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Naked Girls....unlimited

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How the internet changed my erotic life forever...


The last girl in our office has left for the day...I'm the boss of three young women and, of course, stay late. Often, as soon as they are out the door, I relax looking at my endless feed of naked women (and men) on the internet, and masturbate. From my window, I can watch the workers from our building getting into their cars in the parking lot across the street. We have large windows, and not that it is winter, I'm lit up like a Christmas tree, my pants down, and just barely shielded by my desk from the view below.

When I was first masturbating, pictures of naked women were very hard to come by for a thirteen-year-old. My masturbation mate, the same age, would send me out to steal Playboys from the local pharmacy, and we cherished them and masturbated over the women over and over again. We never tired of them. Now, on the internet, some of them turn up, and the same thrill courses through my hands and penis.

That was all we had...a few pictures, and our imaginations. Of course REAL porn was almost impossible to find until we were old enough to drive into the big city, and sneak into magazine stands that carried raunchier things, and even some gay magazines, which I especially coveted for their rarety and forbidden spark (I had to hide them from my friends), as well as for the thrill of being able to thoroughly oggle male bodies and imagine sex with a grown man. I knew nothing of other masturbators, except my friend, who, in full puberty, rejected masturbating with me in favor of trying to chase girls. I did both.

In college, I went to an adult theater, and for the first time encountered grown men masturbating. I was shy, and paranoid, and didn't do much, but went back to masturbate in my seat and, eventually, to masturbate other men. But that was an erotic adventure....the meat and potatoes of my masturbation has always been naked women, and I continued to buy, and covet, their pictures and masturbate for them, whether I had a girlfriend or not.

And then along came the internet, with unlimited erotic material. How life has changed! First, I discovered other masturbators, guys and girls who love to maturbate as much as I do, who often prefer it, erotically, if not emotionally, to sex with a partner. And not only that, I discovered other cross-dressers, my hidden secret, and spent luscious nights dressed in lingerie chatting with other dressers, or regular guys and gals. I found a lady friend who fully and erotically appreciates my femme side, and who loves to encourage it, and the devoted attention that she gets from me as a fully sexualized woman.

And then there are the unlimited pictures of naked women. Oh my! I have now found enough blogs that I love that I can't possibly look at them all...an infinite well of pictures that turn me on! It's as if I landed in heaven!

So here I am, the lights of the city before me, and an endless line of pretty naked women, and a few sexy men, scrolling before my eyes! I've set my mouse on scroll, and slowly they move across my screen, while I stroke and precum begins to flow. Then...one in particular will grab me and I'll stop the scroll, and masturbate for her. If I'm really turned on, and have time, I'll stop myself before I ejaculate, and continue scrolling. Or stop and chat on line with other masturbators, share pictures, and enjoy having an erection that won't stop. Perhaps a picture will suddenly put me over the edge...more often, when I can't wait to cum any longer, I'll go to my stash of favorites, and find just the one to match my mood....and turn off the lights, stand in front of the window, and enjoy a toe-curling orgasm. In fact, that's what I'm going to do now....and then clean up with a tissue, carefully deposited in the office wastebasket...



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