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My Wonderful Mentor

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I was working in a large office after graduating from college and had recently got engaged to a girl that I had been dating. I was 23 at the time and she was 21. We were both virgins and while we had necked and done some serious petting we had never gone all the way even in stimulating each other. The ladies at the office seemed to be very interested in our upcoming marriage and one day one of them a divorced woman who was 45 at the time stuck up a conversion in the work lunch room about our sex life. I shared the fact that we were both virgins and that we were going to wait until we were married to have any kind of sex.

A week later Judy (the lady at work) invited me to lunch and said that she would drive. I thought that she was taking me to a local diner but instead she drove to a deserted park, stopped the car and produced a packed lunch which we ate. As I was eating she told me how sweet it was that I was a virgin and asked If I would know what to do on my honeymoon. When I told her that I thought that I knew what to do she interrupted and told me that making love to a woman was not exactly a simple thing and that I could probably use some 'motherly advice.'

'Have you ever seen a woman's vagina?', she asked.

I answered that I had seen both of my sisters when they were younger.

'But do you know all of the parts and how they work?' she continued.

When I admitted that I didn't she suddenly did something shocking. She twisted herself into the corner of the front seat of her car, extended her right leg along the seat toward me and raised her skirt so that her crotch was facing directly at me. When she did that I was shocked to see that she was not wearing panties. Her vagina was staring right at me and it was shaven. At the time I was totally unaware that some women shaved themselves.

'I am going to give you a lesson,' she began. She reached down and pulled the pouted lips of her vagina open and began to describe herself, all the while gently stroking her inner lips and probing. IN a five minute demonstration she showed me how the outer and inner lips worked, used a finger to enter her vagina and show me exactly how to open it up before I tried to have penetration sex and then noted the juices that were beginning to moisten her entire pubic area.

'Can you smell the lubrication?' she asked. She took some on her finger and held it up so that I could see. 'Your job is to make sure that your new wife is very wet before you try to enter her.' Then she did the most amazing thing to me. With a drop of her own juices on the tip of her finger she used her left hand to squeeze on herself and make her clitoris pop out. 'Do you know what this is'? she asked.

I knew but I had never seen one except in an anatomy line drawing in a book and I admitted that. While I watched, frozen with excitement, she said watch this and demonstrated the ways to pleasure a clitoris all the while explaining that most men thought that penetration could satisfy a woman when most needed to have their clits touched to have orgasms.

As she demonstrated her breath became halting and it began to occur to me that she might be about to cum. Just as the thought came to me, she clenched herself, gasped and began to convulse in pleasure. When she was done she apologized and said that the situation had made her lose control. She asked if I had minded and I said no. Then she pointed to the obvious lump in my pants and asked if I was aroused and if I would be able to return to work without relieving myself.

'Take it out and jack off,' she said as she wiped herself with tissues. 'You will feel better and I would love to watch.' As embarrassed as I was I was even more horny so I unzipped took my erect penis out and began to masturbate. While she watched me she returned to touching herself and soon she was moaning in pleasure again. I had no idea that a woman could have more than one orgasm at the time.

When I said that I was going to cum, she encouraged me and told me not to worry. 'Just shoot it out,' she said as she climbed toward a second orgasm herself. I made a terrible mess on her car seat, spilling cum on the dashboard and the floor, but she laughed. We cleaned ourselves off and went back to work.

We had several more sessions before I got married and as we continued I decided that she was probably telling the other ladies in the office about what we had been doing. But I couldn't stop. She was the sexiest woman that I had ever met even though she was more than 20 years older than me.

More than 30 years later I still visit her even though I am married and have two grown children. She is almost 80 years old, and still the sexiest woman that I have ever known. Sometimes I think that I should tell my wife about this long term affair, but as of yet I have not. During all these years our sexual relationship continues to be only about masturbation and she assures me that since we have not had intercourse, I am being faithful to my marriage.



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