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Naked At The Park

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Sometime last summer I finally masturbated outside, but it wasn't exactly the way I had expected it to happen.


It was on a warm Saturday evening and I was out with a few friends for the night. One of them was my best friend, she was with her boyfriend, and the third was a guy I kind of knew that they had been trying to set me up with for some time. We had left the movie theater and had stopped to get something to eat, and for a little while we were just driving around trying to figure out what to do. We were undecided until she finally blurted out that we could go to the park and run around naked. The park is closed after dark, but she said that would make it more exciting. We all eventually agreed to it and we were on our way. When we were close he turned off the lights and started driving slowly so no one would know that we were there, and when we parked we all started stripping off our clothes. We waited until everyone was head-to-toe naked and got out, closing the doors quietly. As soon as the humid air hit me I felt that familiar tingle, and even though I would normally start to masturbate right about now, I didn't dare start rubbing myself.

We all took off for the playground, our eyes starting to adjust enough to where we could finally see everything. The guys pushed us on the swings, and I have to say, the air rushing between my knees and up to my vagina had me almost painfully horny. After that we tried the slides but couldn't go down them because the plastic wasn't exactly made for bare skin, so we ran and rolled around in the grass for a little while, both the guys with raging hard-ons the entire time. It wasn't long before we all started getting a little winded so we went over by the lake where benches are set up. They were sitting on one and I was with the second guy on our own. We all sat there and talked for a few minutes, when we could hear them start to kiss and make out with each other just feet away. Pretty soon it turned into full groping, and then she pulled him onto the grass and they started having sex right in front of us.

The two of us watched the show in front of us, them not even caring about their audience. His erection was standing straight up and he wrapped his arm around me, obviously trying to butter me up for our own little sexual encounter. I whispered in his ear that I wasn't ready for that, but if he wanted we could masturbate together. He nodded and said OK and I placed one of my legs over his, opening myself wide and started rubbing with my left hand, which was kind of weird since I always go righty, but I was so horny I wasn't going to have any problem cumming. I felt him start to wiggle around a little bit, and from the moonlight I saw his hand stroking up and down. Just by the length of his strokes it seemed like he had a pretty good sized penis, so I whispered again and asked how big that thing was. He whispered back that it was about seven and a half inches, and he asked me if I wanted to feel it. I just hummed and reached out, grabbing it and feeling how soft his skin was, and also how big it was. My small hand could just get all the way around it and I slowly stroked the length, all the way from the base up to the tip. He groaned, saying that my hand felt so good, and I started stroking a little faster, gripping a little tighter.

He whispered for me to go faster and I did, him telling me that he was going to cum soon after. I pointed it away from us and he grunted, his penis chugging out cum, pulsing in my hand. Even when I started feeling it getting a little softer I clamped and stroked, trying to squeeze out every little bit. He shivered and told me how good that felt, but eventually his erection went away and he was left with a hot piece of man-meat dangling between his legs. He then said it was my turn and spun around and reached over, his finger running up and down my dripping-wet slit. He found my hole and slid his finger in, making me gasp and throw my head back. He started moving it in and out, finger-fucking me as I started rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I glanced down and my friend was on her back, her man pumping in and out of her trying to stay quiet, her dirty feet locked around him. I whimpered for him to go faster and he started pounding my pussy, now the sounds of their sex met with the squishing of my own cum. I kept whispering to him over and over again that I was so close, and then he leaned forward, licked my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. That sent me over the edge and beyond, my orgasm ripping through me and my fluids gushing out, all over his hand. I couldn't stop twisting around and when it finally passed I leaned over and kissed him, getting into his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. We stayed that way for a few more minutes until we heard her boyfriend cum, and moments later him rolling off her and catching his breath. She told him that was fantastic, then got up and squatted, letting his seed run out of her abused vagina.

Eventually we needed to go, just in case someone or something came around, so we headed back to the car, his arm over my shoulder and mine around his waist. When we got back we tried pulling on our clothes the best we could in the car and made our way back home. Before we went our separate ways we had already made plans to get together the next weekend. Lets just say it didn't take much longer before I had another round with that big penis of his.



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