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Natalie is Sexy When Sweaty

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I'm 19 and now that I'm in college I am finding out new things about women I never knew before. My high school experiences were few and far between but I've been dating Natalie who is a pretty blonde with a great slim body!! Since I have my own apartment near campus she was glad to move in with me after we dated for a couple of months even though she leaves alot of her stuff in her dorm room for when her parents come to see her.
I have never been around a girl like Natalie that is so comfortable with her body and to my great delight she is always walking around the apartment naked. Natalie also plays softball and jogs on the days she doesn't have practice or a game. Just last week Natalie came back to the apartment after a morning run before I had waken up that morning. She kissed on me and laid on top of the bed telling me what a 'bum' I was for sleeping in. As she was kissing me she started wrestling around on the bed and I found my mouth close to her sweaty chest. I began to kiss and lick on her shoulders working my way down to her beautiful tits and perky nipples. She wiggled around and I started licking her arms and worked my way up to her freshly shaved armpit. As I licked and sucked on her armpit her sweat was so musky and sweet that I got more turned on. She asked me to let her go so she could shower and I told her that her sweaty body was sexy to me. I began to kiss her on her sweaty neck and back to her shoulders as if her sweat was satisfying a thirst I had. My fingers made their way down to her wet pussy and as I slipped in two fingers she began to moan. I worked my way down her body and began to lick and suck her shaved pussy next. The fact that she had just been running and she was damp with sweat made me excited to lick her sweet pussy lips. Natalie came twice and asked me not to quit. She took her legs and put them behind my head pulling me tighter between her thighs as I sucked on her now swollen clit.
After Natalie came three more times she told me she wanted to see my cock. Of course I had a raging hard on by now and Natalie loves to play with my cock. I also love to walk around the apartment naked and Natalie will often reach over and rub my cock as we are sitting on the couch together or as I am just walking by. A month ago, Natalie talked me in to letting her shave my cock and balls and although I had my doubts it feels great. As Natalie was changing positions on the bed my cock was momentarily near her shoulder so I playfully stuck my cock under her arm and when I pushed her arm down my cock was fucking her sweaty armpit. Natalie laughed but if felt great. I continue to do this and she told me I was crazy. I clamped her arm down even tighter on my cock and continued to pump my cock. I then moved around and rubbed my cock all over her shoulders and her back. She told me she could feel my cock pulsating as I rubbed it on her hot body and she loved it. As I moved around hoping to fuck her tight pussy she asked me if I would titty fuck her. Since her body was so sweaty and sexy I told her sure and I moved up to straddle her chest. Natalie held her lucious tits together and I slid my hard cock between her tits. Her body was so warm and so sexy that I was extremely excited. I began to thrust my hips back and forth and my cock was sticking out between her tits to where she could lick the head. As Natalie did this I couldn't hold back any longer and I exploded three pearly strands of my hot thick come on her face and the rest on her sexy tits. Natalie had been fingering her pussy and was able to come with me as I came on her face. She had never let me do this before and I was worried she would be pissed but instead she told me how sexy it was to feel my hot come splashing on her face. I continued to stroke my hard cock and she gently reached up and nibbled on the head. Natalie told me I would have to 'wash her off with my tongue' everytime she came back from her morning run and I told her I would lick her clean everytime.



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