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Naked Bump 'N Grind With My Sister

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My little sister Anny is fourteen months younger than me, and as girls tend to hit puberty earlier in life than boys, we both started to develop at about the same time. We had one older sister and one younger brother as well, but because Anny and I were so close in age, she and I tended to be good friends and I hung out with her the most.

Way back when we were little kids, we had a tradition when my parents would go out for the evening, we would all pile into my older sister's queen size bed and fall asleep together until my folks got home, and then they would move us all to our own beds. As the years went by, our older sister eventually outgrew this 'childish' tradition, but Anny I never really did. On Friday or Saturday evenings when my parents would be out at social events until late in the evening, she and I would put on our pajamas and just sit on her bed and chat for hours. I don't even remember what we talked about, but for the longest time it was never sexual. We'd just sit there on that bed and yap until we fell asleep, and then when my parents got home they'd rouse me and I'd stumble to my own room. Again, it was never sexual... at least not for many, many years.

Well, things slowly changed as we both hit puberty at about the same time, and we both started to get curious. I don't recall how or when things like pubic hair and boobs and boners began to creep into the conversations, but somehow they did. When we talked about sexually body parts, it was always casually and totally plutonic. Although such things came up more frequently, for a while at least, the idea of playing show-and-tell or touch-and-feel never seemed to occur to either of us. Over time, the nature of our conversations would get more and more specific and we would get more bold with the things we would say and the questions we would ask. Sometimes, eventually, our conversations were specific and sexual in nature enough that I'd have to wait for a boner to subside while hiding it under a pillow.

Still though all of this, however, I never imagined myself getting sexual with Anny. She was my sister, and my friend, and our conversations were fun and educational, if not just a little embarrassing. The erections I got were more due to the nature of the conversation and not the person they were with.

One Friday night when my parents were out, I remember that Anny, my older sister and I all watched a show on TV that involved a lot of kissing. I have no idea what the show was, but I do recall some scenes where a guy and his lover were locked face-to-face for what seemed like an impossibly long embrace while they rolled around on the bed, hands freely roaming over each other's bodies.

When the show was over it was late, and my older sister headed down to her bedroom while Anny and I headed upstairs. Out of habit, I followed her into her room and sat on her bed. Almost as soon as we got there, Anny said to me, 'Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss like those movie stars were doing?'

'Uhh, I dunno' I stammered. 'Sure.' Truth be told, when I had sexual fantasies (which at the time were pretty tame and limited) they didn't involve much kissing. Mostly they involved me pulling down a girl's panties as she giggled and gleefully showed me her pussy... at this age, they never went much further than that... I hadn't even figured out how to masturbate yet, and I hadn't yet had my first orgasm.

'Me too' said my sister. I remember being surprised by this. In my mind I hadn't really agreed with her, but as I looked at her face I could see that she was lost in dreamy concentration. Then, she just about knocked me off my ass with the next thing she said. 'Should we find out... together?'

'What?' I almost laughed. 'Us?'

'Yeah!' she said happily. 'I mean, we're not lovers of course, but we could just... you know... see what it's like.'

The idea of kissing my sister had never crossed my mind. Say nothing about making out with her. But now that the proposal was out there, I had to admit to myself that it was... well, it was... interesting.

'Ummm....' I said slowly, trying to figure out if this was something I wanted to do, and also trying to gauge how serious she was.

'Oh come on!' she coaxed me. 'It's just a little kissing. Aren't you at all curious what it's like?'

And with no further prompting, we laid down next to each other and started to kiss. I was shocked at how quickly my little sister got into the role, fully acting out the scene we had just seen on TV, pulling my face into hers and smashing our lips together. She even rolled over on top of me and rocked back and forth, just like actors had done.

I don't recall how long this little pretend make-out session lasted. Not too long, but long enough for my sister to eventually roll off me and say, 'That was fun! Wasn't it?'

