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Naked With My New Friend

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A little while back I wrote about how I walked around a store naked in front of the checker, and that we talked about it and how she wanted to try masturbating in public sometime, as I did that day in the fitting room. Like I said, we have been texting back and forth, but last weekend we met up and had a couple drinks and she wanted to talk about someplace she could be seen naked. I told her about the gym that I go to and going naked in the locker room, and I said it would be a good place to start. Not only that, but I would be able to get her in for free as my guest. She agreed to it and we went a couple evenings ago.

We met there around 8 in the evening, since both of us could stay out a little later because of our work hours. The place wasn't packed, but there were definitely more people there than you would expect at that time of night. After we walked in we did a little cardio and weightlifting for 45 minutes to an hour, not just so it wouldn't be suspicious, but also because I enjoy it. Her on the other hand, she was drenched in sweat by the time we were done. I guess she wasn't used to that kind of workout. Anyway, we started to walk back to the locker room so we could change, and I figured that we were just going to strip off our sweaty clothes and put on something clean, as I usually do. Normally I would just stand by my locker naked, towel off a little bit in front of the other women, get dressed and be done with it. This time though, she asked me if we would be able to shower while we were there. I told her I guess we could, but I never had before. When we went in there were 2-3 other women there already, but none of them had stripped down, which actually made it more exciting.

We picked our spot and took off our clothes until we were just in our underwear, then she waited and took hers off at the same time I did. We both stood there naked putting our clothes in our bags and stuffing them in a locker, and I walked over and grabbed us a couple towels. Before we went she whispered and asked if we should walk to the showers still naked, and I shrugged and said why not. We made our way to the shower room, walking right past the other people completely naked, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. There was no one else showering at the time and when we walked in she said she wanted to masturbate while she showered, and I told her to go for it. She asked if I was going to with her, and I figured why not. Surprisingly though, when I walked into one of the stalls she came in right behind me and closed the curtain. I asked her if she really wanted to shower together, and she just kind of giggled and said that now we can watch each other. I turned on the water and we took turns rinsing off, and when she backed away she started rubbing her breasts and pussy lips. I turned off the water and faced her and started doing the same. The showers weren't too big, so we were almost face to face while all this was going on. She wasn't at it long before she whispered to me that she was going to cum. She barely finished her sentence before she started shaking and fell back against the wall, one hand clutching her breast, the other digging into her pussy. She then almost froze for a few seconds before letting out a long exhale and squatting down so she wouldn't slip and fall. She stood back up when her orgasm had passed, then kind of laughed and said she couldn't believe she did that. I just kept on going because I wasn't quite there yet, and I just stared at her while I fingered myself as hard as I could. She then looked me in the eyes and brushed the hair away from my face, and from just that touch I came almost instantly. I stood there shaking and she put her arms over my shoulders and we just stood there for a minute, almost in an embrace before I said we should probably get out of there before someone caught us. I went out first and checked, and we were still alone so I waved for her to come out.

We grabbed our towels and started drying off in front of the big mirror in front of the stalls. The whole time she stood there drying off, all I could do was watch her. I had never had any kind of lesbian feelings before, but I guess from being naked and masturbating with someone else had me so horny that I couldn't help it. When she was drying her hair, I stepped behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and started fingering her. She gasped and dropped the towel and just looked back at the mirror with her eyes wide open. I just stared back at her in the reflection as I shoved my finger deep into her hot pussy. She held herself up against the counter, and when she came she rose up on her tippy toes and grunted and groaned. When I let go of her she forced me into one of the chairs and spread my legs, burying her face in my pussy. Her tongue sliding over my lips and clit was almost more than I could take, but I put my legs over her shoulders and dug my heels into her back as she licked and sucked on my slippery vagina. I grabbed her wet hair and whispered to her "more, more...do it, eat me out", but when she shoved her tongue as far as she could inside me it was more than I could take. I shrieked and kicked my feet, barely staying in the chair. When I started to calm down she got up and kissed me, and I could taste myself all over her lips, and I loved it. We just stared at each other for a few seconds and I told her "OK, now we really have to go." We got up and walked out, leaving the streak of my pussy juice on the chair. Luckily everyone who had been in the locker room was now gone, hopefully before we made each other cum just feet away from them. We got dressed in silence, and we didn't say anything until we got out to the parking lot when she said that it was fun. I couldn't help but agree with her and said we should get together again soon, and she thought the same. We then got in our cars and went our separate ways.

The whole ride home all I could think about was how I was just with another woman for the first time in my life. I kept repeating in my head 'you just had lesbian sex, you just had lesbian sex, you just had lesbian sex...' A couple months ago the thought would have disgusted me, but that night it got me horny all over again. When I got home I laid down in bed and slowly rubbed myself, thinking about seeing her wet black hair and naked back kneeling down between my legs. After I came I almost sent her a text saying 'I just masturbated thinking about you', but I erased it. The next morning I did send her one but only said that I had fun last night, and she sent one back said she did too and asked when we were going to meet up again, and I told her I would let her know, but hopefully soon.



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