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My Younger Cousins and Sis. Who Knew?

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At my Aunts house 10 years ago.


My parents went away for their 20th anniversary to the Islands for a week during the Winter Holiday. My Aunt was sitting me and my sister at her house while they were away. My Aunt had a two story home naturally the bedrooms were upstairs and they had a living room/dining room on the lower floor.

It was a snowy night and my two cousins asked My Aunt April if she could have the two girls across the street over for a sleepover. It was windy out and cold as hell. She agreed and the two girls came over. I know they were a year or two younger than me just like my sister Jen and my cousins Melissa and Danielle. My Aunt let me know they were staying over and if I wanted I could hang out in the basement and play pool or use her old stereo they had in the basement. It was a cool room it had a big screen tv not like the ones around today but it was good to watch some hockey.

I was downstairs most of the night and it was getting late close to midnight so I figured I would go upstairs and go to the bathroom but someone was in there so I went to the second floor to use the bathroom. I said goodnight to the girls in passing. My cousin said you look tired goodnight. I heard her whisper its about time he went to bed. I went to the bathroom peed but realized I forgot to turn the tv off. In my aunts house she has a staircase with a landing.

I dont know why but I wanted to spy on them to see if they were talking about me and wanted to see what they were talking about. I crept down and from where I was there was a blind spot so the girls couldn't really see me from where they were. I sat down on the landing for about 10 minutes they were talking about school and what they were going to do tomorrow. My sister out of nowhere asks the girls if they had gotten their periods yet. Three of them answered yes but the other two said no. My Cousin said a couple days before her period she gets so horny and my sister said I know what you mean and Danielle said thank god we have hands. This was the first time I ever thought of them as having any sexual feeling. I had been jerking off for two years but never thought my sis and cousins did it.

One of the friends said we do it all the time before bed meaning her and her sister. We share a room so we just do it whenever. My sister said you watch each other do it? Melissa said I never seen Danielle do it isn't it weird? No they said we are sisters what's the big deal. I started shaking and getting a little hard now not knowing what they were going to say next. We just lay in our beds and go for it and see who can cum faster. I didn't know if my sister ever heard the word cumming before. My sis said really you race each other. Almost every night. Wow! My cousins were laughing and Melissa said I'd like to see that. I peeked my head so I could see them a little bit better. I watched the two neighbors look at each other and say ok. If we do it you have to do it after. Pinky swear you will do it! They did and the two girls said where is your mom? She is fast asleep she crashes early.

The two girls said sit on the floor and got up and sat side by side on the edge of the couch and said does anyone have a watch? My sis said I do. When the big hand gets to twelve let us know.

The one sister put her hand to her mouth and licked the tips of her fingers and so did her sister. Ready 5 4 3 2 1 Go! I never seen anything like it in my life they tore into themselves rubbing so fast for like 30 seconds and the one sister went back licked her hand to get more moisture and kept right at it. I heard her say here it cums. She let out a little moan and a shudder. I could see her legs wobble a bit and she let out a ah ah ah! I win! The other sister looked over at her and started shaking all over and was like oh shit in a whisper I'm gonna I'm gonna Oh Oh Oh my God! I looked over at my cousins and sister and they were sitting there wide eyed in shock. They looked exhausted and pulled up their pj pants and sat on the floor. What was our times? You were 54 seconds and you were 1 minute 20 seconds. My sis said that was so hot to watch and Melissa and Danielle agreed.

Your turn one of the sisters said to Danielle. Danielle had sweat pants on and pulled them down to her ankles and from what I could tell she was trimmed but not bald like the other two. Time to beat is 54 seconds Ready 5 4 3 2 1 Go! Danielle went for it she was rubbing up and down on her clit really fast and took her middle finger and started really fucking herself she was at it for a while and than she said I am close and starting rubbing again and she let out a sigh and a Ah Oh Ah. She didnt shake as much as the other too. What was my time? 2 minutes 17 seconds. Melissa said wow Danielle you do it different than me. I lay on my stomach that's the only way I can get off. She got ready and they said ready set go! She had her hand underneath and was basically humping her hand I could see her butt clinch as she was thrusting on her hand. She would raise her hips and buck really fast. She had a cute little butt but I didn't get a look at her pussy which was disappointing. I heard her say oh fuck I'm gonna and then let out a moan and her ass clinched tight. Your time was 2 minutes 55 seconds! You are in last so far. She said who cares that felt great!

My sister was next and my dick was so hard I couldn't wait to jerk off after they were done. My sister said I think I am going to win because I am sooo horny right now. She pulled her pj pants down and from what I could see she was shaved. Ready set go. My sister went crazy on her pussy she rubbed harder and faster than any of the other girls I couldn't believe it. She stood up and started rubbing really hard. The look in her eyes reminded me of when you scratch a dog in the sweet spot on their lower backs. She was in ecstacy. She was standing on the tips of her toes and she let out a whisper oh my god oh my god I'm cumming I'm cumming and I heard a little squeal her legs shaked so violently her legs bent and it folded her and she fell on the couch in a heap. 1 minute 8 seconds second place. She said I'll take it as she was out of breath and giggled.

The sisters said that was fun right? They all laughed and one of them said you guys have to stay over our house next time we have a bathroom off our bedroom and we have a showeredhead if you put on your clit will get you off so good.

I couldn't take it anymore I tip toed up the remaining stairs and cranked my dick and in no time I was shooting ropes all over my stomach. I cleaned up and sat and replayed the images in my head. I thought I was dreaming. What I saw lasted no more than 10 minutes but it felt like a lifetime.

The next morning the sisters went home and I was sitting alone with my sister preparing to eat some cereal. I said hey. She said I am so tired we were up later than I expected. I said me too I was up late too and looked at her. I got up I looked right into her eyes and said 1 minute 8 seconds at least you took second place as I began walking to the basement with my cereal bowl. The look on her face was priceless. Her jaw dropped and she got red faced.

She came downstairs and said what did you see? Oh Nothing. What did you see? I stood up and imitated her masturbating saying I'm cumming I'm cumming and made a little squeal. She got so red faced and said oh no and looked like she was going to cry. I started laughing. I said from what I saw it looked like you came the hardest? So you saw everyone? Yea! It was hot!

Two days later we left my Aunts and went back to our daily lives for months. One day she was being a little bitch so I imitated her again and crunched my face and acted like I was cumming. She came over and punched me in the arm and called me a dick and went upstairs. I said where ya going trying to break your record. Fuck You she yelled!

The next time I went to my Aunts house my cousins pulled me aside and told me Jen told them what I saw. I said don't worry about it I wouldn't say anything to anyone. They asked me if I saw them too. They were so embarrassed. I would screw with my sister for the next few months whenever we got in a fight. Not too long ago 10 years after the incident my sister is now married with a one year old. I was over her house and she was heating up some food for me in the microwave I said Jen don't put it in too long 1 minute 8 seconds should be fine. She whipped her head around at me and shook her head and I chuckled and she came over and slapped my arm, laughed and called me a dick.



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