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My parents got a divorce when my brother Nathan and I were only babies. My mom was still very young and didn't want the responsibility of being a mother anymore. She was only 17 when she had Nathan and 18 when she had me. My father didn't have enough money to support two children on his own, so Nathan and I were split up. Nathan went with our dad and I went to my mother's parents. I lived with them until I was 16, when they were in a really bad car accident and my grandmother died and my grandfather was in a really bad shape. We were able to get a hold of my father who was now a CEO of a big company. He was more than willing to let me come and live with him and Nathan. So I moved from North Carolina to Georgia to be with them.

When I first arrived I was shocked to see that Nathan and I looked very much alike. We might have been able to pass as twins if we tried really hard. I was also a little surprised to find out that our father was rarely home. He was so absorbed in work that we hardly ever saw him for more than ten minutes at a time. After the first week or so which was very awkward, Nathan and I began to feel more comfortable around each other and we began to get to know each other more. Nathan was a lot more wild than I was. He had some crazy stories about parties he had gone to and all sorts of escapades he had participated in. One night after dinner we were lounging around in the living room, dad had gone out for an event for his company, and we were again talking. We got onto the topic of girls and sex like most teenage boys do. At this point I rarely masturbated. I knew how to and I had done it enough before but I just didn't do it a lot. So when Nathan switched the topic from messing around with girls, something which I had very little experience with, to jerking off with his friend Alex, I was a little freaked out. I thought if you fooled around with guys that made you gay. I guess Nathan could tell from the look on my face and said, 'Oh come on. Don't tell me you never jerk off.'

'I do,' I said. 'Just not very often and never with other people.'

'What do you mean not very often?' He asked.

'Like, only when I really need to.' I said. I felt really awkward telling this to my brother who I hadn't seen in almost 15 years.

'Okay well how often is that?' He asked.

'I don't know. I don't keep track or anything.' I said.

'So you don't do it everyday?' He asked.

'Oh no. No where near that often.' I replied.

'Holy shit! How do you do that?' He asked.

'I don't know. It's just how I do it I guess.' I said.

'Damn!' He sighed.

'Well what about you?' I asked.

'You mean how often do I jerk off?' He asked back.

'Yeah' I was feeling bolder now than I was before.

'Everyday, sometimes more than that.' He told me.

'And you just do it with your friends?' I asked.

'Pretty much.' He said.

'That's...' I stopped.

'That's what?' He asked.

I wasn't sure what to say. I wanted to say that's weird, but part of me wanted to say that's hot.

'I don't know.' I said.

There was an awkward silence.

'Do you wanna do it now?' Nathan asked, already starting to get hard.

'Uh, I guess.' I said.

'Okay, take your pants off.' He instructed, already pushing his off.

I slowly slid my jeans off.

'Now your shirt.' He said, which he practically ripped off.

I took my shirt off.

'And now just take your boxers off.' He said, sliding right out of his boxers. He was now sitting naked on the couch with a nice boner.

I was getting pretty hard watching him undress and it felt really great when I finally took my boxers off.

He was checking me out good. His eyes travelled all over my body while he softly played with his cock.

'Okay, now just start jerking off.' He said.

I grabbed my dick and began slowly pumping it. I watched closely as Nathan played with his cock. Soon, he stood up and walked over to the chair where I was sitting.

'Here,' He said, moving my hand away and grabbing my cock.

I thought about protesting but it felt so good, I decided to let him continue. In no time I was gonna cum. I grunted a time or two and then I started cumming. It got all over his stomach and hand. He kept pumping me until all of the cum was out. Then he quickly began jerking himself off and he came on me. Exhausted, we just chilled naked in the living room for a half an hour or so. Finally he said he was going to go have a shower to clean up. I put my boxers back on and waited for him to finish in the shower. When he was done I showered and jerked off again in the shower, thinking about what we had done.

We continued to jerk off together and I do it a lot more now than I did back then. We even had some adventures with other people but that's a story for another time.



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