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Naked Fun in the Sun

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I submitted a story earlier (Lost Puppy) about the first time I masturbated in front of a girl and how it quickly became one of my favorite things to do. I had a few encounters after that at a nearby park where I would make sure I 'got caught' by some woman along one of the jogging trails but usually that just ended in them turning around or pretending not to notice.
I was going to college in San Luis Obispo, CA at the time and one day my sister called to say their family was planning to drive up from LA to Hearst Castle for vacation. She said they would pay for my room if I would drive up and join them so I said count me in. I made the short drive to Hearst Castle which is on the south end of the Big Sur coast about 45 minutes from where I lived. I hung out with my sister and her husband and kids on Friday but on Saturday they were signed up to spend the day touring Hearst Castle. I didn't want to do the tour so I decided to spend the day at the public beach.
Hearst Beach is a long crescent shaped beach and at the far end I knew there was a small cove that was the designated nude section of the beach. I walked down that way about 11am hoping to find some eye candy and planned a nice day laying out nude in the sun. The beach was totally empty about halfway from the public pier to the nude cove area so I was resigned to just enjoying the day on my own. But when I came around the outcropping of rocks to the nude cove I was surprised to see two high school aged girls laying out on towels. Unfortunately they were in bikinis (which they both looked VERY nice in) and they didn't look too happy that I was invading their space. I decided to check them out so I went up and asked if they knew what time it was. As the blonde (the other was a redhead) reached in her bag for her watch my eyes ran up and down her delicious looking curves. She gave me the time and I said thanks, and oh by the way, did they know this was the designated nude area? That got their attention and then I asked them if they'd mind if I went nude. The redhead got kind of annoyed and gave me some 'yeah, whatever' comment and then told her friend they were leaving. So they packed up (much to my dismay) and left me alone in the cove. Oh well, no sense wasting all of this nice sunshine so I quickly stripped down and got settled in.
About an hour later I was still working on my all over tan and engrossed in my book when I heard someone walking up behind me. I looked back and it was the blonde that I had met earlier. I was completely nude but I was laying on my stomach so she couldn't see my cock starting to stiffen as I watched her lay out her towel about 10 feet away from me. I asked her what happened to her friend and she said she had to go join her family for the afternoon. We made some small talk as I watched her cover herself with sunscreen. She was 17 and visiting with her family from Iowa. Then she layed on her stomach and reached around and unsnapped her top being careful not to show any breast. Then she pulled out a magazine and began reading so I went back to my book and decided to just play it cool for the time being.
I could see her glancing at me out of the corner of her eye so I turned over on my back and my now hard cock was laying against my stomach. I continued reading and very casually let my hand slip down and lightly ran my fingers along the shaft. She shifted a little so she could see me better while still appearing to be reading her magazine (but I noticed she hadn't turned a page for awhile). Then I got an idea.
I stood up and walked down to the water and took a short swim. When I walked back up to my towel I just stood there and commented on how nice it felt to swim nude and then have the sun dry me off. She looked up and said it looked like fun but that she would be too embarassed to ever try anything like that. We continued to talk as I reached down and grabbed my suntan oil and slowly squirted it on my legs and arms and rubbed it in. She was looking right at me now and I could tell she was enjoying the show. Then I put some on my chest and stomach and I was telling her how great it felt to lay out nude. My cock was already starting to stiffen and I was facing right at her. Then I walked over and asked if she would put some oil on my back. I handed her the suntan oil and she squirted a bunch into her hand and began to rub it all over my back. After she was done I turned around to find that she hadn't bothered hooking her top and her perfect round breasts were in full view.
I told her that the biggest problem with going nude was that it was easy to burn sensitive areas that aren't used to getting sun. Then I said she should put some on her breasts so she didn't get burned and I offered to do it for her. She smiled and said she would do it herself but that I had to go back over to my towel first. I retreated to my towel and she started to rub oil on her tits and then used both hands as she massaged it in. I was fully erect by now and she kept her eyes glued to my cock as she rubbed her nipples and breasts. I took another handful of oil and went straight to my cock, stroking it back and forth and getting it fully lubed. I smiled at her and said I wanted to make sure I didn't get sunburned there. She kind of laughed and said 'yeah, you better rub it in really good'. I was standing about 10 feet from her and she rolled over on her back still playing with her nipples as I continued to stroke my cock, my other hand cupping my balls. I suggested that she remove her bikini bottoms and rub some oil on her pussy but she said she wasn't comfortable doing that. Damn!
We were both getting pretty worked up so I smiled and suggested she should rub some oil on her pussy anyway just to be safe. She got a devilish look on her face and after a little more encouragement one of her hands slipped inside her bikini bottoms. I could tell the second her fingers found her clit because her back arched a little and her breathing got heavier. I desperately wanted to watch her fingers work their magic on her pussy but had to be satisfied with watching her hand busily moving under the thin fabric. Neither of us talked as we both got closer and closer to orgasm. Finally I told her that I was about to cum and she just grunted 'uh-huh' as she lifted her ass off the towel and shoved her fingers deeper inside her pussy, her other hand pinching her nipples. As she pushed her fingers inside it moved the fabric of her bikini down far enough that I could see her spread pussy lips and the wetness all over her fingers as they slipped in and out. I couldn't hold back anymore and as she started to orgasm I came too, shooting streams of cum onto the sand between us.
After we finished we went for a swim and then spent an hour talking and enjoying the sun. She left her top off but kept the bottoms on the whole time. I got up to move my towel closer at one point and she asked that I stay where I was in case we wanted to play again. That was all the encouragement I needed and within a minute I was sporting another massive hard-on. We both played with ourselves again only this time she had both hands inside her bottoms and our eyes locked just as we both came.
She went for a swim and then packed up to go saying maybe we'd see each other again the next day. I only had one brief chance to return to the cove the next day and it was empty. I never saw her again but she'll forever be burned into my memory.



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