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Naked With Bro

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After reading so many of the stories on here I felt like I should post my own and tell some other girls how I dealt with my curiosity and horniness when I was a teen.

At 14 years old, I masturbated a lot, basically once a day. I too was so curious to see a real penis and watch a boy masturbate that I couldn't stand it sometimes. After awhile, I started thinking about maybe satisfying my curiosity with my older brother. I really didn't want to get sexually involved with boys at school yet so I decided to come up with a plan to try and see my brother naked.

My bro is almost 2 years older than me and we've always been sort of close and we do talk about stuff. We had never talked about anything sexual though. I began thinking about how I could bring all this up and it was really hard to come up with a plan that wasn't really stupid. I mean my bro and I had seen each other in our underwear but that has really been about it for a long time. After a lot of thinking I decided that I was going to have to risk really embarrassing myself and just take the up front approach and see what happened. Don't get me wrong, I was still nervous as hell.

One day when he and I were home alone and watching TV I just decided to go for it and see what happened. I asked my bro if we could talk and said I wanted to talk about something sexual and would it be ok? He looked at me kinda weird but said yea ok what's up. Now the tough part, I said I'd been thinking about sex and stuff for a while and have a really really strange idea and am really embarrassed but thought I would bring it up. Would you feel ok talking about sex and masturbating? I said it. I couldn't believe it. The look on his face was like I was from Mars. He just said what do you want to talk about. It was so embarrassing but I just decided to go through with it and tell him the basic truth. I said that I was really curious to see a boy's penis and that I would like to see a boy masturbate. I asked him if he would be at all ok with letting me see him and kind of exploring things together. I thought he was going to drop over. He said, "you want to see me naked and jerking off" ? Are you serious? I said well naked yeah, I guess we could take it slow and see what happens I don't know. He asked if I was going to be naked or what, and I said yeah I definitely would get naked too. He then asked me if I had started masturbating yet or what, and I just admitted that yeah I masturbate and that's basically why I've been thinking about all this and brought it up. I'm told him that I was just so curious and I didn't want to explore things with some idiot from school. I could tell he was blown over. We ended up having a long talk and asked each other a lot of questions. I could tell he was getting curious too. He asked me how much I masturbate and I said I would tell if he told me too, so I said every day basically, and he said the same thing too.

All in all we talked a long time and I think it made us both horny. Our parents were out and so we decided to try getting naked and just see what happened. We went up to my room and started taking off our clothes. By the time my bro got to his underwear I could tell he had a hard on already. He was embarrassed about it and was kinda trying to hide it but I just blurted out that I was dying to see it. I was so nervous. He finally pulled down his underwear and showed me. Wow. Amazing. I was seeing a boy totally naked for the first time. I took off my bra and pulled down my panties and couldn't believe I was standing totally naked in front of my bro. I was soaking wet by this time. We were just staring at each other and couldn't believe we were naked, but it felt so good. He had a gorgeous penis and a really nice ass. I had b-cup boobs which were kinda small, a nice butt, and I kept my pubic hair lightly trimmed. After a while of me staring at his penis he asked if he could see more of me and he said he really liked looking at my ass. I sat of the edge of the bed and opened my legs and I know he could see how wet I was. He asked if he could spread my lips and I let him look. I then started just touching his penis a little and was amazed to finally be seeing and feeling one. It was long and I knew we couldn't take it anymore and we both just started masturbating on my bed. I said I wanted to watch it come out and so he let me know when he was getting ready and I was able to watch it spurt all over his belly. Wow. He then wanted to watch me finish and so I was really close and I just laid back rubbing my clit like crazy and had the best orgasm ever...in front of my bro.

After that, we started a routine and when our parents went out we had fun getting naked and masturbating together. We both knew it wouldn't go on forever but it was a great release for us.

So girls, if you're really curious and want to have some safe fun you might want to just talk to your bro if you have one and see what happens. We never had any sex or anything, we just got naked, let each other explore, and then masturbated.



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