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Naked With Leigh

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Leigh was a female friend from college who used to come over to my apartment and hang out with me a lot. We weren't bf and gf but perhaps I should have given her more of a chance. When she would come over we would kiss and she would always let me put my hands under her shirt and bra and play with her breasts.

I loved the feel of her naked breasts and nipples. One night she stretched out on my floor and she went to sleep. After awhile of trying to get her to get up, I took her to my bed and laid down with her.

I was soooo hard laying there next to her. I leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips. She kissed me back with equal passion.

We did this off and on thru the night. I hoped that we would go further so I slowly took off first my pants, then my shirt. I loved laying there in my underwear next to her, but she did not take off any of her clothes.

After another session of passionate kissing, I ran my hands under her shirt and undid her bra, playing with her breasts as we kissed. I was hard again and craved having her rub my penis. She did not make any move to do so, so I put her hand on top of my penis and she began to feel it through the fabric.

After awhile, we rested again, and I decided to get bolder and pulled my underwear off. I turned back to her, kissing her and playing with her breasts and moving my other hand down the outside front of her pants.

She would not let me touch her pussy through her pants but seemed to love having me kiss her and play with her breasts which had very erect nipples. She also let me freely rub her ass. After awhile I put her hand on my erect naked penis. She rubbed it some and felt it but never really masturbated me near an orgasm.

Later we fell asleep and then near morning, I woke up sporting another erection and really wanted to have an orgasm. We went at it again and I asked her to take her shirt off, which she did. I couldn't resist the urge to suck her beautiful nipples and kiss every inch of her small perky breasts.

I don't think she had ever had a guy so fervently suck her nipples. She seemed to really like having me do that. She still didn't want me to touch her clothed pussy but let me get between her legs and kinda dry hump her. I was still naked. After awhile, I still had not cum, I got back beside her and asked her to masturbate me which she did. It was the first time a girl actually made me cum with her hands. She seemed to be amazed at how much cum I shot out.

We cuddled for awhile and I offered to return the favor, but she said she needed to go. I asked her to take a shower with me but she needed to go back to her apartment to get changed for work. We remained really good friends but never went that far again together. I never got to see her naked or to give her an orgasm.

I regret never being naked with her and never sleeping together again or making love to her. It's been so many years, but I still masturbate to my memories of that night and what might have been. Her dark hair and eyes still captivate me...I can only imagine whether or not there was a black bush or a slick mound and lips.



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