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Naked With A Stranger

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Since the weather has started getting warmer I decided to get my tan back to where it was last year, and since we are only about 20 minutes from the beach I sometimes go there to get some sun when I have the chance.

Last week I had one of those chances since I had a day off during the week, and when I got there it was basically dead. There were only a couple other cars in the parking lot and the closest person to where I laid my towel down was a few hundred feet away. I was there for maybe 10-15 minutes when I decided to try and get rid of some of my tan lines, so I rolled over onto my belly facing the water and undid my top and wiggled out of my bottoms, leaving me naked on the beach. Nothing was sexual about it, just trying to get an all-over tan. I've done it before and as long as there aren't people around no one really minds; I've noticed other women the same way before. It was pretty peaceful for a while until I saw someone walking in front of me. He didn't know I was watching him because I still had my sunglasses on, but I was hoping he wouldn't notice my nudity and pass by. He did, but a couple minutes later he walked by again, this time looking right over at me. Within a 2-3 minute time frame he passed by two more times, but the last time he was proudly walking with an erection tenting in his bathing suit. He then walked up in my direction and sat down maybe 15-20 feet from me. He kept glancing over until suddenly he slipped his trunks off and sat there naked, sort of leaning over my way. I looked back over at him and he was pretty young, if he was 20 I would be surprised. He kept staring at me until suddenly he reached down and slowly started stroking himself.

Normally I would've been disgusted and left, but this was some young, punk kid who wanted to show himself off. I said to myself "OK kid, I'll play your little game", then rolled over onto my side facing him, one knee in the air exposing my naked body to him. He froze with his jaw hanging down and I took off my sunglasses and looked right at him. After a couple seconds I said to him "If you're going to do it, then do it. Go on, I dare you to. Here, I'll help you out." I then started lightly rubbing myself, gently feeling my clit and shaved lips. He started stroking again, but now he looked nervous, almost scared. I guess he didn't think I would respond so forcefully, that he would just be a little exhibitionist and show off his cock, scare me off and he would have some jack off material for later on.

I started getting a little more vocal with him, almost having some fun torturing him. "Come on, is that all you've got? You'd better masturbate that little thing harder if you're going to cum. Isn't the sight of a naked woman enough for you?" I then spun around and held myself up on my elbows and spread my legs, giving him a view of my soles and open vagina. He started stroking harder and said "I'm...I'm trying..." "Good. Now, when you cum you're going to stand up and face me, and you're gonna shoot that shit onto the sand in front of me, got it?" He nodded and stared back between my legs and stroked as hard as he could for another minute before he stood up quickly and shot his cum all over the sand in front of his feet. He stood there speechless for a few seconds before I told him "there you go, I hope it felt good. Now get the fuck out of here before I have your little pervert ass arrested for masturbating in front of me." He didn't even bother putting his suit back on, he just grabbed it and ran away naked until he was out of sight.

I couldn't believe what I had just done, but I was amazingly horny by the time it was all over. I wrapped up in my towel and grabbed my suit and flip flops and walked back to my car. I got in and looked to make sure no one was around, and when it was clear I put the seat all the way down and rested my feet on the dash and fingered myself like there was no tomorrow. Within minutes I came hard and dribbled onto the seat. I could've gone for more but I figured I needed to leave, so I put my suit back on and left, and as soon as I got home I went straight for my bedroom, stripped it back off and rolled around in my bed masturbating for most of the afternoon.



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