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Naked Below the Waist

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Story of my experience in college with roommate in india.


My name is sheeva, I'm originally from india, I moved to the United States and have been living here with my husband and family for many years now. This story is about my lesbian experiences back in college days in india.
I was living in all-girls hostel on the university which is like dorm here in the US. In india it is very frowned upon for girls to even hang out with boys unless in large group, many girls find husband and experience sex only by arranged marriage through parents. So I was like most girls in university, I was virgin - technically - until I meet my husband, but I experienced sexual contact with my female roommate before this.
My roommate name was chamila and she was my age of 19 - we had one other roommate who was our senior but she left university early to return to her village to be married so it just left chamila and me in our room. Chamila was very outgoing person and proud person, I was very shy person but both of us seem to get along as good friends from start. Chamila had a nice body, with perky breasts and milky thighs - she was skinny but had a plumpness around her waist which was very sexy. I was very skinny compared to her and had little waist and no plumpness anywhere which made me self conscious but my breasts were larger than hers only they sagged a bit - I was very bashful to show my body to anyone because of this.
We lived together for months and became great friends and did things and talked about much. She was very sexy person and always talk of doing it with boys which made me blush always. Eventually, we became so used to each other that we could do or talk about anything and not offend each other. Whenever Chamila would take her bath she would walk out completley naked as opposed to me who would wear towel and quickly dress and not expose any part of my body. Chamila would act as casual to be completely naked in front of me and even have conversation with me while she dressed. At first this was shocking, but as I said we eventually got used to each other.
One day Chamila was getting dressed after bath and I was sitting up in my bed reading, she started conversation with me while she had only just put on her panties - I was wearing a sari that completley covered me to my shins. She said to me to look at her body and tell if her breasts were what a boy might like - I smiled because I thought she was only trying to make joke but she insisted that I look and even compare the size of my breasts to hers. Before this she had been naked in front of me several times but I always tried to look away out of courtesy and not for interest also. However, this time she was forcing for me to look at her body - any other times I had accidently seen her naked I felt the shyness but this time I looked intently and felt a different feeling - I told her that her breasts were nice and boys would like them. I thought this complement would bring this discussion to an end but then she surprised me and asked to see my breasts. I told her no with a smile and that I was too embarrassed to show them, she began to beg for me to show her and became very stubborn arguing that she stood naked in front of me everyday and that I should show her something of my body to be fair - she said, 'Are we not both girls, so let's see your breasts, I have already showed you mine many times.' . I knew I could not argue with her as she is very aggressive person and can persuade anyone especially me, so I just took the front of my sari and stretched the collar out and leaned forward for her to see my breasts but she could not see much she complained and came to my side bed and stretched my collar and looked straight down to my boobs. Afterwards, she left me alone and got dressed completely and we resumed our normal friendship.
That was how it started, it progressed everyday for a week where she began to demand to see other parts of me after she would get out of her bath and as I would sit on my bed to read, until she wanted to see my pussy. She had flashed to me her pussy before but this time she did it and held down the front of her panties as her fingers played with her dense pubic hairs. She demanded for me to show her my hairs down to my pussy - I was reluctant but this game I was used to so I hiked up my sari to my waist, I had to wiggle my butt as I was in sitting position, and I slowly stretched the front of my panties down to reveal my pussy to her. I began to get a strange but pleasurable feeling when doing this - looking at her pussy I noticed that she had slightly more hair than I did. I was copying her movements of running my hands through my hairs and feeling good feelings. She then asked for me to feel on her pussy, she came towards me and stood next to me as her hand held down the front of her panties I reached out and felt the soft tangle of hair on her pussy, at that moment I could feel reaction in my own pussy and I saw the pleasure on her face. As I ran my fingers through her pussy mound she reached down to mine and did the same finger motions as I. This evolved over the next few days that she came to my bed and slept at night with me, every night we would reach into each others panties and rub each others pussies until we feel good or we fall asleep and spoon and hug each other.
Eventually, we ended up with no panties on and completely naked. We tried other things such as kissing, and licking, but our favorite turned out to be that she would lay on top of me like boy and our breasts and pussies pressed to rub each other - I could feel her clit pressed to mine and have big orgasm from this. Everyday we would get up and finger and hump on each other and after classes in afternoon we do it again, and then at night we sleep in each others bed and do it. This only lasted for semester as we got new senior roommate and I felt kinda ashamed for what we did - but she still wanted to do it so whenever we we're alone she would push for me to do it and rub pussies with her. Today I miss her and wish I could rub my pussy to hers again.
happy soloing....:)



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