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Naked Fight With Sis

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This story goes back a few years when my sister and I were both in high school. We had never exactly been buddy-buddy with each other because our personalities weren't the same, but once she got into her teen years her attitude went through the roof and I couldn't stand it. She had always been kind of a pipsqueak, but now she was a demanding, aggravating, loud-mouthed pipsqueak, acting like she owned the house and everything in it. Our parents were also on opposite sides of the fence about it; mom thought the same way I did, but dad saw her as his little angel and had him wrapped around her finger. I don't know why I never did anything about it before, but I had always just let it roll off of me, even though I could have pounded her into the ground since I was about 5 inches and 40 pounds bigger than her at the time. That is, until one morning when we were getting ready for school.

Both our parents left for work early every day, so we always had the house to ourselves for about an hour and a half before school started. At that point I was 16, so she would have been about 14. This day, she got into the shower before I did, and like a little brat she was hogging it and probably using all the hot water. Like always, I just tried to ignore it. I had stripped off my clothes and was waiting out in the hallway with just my towel around me when she finally came out. Like me, she also came out in her towel, hair still dripping. I started to turn for the door when she suddenly stopped, said "gimme that, my hair's still wet!" and grabbed my towel off of me, leaving me completely naked in the hallway. She then walked back to her room, drying her hair and closed the door behind her before turning on her stereo. I just stood there looking back at her, fuming. This time I couldn't take it any more and I just snapped. I stomped down to her room and opened the door, but since her stereo was up loud she didn't hear me. She was kind of bent over drying off her hair, so I walked up behind her and yanked the towel off of her, like she did with me. She stood up quickly and spun around, and when she did I shoved her back onto her bed and jumped on top of her. I started yelling at her, calling her every name in the book but she still wanted to act tough with me. "Get the fuck off of me! I am going to kick the shit out of you!" "Oh you're going to kick the shit out of me? I want to see you try it!" I then scooted up and pinned her arms down with my knees while I kept reaching around and slapping her sides while she kicked and screamed. "Stop it! You're hurting me! And get your dirty pussy out of my face!" I didn't even realize it until she said it, but her face was right next to my crotch. I didn't care. I grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved her face right between my legs. "What, you don't like it? You don't like my pussy in your face? Well maybe you should think about this the next time you want to fuck with me!" By this time she had started crying, and normally I would feel bad, but not today. I got up off of her, grabbed one of her sandals laying on the floor and prised her legs apart, giving her pussy a couple good slaps that caused her to start bawling.

I took a step back and just looked at her, curled up naked, sobbing into one hand while the other was holding her vagina. Not only that, but finally standing up for myself got me horny. Very horny and wet. I reached down and rubbed my hand on my wetness and wiped it on her back. "You see what you did? I think I'm going to go take care of this, so don't bother me. And give me back my towel." I grabbed it and walked away, my bare pussy starting to drip down my leg. I walked in and closed the bathroom door, sat down and started masturbating. It didn't take me very long before I came, and I didn't hold back, moaning and slapping my feet on the floor, hoping she heard me cum.

After I was done I jumped in the shower and rinsed off quickly because I had lost a lot of time, and when I got out I passed her in the hallway and she didn't even look me in the eye. She just walked right past, pouting and still sniffing. After that day her attitude around the house seemed to change a little, and any time she started giving me any crap, I just had to stand up and look at her like I was going to do it all again and she would back off. My mom also noticed the change and couldn't figure out what happened, but I never told her that all I had to do was beat her up while she was naked, and she wouldn't dare tattle on me. Job done.



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