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My Younger Sister

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A couple of years ago my sister was going through a rather rough time, it had started as she went through puberty but didn't become a real problem until she was suspended from our school for groping her classmates. She was known to be quite forward for such a young girl up to that point but she had confined her touching to the guys and none of them complained (go figure).

She finally stole a feel off of a girl's ass in the hallway and was caught and sent to the principals office. I wasn't at all surprised, she is always trying to grab my mom's or my ass or cop a feel whenever we aren't ready for her. My mom cried and cried and said she had no idea what to do, I just figured it was a little phase she was going through.

Every night we could hear my sis moaning and sounding like she had someone in her room with her, and both my mom and I got so we looked in on her because I swear I heard a guy's voice sometimes. Now I know this is a serious medical condition and all, and it certainly was causing my mom a lot of grief and shame, and I was a little embarrassed for her.

My friend suggested that I get her a dildo for her birthday, so though it was meant as a joke I looked some up online. Since she was only fourteen I decided to order her a small purple one. It arrived a few days later, and I was embarrassed for myself because it turned out it was referred to in the instructions as an "anal" vibrator.

One weekend evening my mom asked if I would stay with her and not let her leave the house, I agreed and I had my present ready for her. Batteries put in, lube applied, I quietly stepped into her room, she didn't notice me until I was right beside her bed with my hands behind me. She started to grab for covers, but I stopped her and held out her vibrator and said "keep the covers down, you don't want the lube to get all over your bed". She started to cry and I began reassuring her that "it was going to be okay, try it".

Then I lied just a little and told her I had one of these for a couple years now. She tried to refuse it at first, but I just acted like you do when your kid won't take a spoonful of medicine, there's a little wrestling, and you just put it in them whether they want it or not. The second I inserted it an inch I turned on the vibration and her face looked like the blow-up doll on the website, she took over and cooed and made funny faces as she ran it all over her pubic region.

She didn't seem to notice or care that I was standing just a couple feet away watching her intently. I am no stranger to masturbating, but I have never let anyone see me feel myself through my clothes or naked, still I found myself running my hands all over my ass and between my legs and even my tits.

I was surprised to find that it turned me on to touch myself in front of my sister and know that she was getting off on watching me. I finally just threw my clothes off and started fingering myself frantically while my fourteen year old sister stared at my hand as I fingered myself and used my gift till the batteries started dying. She had at least two orgasms while I built up to the strongest and best cum of my life. I fell face down across her legs.

In the past three weeks I have brought my sister into the shower with me a couple times, had mutual diddle days three separate times and my mom just says "I don't know what your talking to your sister about, but she seems a lot more rested and less sex-crazed, so keep it up!". I am SO going to hell.



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