I had no idea what to say. I knew this much... when I'd fantasized about my first ever make-out session, I had never dreamed it would be with my sister. It had, I must admit, been fun, but in a... I don't know.... very non-sexual way. It had been emotionless, almost empty.

I was a little surprised, however, that it was not in the least bit gross and yucky, like one might think a kissing session between a brother and sister would be. But I also knew I would never, ever tell anyone about this. If word got out I'd made out with my little sister I'd be an outcast forever. But still, yes, I admitted out loud, it had at least been fun. And when I said as much, she smiled.

Normally when we were on her bed chatting, we would sit up and face each other. But as we had just finished making out, we were both laying on our backs next to each other staring up at the dark ceiling.

'I wonder,' she said, 'when those people are kissing like that, they aren't alone like it looks on TV. There's people there but you just don't see them on the camera, right? Do you think when they kiss like that the guys gets a boner?'

The fact that she had just said 'boner' was no big deal. That word had come up several dozen times in our past conversations. She had made me tell her all about them.... when they happened, if I could control when they happened, what it felt like, how long they lasted, and lots more.

'I dunno. Good question' I answered. 'But I heard that on rated R movies, they actually show butts and boobs when people are kissing.'

'NO WAY!' she said. 'Who told you that?'

'Jason'. Jason was a friend down the street who seemed to know everything about sex and girls, and most of what little I knew, I'd learned from him.

'His parents have a bunch of R rated movies and he watches them when they aren't around. ' I explained. 'He said that a lot of times they will show quick butt shots of both the guy or the girl, and sometimes even her boobs.'

'Wow!' she said softly. 'Did you ever watch any?'

'No' I said honestly, and I also found myself wondering why I had never asked Jason to show me some of these scenes.

'Can you imagine! Kissing while naked and having people recording it for a movie!'

It wasn't so much what Anny had just said that caught me off guard. It was the way she said it. She had just uttered that last sentence not with outrage, and not even with shock or surprise. She had said every word of that sentence with unabashed jealousy.

In the darkness I stared at her, and she could feel my gaze, and possibly even my surprise. I had known for a long time that my little sister had a horny streak to her. A few times she'd even gone so far as to tell me about guys in her class she had a crush on, and what she would be willing to do with them, and to let them do to her. I'd giggled at the time because I figured it was all just talk. I'd said similar things to her about girls who I thought were hot. But this was different. I could tell... I knew... that my sister was imagining what it would be like to make out naked with a guy and have people with cameras capturing it on film.

'Let's do it some more' she whispered.

'What? Kiss?'

'Yeah. Just a little more.'

I didn't object, which I guess she took as a green light. She rolled over on top of me and in a matter of seconds she had put her hands behind my head and was pulling me into her while our lips were locked together again. This time, however, she was way more into than last time, and she had her little body totally laid prostrate on top of me, pressed against me. I remember very vividly that having her petite little skinny body laid out on top of me was much more tantalizing than the actual kissing, and I found myself allowing my hands to freely roam up and down her back, feeling the shape of her upper body through her nightgown... the soft taper of her shoulders, the long slender curve of her back, and the budding roundness of her hips... wow!

It seemed like this make-out session went on for a good, healthy long time, and as I continued to enjoy the feel of her supple little body in my hands, I decided to get bold. I knew it was a gamble, but she seemed to be so intensely focused on making out that she hadn't even noticed me rubbing my hands up and down her back, so I decided to just throw caution to the wind.... and I let my hands slide down on top of her butt cheeks!

As soon as my hands went up the hump of her ass, the sensation was mind-blowing and electrifying, and I was instantly more horny than I had ever been in my entire life! Apparently a full-on make-out session with my cute little sister didn't do much for me (and to be honest, it didn't), but, feeling the soft, perky little mounds of her ass cheeks, even if it was through her night gown, was enough to send my hormones into the stratosphere!

