest of the drive that he was pretty nervous and embarrassed, his voice was a couple of notes higher than normal, and his sentences were short and clipped. I was trying to be calm and casual, too, but the fact was that I was pretty excited, too-not just to be going to a nude beach, but at the thought of stripping naked with my friend and (I was hoping) masturbating together with him.

We got to the beach, and strolled a little bit and then claimed a nice spot in the sand were it would be easy to watch people go by. We laid down our towels, and then began taking off our clothes. I was so excited to see his cock, shit it was beautiful! Nice and balanced, cut, cute balls and better than average. I'd seen it a few times before, but in the sun it seemed to have a special glow, and yes, he was a little puffy with excitement. Of course, I continued to be casual about it all, but when I noticed he was checking out my package, as well, I almost sprung a hard on!

My plan seemed to be coming along nicely. We were at the beach, naked, cocks in the sun. I had even handed him some suntan lotion to put on his virgin flesh! Next, after we'd laid there a while and relaxed, I suggested that we go for a walk. He was up for it-in fact, he was eager! So we strolled together along the beach. The x-rated section was way down at the end, around a corner, and as we were approaching there, I told him, 'You know, further down, there's an adult part of the beach-sometimes couples are fucking or guys masturbating. Want to go check it out?'

My heart was pounding, but I kept strolling easily along. 'Yeah, sure,' he said. 'I'm up for adventure.'

Wow! I could hardly believe it! We strolled casually past two or three couples (not having sex), and several men laying spread-eagle on the sand. Nothing too exciting-or threatening.

'You know, I was here once and some other guys and I jerked off together. Did you ever think of doing that.'

'Yeah, I always wondered what it was like,' he said, 'I never had the balls to do it, though.'

'It was up behind those rocks. Do you want to see if anything's happening?' He nodded, and I felt blood rush to my cock! When we got there, though, nobody was there. It was just the two of us. It was my turn now, to be embarrassed. I almost froze at the idea of initiating masturbation with him, even though I'd rehearsed this moment dozens of times in my mind, alone in my bed, I felt myself starting to shake, and couldn't utter a word.

My friend started to get uncomfortable, and was about to call the whole thing a bust, when a couple of older men, obviously already friendly with each other, followed us behind the rocks. Once they were away from public view, one of them, trim and bald, began fondling his cock-there was no question what was on HIS mind!

'Hi,' he said, 'You guys up for a little fun?'

'Sure,' we said, 'why not?' Suddenly emboldened, I had grabbed my cock and begun stroking. My friend, suddenly speechless and shy, did the same. All four of us quickly had boners, and were standing in a circle. One of the men stepped up to my friend, and said he might be want to sit over there, on a rock, and he escorted him the few feet over there, by hand, and gently pushed him to sit. And so there was my friend, suddenly with a boner, legs spread, and, I watched as the man's hand slid between my friend's legs, cupped his balls, and began stroking him. I was mesmerized watching, as if in a dream.

After a short while, the other man motioned me to sit down with him on the sand, facing my friend and his masturbator. He tried to put my hand on his cock, but I was too intent on watching my friend's cock being lovingly stroked by this VERY skilled older man, that I couldn't turn away. And so the other man and I sat there stroking ourselves while my friend began to writhe and groan, totally captured by the stranger's hand on his cock. His moans grew quickly louder and louder until he almost screamed and shot four or five blasts of cum into the air, twitching and jerking in the powerful grip of the man's hand.

My stroking companion and I quickly followed with loud and unrestrained orgasms, and as soon as his friend's spasm's subsided, the masturbator stepped over and slipped his cock in front of his friend, who, with just a few solid strokes, and let his friend splatter his chest with cum.

My friend quickly said, 'Wow, that was great, thank you,' and made to leave, and I followed him down the beach. I wondered what more he would say. We got to our towels, and packed up and went to the car with hardly a word. His dick was still red and puffy when he pulled on his underwear and jeans. Just before we started the engine, he turned to me and with an huge grin said, 'Wow, that was awesome!'

We drove home, hardly talking again. I let him out, and went to park. He said he had something going that night, and took off. I wondered-and worried-what he was feeling, and fell asleep with my hand on my cock, visions of his cock being stroked filling my head. In the morning, the phone rang, and it was him. 'Hey, you want to go back to that beach today?' My plan had worked!!!

I ducked out of a study date, and almost ran to the car. At the beach, we made a bee-line for the rocks, where we spent the day. After three circle jerks, we were lying in the sun, and I got up the nerve to begin stroking my friend. It took a long time to make him cum-we were both nervous (and had shot our wads earlier)-but I didn't care. I was having so much fun playing with his cock!

On the way back, we talked about it. He said that a lot of guys would think it's really perverted, jacking off at the beach, but he was amazed at how natural it felt. I agreed. It had been really easy and natural. We became regular visitors from school-even bringing a couple of more friends to 'do what comes naturally'.



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