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Naked in the Exam Room

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I thought I would break down and finally share one of my interesting stories. I hope you like it.


I tend to get long winded at times so I will try to keep this story short. I like to think I masturbate about as much as anyone else and its completely healthy to do so. I see some others have recently posted their stories about physical exams by the doctor, I thought I would share mine.

I recently moved and switched doctors so I wouldn't have to travel so far to see the doctor should I get sick. I called the new doctor's office and made the appointment to meet the new doctor. When the day came I went in not expecting much but to talk to the doctor in his office.

The nurse came out to the waiting area and called my name. She walked me back to an exam room and asked me to sit on the table and remove my shoes. She then closed the door and started to introduce herself to me and welcomed me to the office. She said she would take my vitals and height/weight and then proceeded to tell me that the doctor was not in today but the nurse practioner would be in instead. After taking my blood pressure, weight and height measurements she instructed me to remove my clothing and drape this over my lap, she hands me a folded piece of paper, as I sit back down on the end of the table.

I stand up and remove my shirt and pants and wonder if she also meant my under garments as well. I rationed myself to think that under garments are clothing as well and she did say to remove my clothing. So off came my shorts and socks. I now stand naked in the exam room looking over this folded piece of paper thing. It was about 10 inches wide and about 12 inches long. I noticed it had a flap at one end and I proceeded to unfold it when a small light knock on the door was heard. The nurse practitioner, I assumed, was coming in. I quickly in one motion, unfolded this paper thingy and turned and sat on the end of the table attempting to keep modest my nakedness. The paper sheet that was 10 by 12 is now 10 by about three feet long. It doesn't cover very much!

She introduced herself then asked a bunch of health related questions and almost cut me off before I was able to quickly answer them. She had a question, either a follow up or a change of subject question, ready to go as I opened my mouth to answer. She then comes over to the table and grabs my hands and stretches them out in front of me, looking them over then flipping my arms around so now my palms are facing up. She then drops one arm and raises the other while looking closely at my skin. She explains she is looking for any skin abnormalities of which there are none so far. She then proceeds with what I would consider a normal physical exam, of which I had early in the day not thought of having to do one of these today. I thought it was a meet and greet and schedule a physical later.

As she progressed in her exam of me she requested I stand up. I hold the paper drape over my lap area as I stand, gravity taking over and wanting it to fall to the ground. She moves in and steps on or hits the paper thingy and backs off for a second, reaches out and grabs a hold of it and says 'here, let's put this aside for now' as she puts it back on the table behind me. I now stand naked beside a woman I met only five minutes ago. She does some more tests, all the while looking up at my face. She then turns away from me allowing me to naturally place my hands in front of me. She grabs the stool on the other side of the room and sits down. She turns towards me and says she will need to check for a hernia and I would need to place my hands along the sides of my body. She is now eye level with my penis, she reaches out and cups my penis with one hand and lifts it up in the palm of her hand. She then proceeded to poke and prod me with her other hand asking me to turn and cough for her. She repeats this for the other side. She then asks if I had ever been examined for testicular cancer or if I have ever felt a lump in my scrotum. I was a little taken back and answered something about not knowing for sure. She then proceeded to hold both testicles and massage them in her fingers. I quickly looked down at this event unfolding in front of me and knew if I continued to look and think about what was happening I would get hard.

She spent a long time massaging my testicles in both hands, almost like comparing the two of them. She asked again if I had ever felt any lumps, to which I replied that I had not. She continued for a bit then stopped almost as if she had never started. She then looked up at me and kind of smiled as she asked me to turn around. As I turn around I heard her fidgeting about with exam gloves and something else. She then requested I bend over and place my elbows on the table. She then spread my cheeks and inserted her finger up my butt and started digging for gold. She removes her finger from my ass and proceeds to wipe my cheeks. She then says I can turn back around and face her. She was still sitting in the chair, eye level with my penis. She begins to speak as she stands up but still looking at my penis that all seems to be fine, no issues found and that I am as healthy as can be.

It was at this moment I started to realize I was getting hard and my cock was growing right in front of her. She then tells me that she will leave for a minute while I get dressed and she will be back in to answer any other questions I might have. She then opens the door, that I am still facing, still naked, then turns around and grabs her medical chart off the counter leaving me exposed to three ladies walking by in the hallway. One of the ladies appeared to work in the office, one of them looked like the younger version of the other, maybe mother and daughter? The young one looked as if she was 18-20 years old. The mother wasn't bad looking either. By the time she left the room I was fully erect and ready to blow my load. I got half dressed when she came back into the room asking if I had any questions. I had none. She said she is sorry if I had felt rushed today but the office was packed and busy today since the good doctor was off and still had to see all his patients. I finished putting on my shirt and she walked me back out to the waiting room and said she hopes to see me again the next time I come in.

I went home and beat off twice thinking about what just happened to me. I don't know what it was, but the new strange feeling of being naked in front of a woman like that and having her freely play with my balls and adding the finger up the ass routine was something I had never experienced before and never thought I could have ever experienced. It had never been a fantasy of mine but is now!



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