Anny didn't lose a beat in our lip-locked make-out session, even as I began to not just let my hands sit on top of her ass cheeks, but fully grope and fondle them. My rising boner now presented a problem as it was swelling quickly and was bent at an odd angle squished between my body and hers. I knew I was going to have to do an adjustment, but I wanted to do it without drawing attention to the fact that I had a boner. I removed a hand from off her sexy little bottom (which I was now wondering how I had never previously noticed) and tried to slide it between us in hopes of pointing my soon-to-be-rock hard penis in a more natural, less painful position. But as my hand got between us, my sister noticed it and, finally, came up for air.

'What are you doing?' she asked, a massive grin splitting her face from side to side and a sparkle in her eyes that I'd never seen before. She was glancing down to where I was trying to adjust my penis, and as her body shifted on me, her thigh pressed full into my boner, and I knew there was no way she didn't feel it.

She sharply sucked in her breath, and if possible, her smile got even bigger and the sparkle in her eyes developed a mischievous nature. We stared into each other's eyes for a minute as the unspoken truth set in... I had a raging boner, and she was enjoying the feel of it against her leg.

My boner had, with the break in pressure, popped upright into its natural position and was now comfortable, and there was only one thing in the world I wanted right now... to have her body back on top of me and my hands back on her ass cheeks. I gently pulled her head back towards mine, and she took the queue. In an instant we were back making out, lips once again fully locked, this time with the presence of my boner looming large between us. I could feel my balls pressed against her pussy and my missile-like shaft firmly against her tummy, up almost to where her belly button must have been.

Now, the rocking motion of our make-out was altered slightly, and it was obvious we were both gently gyrating our hips to maximize the sensation of my throbbing penis between us. With total glee and ecstasy I placed my hands back on her butt and with much more zest and enthusiasm than before, I began to squeeze, rub and massage. The chemistry of our little 'let's play movie star' session was now totally red hot, and it had gone from 'let's find out what it's like to kiss' to a full blown horny fest.

Within seconds, simply feeling her sexy little cheeks through her nightgown wasn't enough. I wanted the skin on my hands to be closer to the skin on her ass. I began to grab at her full length nightgown and pull it up, and as it began to bunch up, she willingly lifted herself up so I could pull it up even further. It took a while, but without ever loosing lip contact, I managed to pull her gown up far enough so that her panties were fully exposed to my wandering, curious, exploring hands.

I allowed myself a few feels of her tight little cheeks through her panties before I took the plunge and slipped them slowly down, flesh to flesh, inside her panties. I couldn't believe it! I was making out with my little sister and groping her ass! Every sensation in my body tingled as I ran my hungry hands over her ass cheeks, and I could feel goose bumps all over her skin. I knew she was enjoying this too! As my hands slid down the curves of her cheeks, skin to skin, she arched her hips in such a way that pressed her butt firmly into my hands. I was in another universe with happiness when she again came up for air.

'There's too much nightgown' she whispered. 'I can't feel.... it... anymore.' As she said this, I was almost lost in the fact that my hands were resting casually on her ass, one hand fully spread across each cheek. I had to force myself away from the glee of where my hands were and what they were touching to realize what she had said. Too much night gown. She can't feel... it.

'Oh!' I said. And she was right. Her night gown was now bunched up in between us, and my penis was no longer pressed up against her. The solution seemed obvious, and I began to work her nightgown up over her head. In a moment we had it all the way off and in the darkness I could look down and see the silhouette of her breasts, as small as they still were. I wanted them to touch my skin, so I opened up the my pajamas. She again laid down on top of me, now totally naked but for her panties. We went back to kissing and I again slid my hands inside her panties and groped her hot little cheeks.

We romped for a little while like this, her little breasts pressed against my chest, my hands massaging her ass, and my penis (although still inside my pajama bottoms) pressed firmly against her pussy. As we continued to lock our lips and rock from side to side, it seemed only natural for my hands to slide her panties down so I had more free range to freely explore all the curves of her hips and butt cheeks. While we stayed lip-locked, I gently slid them down as far as I could, and she facilitated the effort by lifting her body up so I could get them down easier.

