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Naked Weekend!

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This weekend turned out to be the best weekend of my life!


My parents own a cabin in the wilderness of Montana. It is stunningly beautiful there. They own 500 acres, and you have to take a dirt road about two miles off the paved road to get to the cabin. We have a beautiful stream flowing through the property, and almost all the land is very wooded. My parents bought the cabin about 25 years ago. It has been the family retreat ever since.

They let me go there with my friends whenever I want to. It is about a three hour drive from home to get there.

One weekend last year I had invited two male friends who are neighbors, and one female friend, who is another neighbor for a weekend at the cabin. I live in condos and there are a bunch of us single people in our 20's, 30's and 40's living here.

As it turned out, the weather report for the weekend wasn't too good. Rain was expected, although it was fairly warm in July. My friends all waffled on going due to the weather predictions. On Friday, both Ron and Jim backed out saying they would rather not drive three hours and stay cooped up in the cabin if it rained.

I suggested to Julie that we just cancel and plan it another weekend. She said that was too bad, that she really had been looking forward to going. I told her she and I could still go if she wanted to go. She said she still wanted to go if I did.

Julie and I are friends and neighbors. She always dated other men and I always dated other women. We had never been intinmate in any way. She and I are both joggers and we have jogged together weekly for several years. We agreed to take our running stuff because there are some nice trails we could run ... if it wasn't raining!

We left early Saturday morning and we arrived at the cabin about 11 AM. Clearly, it looked like it could rain, but it wasn't. I showed her the cabin and her bedroom, then we decided to take a trail run where I would show her the stream and other cool places on the property. We spent a couple hours exploring the land on foot. It was lots of fun ... and something we wouldn't have otherwise done if Ron and Jim had come because they aren't runners. We had a blast.

Back at the cabin we sat on the porch and talked, admiring the natural beauty of the Montana landscape. I brought it up ... I said that it was so beautiful, it just makes me want to take my clothes off and be naked out here. Then we started talking about nudist camps and so forth. She admitted she had wondered about them ... how it would be to walk around naked outside ... unashamed in front of other people. I said that I thought it would be wonderful.

As I said, she and I had never had any kind of sex, or even discussed it. She said she thought it would be nice too ... and her voice trailed off. I said 'I'd love to do that right now. You and I. NOBODY would ever see us back in here so far from the main road.' I said 'I'm not trying to have sex with you. We are friends. But it would be so nice to be naked, walk through these woods together to the stream, and be ourselves.'

She was silent, as if contemplating it. I said 'I PROMISE I won't tell anyone.' She looked at me and said OK. Of course, I was dying to see her lean naked body, but I was about to bite my tongue in half trying NOT to get hard. I didn't want her to think this was for sex or she wouldn't have agreed. I said I'm gonna strip right here on the porch. I promptly sripped naked as she slowly stood and started removing her running shorts, t-shirt, and runner's bra. We kept our running shoes on to do the walking. I was stunned by her body. Oh my gosh! Her breasts were on the smaller side but her nipples were gorgeous! Her pussy had a triangle of perfectly trimmed hair framing her lips. I was biting my tongue so hard I thought it would bleed!

We walked off the porch and headed down the path to the stream. I can't tell you how free it felt being naked, walking beside my female neighbor down the path to the stream. I said 'if Ron and Jim could only see us now!' She died laughing and we both started relaxing in out nude togetherness.

We got to the stream and we stood there admiring the beautiful rippling water that passed over rocks and boulders in the stream. She said 'this really feels good.' We talked about how nice it felt feeling the occasional breeze and the warmth of the sun on our skin.

I guess the time had finally come. We were more or less facing each other, and I said, 'Julie, you have a beautiful body.' She lifted up her breasts in playful way and looked at her nipples and said 'yeah, I guess it isn't too bad.' That was all it took. My dick started getting hard rapidly. She looked at it and said 'yours isn't too bad either!' I got fully upright and really hard. I apologized and told her the newness of this, the sight of her great body, the fresh air ... I couldn't help getting so hard.

I'm rather large down there too. She said 'you really are big!' I didn't know what to say other than 'it really feels good being so hard in front of you.' We were close together. I raised a hand and gently cupped a breast. Then we kissed. I was naked, kissing my naked neighbor I had known for at least five years. It was an awesome kiss. Our bodies came together and we ground against each other as we made out. That felt so good.

Her hand went to my dick as we kissed and she felt it and squeezed it. My hand dropped to her pussy and I ran my fingers through her hair, then down between her already wet lips to her opening and I slipped a few fingers inside her. We were kissing and jacking and fingering all at the same time. I said 'God I'd love to cum.' She jacked me for all she was worth until I started cumming. It felt so wonderful!

When I was done cumming, I said 'now it's your turn.' I started rubbing her clit and alternately fingering her as she leaned against me. Her eyes were closed and her breathing seemed choppy. She finally said 'let me do it. I can get myself there quickly.' She spread her legs while standing and kind of half squatted, held her pussy open with her left hand, and rapidly began rubbing her clit with her right hand. It was so raw, so naked, so almost animalistic the way she was standing and forcing her pussy to cum. She finally came in a loud gasp and moans. That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. We hugged and kissed afterwards for a long time, then we walked back to the cabin together, naked, holding hands.

For the rest of the time we were there until we left Sunday about 3 PM, we never wore a stitch of clothes, and before we left we had given each other every form of sex there is.

Julie is now, I'm happy to say, my steady girlfriend, and we plan to get married this summer. We have been back to the cabin several times, and we have continued to shun our clothes when we are there as we walk all over the property together naked. Every time we go to the stream, we have another fantastic masturbation session. I love this lady with all my heart.



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