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My Young Friend and Our Hotel Fun

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A story about two best friends learning and experiencing together


One of my best friends a while back was a young, slim 19-year-old named Dave. I was 30 at the time.

Now you might ask, why would two guys 19 and 30 be best friends? Well, his older brother (who was 25) and I were also best friends. So Dave and I got to know each other because of that. And we hit it off. We actually had a lot in common. We were both into music. He's a bass player and I play keyboard. And we had similar tastes as far as what we liked to listen to too. We pretty much shared the same sense of humor, so we made each other laugh. We just got along really good. But besides that, to be honest, I also liked hanging around with him because, hey, I thought he was kinda hot.

I was married, but young Dave was still a virgin and he had a lot to learn about sex. And he was definitely a horny 19-year-old. So we talked about girls a lot! And we talked about sex. And when we did, he was full of questions. Not general questions either....they were always real specific, such that the only way to answer them was to go into some pretty detailed descriptions about what sex was like for my wife and me. So those were some pretty hot conversations!

And actually I enjoyed sharing that with him for a number of reasons. For one thing, it made me feel good, like I was mentoring him. I was still a virgin too when I was 19 and it would've been great if I'd had someone to fill me in on what it was like. But besides that, it was kind of hot talking about such intimate details with him. Plus, I knew he got off on it too....kind of like reading the erotic stories on this website. Except in this case, instead of reading, he got to hear it directly from me. And hey, knowing I was turning him on was an incredible turn-on for me too. It always got me hard. And since I was already being so candid and open to him, what could one more piece of personal information hurt? So at some point in the conversation I always made it a point to stop and tell him that I had a boner.....kind of like making a confession. Except I wanted him to know about it. And each and every time, he wasn't hesitant about telling me that he had one too. That always felt good to hear. Because how awesome was it to know that I was giving my hot friend a hard-on. lol And it was also kind of a bonding moment too.

So it was at that point in one of the first times we were having this kind of Q&A session, I thought I'd push the envelope a little further and turn the topic in another direction and see how he reacts. So I told him that, yeah, sex is awesome, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen very much for me anymore. But still I'm always horny, so I jack off a lot. So then I said, knowing obviously that he's horny too and has no other options, How about you? I was pretty sure of the answer, but I wanted to hear him say it. And yeah, he told me that he jacks off at least once or twice a day (just like me). So it was at this point that masturbation became another thing that we had common. And so we each would occasionally bring that up in conversation from that point on, especially after encountering a hot woman.

I loved sharing that commonality with him. But, the only thing is, it was making me lust after him even more. Now I'd seen Dave shirtless a few times and that always made my heart race. He wasn't muscular, nor did he have a six-pack (neither of which really attracts me). He was smooth and slim, with a very nice boy next-door kind of look. And with all of the talk about masturbation and hard-ons, I was growing increasingly curious (if not obsessive) about seeing him completely naked.

So then one time when we were having one of those conversations again, and we both let each other know about our erections. my curiosity got the best of me. And I guess I kind of blurted out without thinking, So....I'm kind of wondering. Since we both have boners right now, you wanna take a look at each other? I kind of want to see what you look like, compared to mine....You know what I mean?....Do you want to see what I look like? Then there was an awkward silence that seemed like forever. And then he finally said, Ok, yeah, let's do it.

So we got up and stood next to each other. He said, Ok on the count of three. And when he counted down to three, we both undid our jeans and took them off. I couldn't help but notice the awesome tent he was pitching in his boxers. But of course, I had that going on too.

We then both pulled down our boxers. My first impression.....Wow, it looks exactly like mine....about the same length, standing up, straight, mushroom head. After a few seconds, he spoke first and said, Hmmm....looks about the same I guess. I said, Yeah.....you're right. And then we stood there for probably about another 30 seconds with our cocks up in the air, still looking each other over. I took a glance at his little ass too. So hot! Then we pulled our boxers back up and put our jeans back on.

Then it was maybe about a month later, Dave and I made a road trip and found ourselves about 500 miles from home and we decided to share a hotel room. We got some supper and went back to the room. At Dave's request, I had brought along a 12-pack of beer and a bottle of tasty German liqueur). So we each grabbed a beer and sat down at the table in the room and spent the next few hours talking and listening to music, drinking our beer and taking some shots of liqueur too.

As usual, our conversation turned to women and sex. This was before hotels had wi-fi, so I'd brought along a few porn magazines that I'd picked up for the trip. Well, knowing he was getting horned up and so was I, I brought out those mags for us to look at.

After a few minutes of that, I told him that I really needed to jack off. His answer....Yeah, me too! So we grabbed our mags and headed to our beds and set them down and started to get undressed. Of course, I kept an eye on Dave as he unabashedly stripped down and got naked, with his cock sticking straight up in the air as he threw down his clothes and laid down on his bed.

So now both of us were on our beds. I had my mag next to me so that I could keep one hand stroking my cock and the other mainly playing with my nipples but also turning the pages of the mag as needed. And all the while, I'd also occasionally turn my head toward Dave to watch him pleasure himself.

I was so horned up that it didn't take long for me to cum. I laid there for a few moments, recovering, when I then realized that Dave was still going at it. And I didn't want to miss that! So I sprang from my bed, and stood there, still naked and hard, at the foot of his bed.

Oh, what a sight to behold! There was my hot, young friend, sexy as hell, lying naked and stroking his hard cock. Within seconds, he too was spurting his cum over his sexy tummy and chest.

I stood there in awe, soaking it all in....a memory I'll never forget.

As he recovered, I went and grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom and came back and handed him one. And realizing I still had my own cum oozing down my body, I wiped myself off as well.

Dave got off his bed and we both grabbed another beer and sat back down at the table. Though now this time we were sitting there naked, He said, Thanks dude. Glad you brought the porn. I said, No problem bro.

We finished our beer and shut out the lights and went to sleep. What a great night!



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