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Naked in the Desert

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This past weekend, I found myself alone in the house, when my girlfriend left with her kids to visit family. It had been a rough few weeks at work, so I took the opportunity to go find some serious seclusion to just relax. I decided to take a drive into the desert.

My first stop was at some large sand dunes. It's early July, so when I got out of my truck at the parking area, it was very hot but I was completely alone. I stripped down and covered myself in sunscreen, threw my t-shirt and shorts back on, grabbed my hydration pack and started off on the trail to the dunes. I walked about an eighth of a mile, and felt that was far enough from the road, so I stripped down to just my boots and hat and continued on to the dunes.

The warm air felt great on my naked skin as I walked. I realized though, that I left my glans ring at home; the weight of it on my swinging cock would have been perfect for the walk. Oh well, just being naked outside under the warm sun felt fantastic! I eventually stopped to just look around and take in the scenery. Sand dunes climbing to one side of me, and desert brush as far as the eye can see to the other. This seemed like the perfect spot...

I slid my hand down my chest and over my stomach, took my soft cock in my hand and started slowly stroking myself. The initial thrill of being naked outdoors had started to wear off, but now was replaced by the excitement of having a hard-on outside. A slight breeze picked up and I turned into it to enjoy. I stood there masturbating for a couple of minutes and then continued on, if only to feel my erection bounce as I walked. I followed the path up a hill to the top of a small dune and then stopped again to catch my breath and enjoy this new vista. Of course, I reached down and brought my erection back while I was there. The feeling of the warm desert sun on my naked skin combined with my hand sliding up and down my shaft was fantastic! I stood there a few more minutes enjoying the feeling, but I knew I shouldn't stay out in the sun too long.

I started back to my truck, feeling my stiff cock bouncing between my legs for the first minute of my return walk. When I got close to the truck, I sadly slid my shorts back on, but I knew it wouldn't be for long! I drove back to the main road and continued up into the desert mountains for another 20 minutes before I turned off onto a dirt road. I followed that for a few miles, and then turned off onto a smaller trail where I stopped, jumped out of the truck and dropped my shorts again. Since it was summer, I saw no other vehicles or people-I was completely secluded again. I drove up a pretty rough trail, naked, to a mountain canyon, where I pulled into a primitive camp-site surrounded by Joshua trees and rock formations.

The elevation and vegetation made the summer heat much more bearable so I threw on my boots, grabbed my pack and started climbing. I found a perfect spot on the side of a boulder to look down over my truck. I sat down with my legs hanging over the edge, popped open a beer and pulled out a book to read.

It wasn't long though, before my hand found its way down to my cock and I absently started playing with myself as I read. I put my book back down, rested my head back on the rock and just enjoyed myself. I was fully erect now, my sweat from the heat and effort of climbing making the head of my hard cock glisten in the afternoon sun. I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and squeezed, engorging myself even further. I took my cock head in my other hand and stroked, loving the intense feeling around the hood of my cock.

I sat there loving the feeling of solitude, relaxation and of course, masturbation and I wanted to prolong it, so I reluctantly let go of myself and climbed down off my perch.

I walked back down to my truck, grabbed another beer and started up a large hill next to the boulder I had been sitting on. When I got to the top, I had a great view of the entire canyon. It was beautiful, and I had the entire canyon to myself-nobody around for miles! It was still quite thrilling though, being naked on top of that hill, exposed to all directions. This area was made of different rocks that weren't as smooth and round as my last spot, but I soon found a flat rock with a perfect shallow divot, as if it were made for my ass. I sat down, popped open my beer and pulled out my book again. I was flaccid from the hiking, but still completely turned on. I reached into my pack and pulled out a small bottle of baby oil that I had brought just in case. I'm not sure if it was the elevation or the heat that caused it, but when I opened the bottle, oil exploded out, shooting warm lotion on my stomach, chest and face. 'This must be what it's like for my gay friends' I chuckled. It wasn't an entirely unpleasant feeling though, which I found to be an odd, but exhilarating thought that started my erection going again. I poured oil over it for later, and opened my book.

As I read, my hard-on slowly receded, till my penis laid itself on the warm rock in a puddle of oil. I was surprised by the feeling and put my book down to enjoy it (I knew reading wasn't going to last long). I pressed my soft dick onto the warm rock with my fingers, feeling literally at one with nature. That feeling was short lived though, as my dick lifted itself in the air and stood at full attention. My hard, oily cock throbbed in the air now, begging to be handled, so I obliged. The oil let me take a firmer hold on my cock, and I slid my hand up and down the full length of my shaft. I squeezed the base again, wagging my dick, loving the look of my shimmering cock shaft and purple engorged head.

I knew I was getting close, so I stood up and walked a few feet to a rock formation hanging out over the edge of the hill to look out over the valley. Anyone for miles below me could have seen me standing naked up there, my cock as hard as the rock I was standing on. I started jerking off again, sliding one hand up and down my shaft, squeezing and stroking my cock head with the other. I then started pumping my whole dick, harder and faster, feeling myself getting closer to cumming. Finally, I arched my back and exploded, sending satisfying ropes of cum down the cliff below me.

I smiled and chuckled to myself, then went back to my rock with the ass divot, sat down and relaxed. I sat there for a while just enjoying the silence and being warm, naked and satisfied.

After a while, I climbed back down, jumped back into my truck and drove naked through the desert trails, and eventually returned to the main road. I decided to avoid highways as long as possible on the way home, staying naked in my truck as I drove.

It was a completely relaxing day, and was exactly what I needed. That will definitely not be the last time I make that trip though!



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