In my mind I tried to picture what this must look like to someone who might be standing next to us watching... me on my back, pajama tops open, my sister lay prostrate on top of me, our faces locked together, her totally naked but for her panties down around her legs, my wandering hands running up and down over the curves of her butt which was totally exposed. All while the two of us making out something fierce, rolling on the bed as if we were passionate lovers! The idea of that mental image was potent and electrifying!

I was having so much fun it seemed like it couldn't possibly get better, and yet there was one aspect of this little sibling romp that I knew could improve. My boner, after all, was still inside my pajama bottoms.

Without slowing our kissing pace, I placed my hands on her hips and lifted them slightly upwards, and Anny responded by lifting them up. I then hooked my thumb around the elastic of my pajamas and boxers and began to push them down. Almost at once Anny broke away from me and looked down to see what I was up to.

'What are you doing?' she whispered.

'I want it out' I replied. 'I want my pants off, like yours.'

Her eyes got huge, and a slight tinge of worry appeared in her eyes. I thought maybe I'd gone too far.

'But that's how girls get pregnant!' she whispered with concern.

'No no!' I said quickly. 'I don't want to have sex! I just want to be naked like you.'

'But if it touches my vagina, can't I get pregnant?'

'No' I said with a giggle. 'I would have to put my penis inside your vagina for that to happen. If they just touch on the outside, you can't get pregnant.'

'Really' she asked.

'I swear!'

She contemplated this for only a second, and then as if we shared each other's thoughts, we both quickly and silently stripped off the last remaining articles clothing we had on, and I caught a fleeting glimpse of a dark patch of pussy hair before she climbed back on top of me, each of us now totally buck naked, and we went back to making out.

It was deep, and it was profoundly sexual, and it was blissful. She writhed her skinny little body on top of me, gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy against my penis while my hands gripped firmly on her hips, guiding her up and down, back and forth motion. Our breathing had totally changed and we were panting for air each through our noses as our lips were too entangled for any hope of breathing.

I have no memory of how long this lasted, but it was glorious and wonderful, and eventually when we were both exhausted, we fell apart and lay side by side. After a moment of panting, Anny casually reached with her hand and took my boner in it, and as if it was an old friend she'd known for years, she gently fondled and played with it. I let her, of course, and when she finally let go, I sat up where I had a good view of her pussy and enjoyed feeling her hair and rubbing my finger in the wetness of her lips, even sliding my finger inside her a little, which made her shiver and giggle.

Eventually and reluctantly we agreed that we'd better get dressed, knowing our parents would eventually be home. When they finally did get home, they found me just as they always found me, asleep on Anny's bed, fully clothed in my pajamas. They woke me up and I stumbled to my bed and went back to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, the memory of the previous night came flooding over me and I got an instant erection again. I waited until it calmed down and then went downstairs for breakfast. Anny was already at the table and she gave me a sheepish smile, which I returned. The rest of the family was already in the kitchen so there was no way we could talk about anything.

And in fact, we never did talk about it. Ever. That day came and went. Then the next. And the next. Eventually my parents went out for the weekend again, and I got on my pajamas and sat at the foot of Anny's bed, and we talked about everything and anything except for what had happened that night. Weeks went by. Months. Years. Eventually we gradated, went to college, got married, and had kids. And we still never talked about that night. I'm now thirty five years old, happily married with four kids. Anny is married as well with one child. We are still good friends and although we don't see each other often, we enjoy visiting when we get together for holidays and summer vacations.

I wonder how often she thinks about that night, and I wonder how she feels about it.

I also wonder if I'll ever tell her that not too long after our naked make-out session I learned to masturbate, and that I thought about what we did all the time while stroking myself to orgasm.

I wonder if I'll ever tell her that, in fact, I still do!



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