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National Health Service

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A true story of extra's on the NHS.


This is a true story that happened about three years ago.

I had been referred to my local hospital for an examination of my throat and duly arrived at the time stated on my appointment card, only to find that the waiting time would be around two hours. So I resigned myself to a long wait with only a collection of tattered old Cosmopolitan style magazines to keep me occupied.

Whilst I waited I noticed that one of the consultants was a very petite girl about 30-years-old no taller than 4'11' with the slimmest of figures almost boyish in shape with very short red hair. Tiny tits and a tight firm ass, just how I like my women to be, could I be in luck, could this be my consultant. She darted from room to room full of energy her body well hidden by a tight fitting jumper and cargo pants, she helped the time fly by as I fantasized about her firm body.

I was ushered into an examination room and told to remove my shirt and sit in the reclining chair (similar to a dentists chair). Bingo in she walked and announced her name to be Monica in an east European accent. She busied herself making small talk, reclined the chair and leaned over me to get the scope into my throat. As she probed with the camera virtually all of the top half of her body was resting on mine, I could feel her small pert breasts rubbing against my naked chest, this was getting very interesting. When she removed the probe and stood back from the chair she looked quite flustered, had she been enjoying the experience too?

The problem in my throat was being caused a group of lumps of calcium that had built up, she then asked me if I noticed any other small lumps about my body. I explained that I had one or two on my abdomen and one in my balls. She quickly located the lumps in my abdomen and confirmed they were part of the same problem, she then asked could she check my scrotum, she seemed quite keen. Not sure what to expect but so thrilled at having this beautiful petite creature touch my balls. I nervously said yes trying desperately hard to hide the obvious excitement in my voice.

I had barely finished the word yes as she began to undo my jeans pulling them quickly over my thighs. My cock was beginning to stir and had already become a five inch semi-stiffy. My boxers went the same way as my jeans this time with what seemed unprofessional keenness, her hands were tiny, very soft and warm. She moved my penis to one side then the other all the time keeping hold of it with her left hand whilst her right hand probed my scrotum. Gently she began to squeeze my stiffening cock making it grow to its full eight inches, my veins pulsing and my helmet now a deep purple.

She stopped examining my scrotum and with her right hand pushed her jumper over her bra less tits. Her nipples were very dark and erect as she pinched them in turn and caressed her tiny breasts. She was now wanking me with slow deliberate strokes. She knew exactly what to do with my cock, thrusting into the air to meet her strokes. 'Let me know when you are ready to come' she said 'I want it on my tits.'

I knew that I would only last a matter of minutes as her hand worked faster and faster on my massively swollen cock. I knew that this was the largest erection I had ever had. Pre-cum oozed from my cock making her hand moist, increasing the sensation even more. Monica was panting as though she was about to orgasm, her breathing becoming sharper almost gasping with lust.

I was about to burst as her hand became almost a blur, 'I'm coming' I managed to gasp. Monica thrust her body closer as stream after stream of thick milky come sprayed over her tits and chin, she shuddered all over as her body climaxed.

She stood motionless for a moment as she caught her breath. I could see in her flushed face that she was trying to gather her thoughts. 'Please cover yourself now' she said 'I must leave' She pulled down her jumper and wiped her chin with a tissue. 'I really must go now' 'That was nice' She was clearly embarrassed but the look of lust in her eyes and face showed how much she had enjoyed what had just happened.

I often use the memory of Monica to help me masturbate.



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