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Napping With My Sister Part 1

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I have changed our names so to keep our true identities private. This is a completely true story. Three instalments will be posted as to not make any one post too long.


This all started out very innocently when my sister Naomi and I would walk home from school together, greet our mother at the door, and get a snack, usually frosted animal crackers, and head upstairs to Naomi's room. There we would eat our favorite snacks on her bed and end up falling asleep until our father got home from work a few hours later and we were called to a family supper. Our mother never really checked on us because she trusted us and knew that we wouldn't get into any trouble, even if we were left alone in our rooms for hours. As Naomi and I grew older, we never stopped this routine. It never seemed weird or awkward to us.

The fall of my freshman year in high school, when I was 14 and Naomi was a 13 year old eighth grader, I began to notice that Naomi would fall asleep before I would and while I was laying there next to her, I would get a hard-on. I didn't understand why this happened. I knew all about the birds and the bees and whatnot, but I knew that Naomi was my sister and that I didn't like her in that way. So I was puzzled when I realized that almost everyday as I lay next to her in bed I became hard. I didn't masturbate yet, but I had heard boys at school talking about it and I had a fairly good idea of what it was.

One day, after Naomi had fallen asleep, I found myself again getting hard. I decided to try this masturbation that I had heard boys talking about. I rubbed my dick through my shorts and it felt nice. Although after rubbing for almost 25 minutes and nothing else happened, I decided that it was a lost cause. About a week or so later, I thought I would try it again. Just as I had done last time, I started to rub my hard dick over the top of my pants. I guess that I got carried away with my rubbing and my motions shook the bed so much that Naomi woke up.

'Oh my God Jeremy!' She exclaimed. 'Look at you!'

'Naomi!' I cried, shocked and embarrassed that she had caught me doing what I was doing.

'Do you know how to jerk off?' She asked me.

'Don't say things like that!' I scolded her.

'Don't be such a mama's boy, Jeremy. I know all about masturbation, and apparently you don't.' She said.

'Why do you know all about it?' I asked, shocked that my younger sister was more educated in this than I was.

'I have some friends at school who have older siblings. Like way older siblings. You learn a lot listening to older girls talk.' She replied, smirking like a madman.

'So do you do it?' I asked.

'Masturbate?' She asked back.

'Yeah,' I clarified.

'Of course! Don't you?' She responded.

'Well, I was trying to.' I replied sheepishly.

'Would you like some help?' Naomi asked, leaning towards me.

'That isn't right Naomi. We're brother and sister.' I told her.

'I know other people that do it with their siblings and they said it is a lot of fun.' She said.

'No way. I'm not gonna do it.' I insisted.

'Alright fine, it isn't my problem. I know how to relieve my sexual tension.' She teased.

'Anyway, I'm tired.' I lied. 'Let's go back to sleep.'

'Okay,' She agreed.

We went back to bed and my hard-on was gone when I awoke. We continued our naps as usual for the next week or so. And then, Naomi did something amazing that I never expected in a million years.

...To Be Continued...



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